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When you eat more than you’re used to one day, often the next day you’re not going to feel that hungry, but that definitely leads to the possibility of your blood sugar dipping, hence feeling headachey. 

From now on, just try to keep even the “cheat” foods in moderation – you can cheat, but keep up the portion control! It may take a few days for your body to get back on track with healthy foods that are naturally filling, but once you get back on schedule you should be able to eat a more balanced day and recognize your hunger more easily. 

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if you are not sure if you are hungry- try drinking some water and waiting a while before you eat something. sometimes people feel hungry when they are really just thirsty. but you are doing the right thing by having something small rather than not eating anything at all. if you go too long without eating your body goes into “starvation mode” and will slow your metabolism down to conserve energy- not good when you are trying to lose a couple pounds!! good luck:)

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I try to gauge “hungry” based on how i feel 30 minutes from when I feel symptoms. If I”m truly hungry, I feel intensely hungry/empty 30 minutes later. A little pang of “ooo need food”. But if i’m not really hungry, just munchy, I feel the same. Or the feeling passes.

It does take time to adjust to a lower calorie diet. I had a bear of a time going from eating 5-6 times  day down to 4. But my nutritionist assured me it’s normal to be hungry all the time and you kinda have to fight through to force yourself to adjust a little. Little by little i was able to wean down to 4 meals a day. Now i’m like clockwork again. I was cyclical–too much during the week, too little on the weekend, and my blood sugar was all out of whack, which caused MORE problems. I couldn’t regulate food intake b/c my blood sugar would make me eat, then not eat, then eat. I had to really be careful about being consistent Monday through Sunday, eating at the same times. Try that. It totally worked for me.

Headache-wise…lady there are no carbs in your diet! You need SOME sugar/carbs.

For me this was a hypoglycemia/blood sugar problem. I’d get sick (nauseus) if i didn’t eat. Now i’m “normal” food-wise.Here’s what I eat; (carbs are always whole grain fyi)

Breakfast, 8am: coffee and protein/fruit/carb

Lunch, 11am: protein, carb, vegetable/fruit

snack, 3pmish: protein like greek yogurt

dinner (for me, whenever cuz i work out): protein and veggies. He says I don’t need carbs for dinner b/c it causes me to crash over night and in the morning.

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One thing to try to do is plan out your meals for the day or week ahead of time. YOu should be eating about 1200 calories per day (depending on your weight – google calorie to weight calculators), so if you divide those calories among your meals and snacks and keep it about the same every day, you shouldn’t be having headaches (which like previous poster said – is probably from lack of carbs) Also remember that not all fats are bad and our bodies need some healthy fats (like avocado, pb, nuts, or fish oil capsules) to stay healthy.

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I usually get headaches when I’m dehydrated, so make sure you’re drinking enough water.  Also make sure you’re eating some carbohydrates, especially if you’re exercising.

I eat three decent meals a day, but also usually have a small snack 2-3 times.  Usually a handfull of multigrain chips, carrot sticks, fruit leather, something like that.  Helps me remember to drink another glass of water, and keeps my blood sugar a little more stable throughout the day.  Definitely helps me prevent headaches and tiredness (and therefore keeps me going to the gym after work!)

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