How to stay in a hotel…with a baby

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tiffanybruiser :  We went to Hawaii when my first was 10 weeks old. That was our first trip, and I had a near panic attack when we boarded. A five hour flight over thr Pacific with a ten week old?? Were we completely mad??? But it honestly went well, young infants who can’t walk or crawl are so easy to travel with. And it made future travel easy, because it put my mind at ease. And my being at ease, turns out, was key to keeping the baby calm and happy. I’m sure you’ll do fine! 

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Suites are ideal. We’ve also tried to stay places with a bar/restaurant or something that we can go to (with our monitor) once the kids are down and still be on premise. If you have a WiFi monitor- those usually work the best (our short range doesn’t always traverse the floor differences well). Agree with others on the Air B&B route too. Happy travels! 

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A travel cot will fit in most hotel bathrooms, we’ve stayed in a travel lodge with our daughter in the bathroom and it was fine, we’ve just got one of those black out cot covers so we can use the toilet not in the dark haha! It’s not affected our daughters sleep at all doing that, no need to fork out on a suite whilst they are young enough to be in a cot xx

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I have traveled a lot with my small one (not so small anymore…she is 6) and what I did was always found hotels with a separate living area from the bedroom area. I would usually put her with her noise machine in the living room so we could have time in the bedroom. Not THAT kinda time in the bedroom…haha honestly just relaxing in a big bed that wasn’t mine was always what I wanted haha

The best chain hotel for this is Hyatt House. All their rooms are like that and you can usually find one in most cities. 

I hope you guys have a great getaway!! 

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As a PP said, if you can, get an Airbnb.  You don’t appreciate how much having simple amenties (like separate sleeping spaces or a dedicated kitchen space) mean until they are absent. We travelled a fair amount with my daughter before she was 6 months: I was still pumping and we needed a fridge to store my breastmilk, a sink to wash bottles and because I was also sterilizing her bottles (or trying to) a way to either boil hot water or access to a microwave for microwave sterilization. Many hotels don’t offer guests kettles/microwaves, some places didn’t even have in-room fridges (at one hotel I had to store my BM in the staff fridge in the lobby) and washing bottles in the bathroom sink just didn’t feel as “clean”.

That said if a hotel is your preferred or only choice, confirm you will have an in-room fridge for storing baby food, check if they offer cribs (maybe bring your own bedding?) and bring a white noise machine.  I will say that my daughter, now 15 months, is a much deeper sleeper (I think she gets more tired during the day), so being able to watch TV after she is down is more feasible than it was a few months ago.

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Since PPs have mentioned Airbnbs, I’ll chime in and say that we’ve loved Westin Villas so far—we like the feel/amenities of a hotel/resort but with more space. You get a full kitchen, dining area, living room, whirlpool tub, washer/dryer, TVs in both rooms, and housekeeping. The Maui one’s been our favorite so far:

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We have stayed with our 1.5-year-old at hotels a few times and this has not been an issue for us. We order a crib in advance and put it in the bathroom/closet or even just a dark corner of the room. We stay quiet and keep the room dark for 15 minutes or so until he falls asleep, but we then turn on the TV and talk normally. We obviously aren’t going out for a wild night on the town, but it’s been fine putting him down between 7-8 and staying up watching a movie until 10. 

One of the best pieces of advise I ever got was not to keep the room silent when a baby is sleeping. It’s really loud in the womb – babies actually prefer to have white noise in the background. When my son was very little, he would sleep in his rock and play right next to our family room TV until we went up to bed. He is very used to sleeping with background noise. 

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techmom :  Thanks for the encouragement! That was bold of you to travel so far with a newborn…but I can def see that there are perks to traveling when they’re so young. I’m actually flying solo with our baby later this week and I’m shitting myself with anxiety about it. But I need to conquer this fear! 

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tiffanybruiser :  We’ve been traveling with DS since he was quite young, and I flew solo with him on a 10 hour journey with 2 layovers. It was tough but also super fun — you can definitely do it! I suggest babywearing through security. Usually they’ll put you in the fast track line and let you leave shoes on and such. Plus you can use the restroom with LO strapped to you and it’s much less hassle. Also have bottles and baby food pouches in something that you can easily take out of your bag. They do an extra screening so it’s nice not to be digging through the bag for everything. A pacifier or nursing/bottle during take-off and landing is really good. Also bring a big blanket (I used an Aden and Anais swaddle) so you can lay LO down on the floor in the airport. Hope you have a super fun trip!

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llevinso :  take my experience with a grain of salt as my son is a terrible sleeper anywhere but in his bed in his room on his schedule. We bring a pack and play and lay in the dark or hang in the bathroom after he goes down. Then we go to sleep and get 2 hours of sleep before he wakes up screaming bloody murder. And then most of the time we go home around 3 am because we can’t take it anymore 😂

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For those with kiddos where noise is an issue, there’s an app called Tunity that you can use to listen to TV using your phone and earphones. You just open the app and point the scanner at the TV and it syncs right up. 

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llevinso :  I feel you! My 11 month old has been sleep trained since 6 months, and he sleeps 7pm-7am in his crib in his room. Prior to sleep training when we traveled we were either in places that had a living space or suite so we’d just put him down and sneak back in when we were ready to go to bed.

Now that he sleeps through the night we know that won’t work. I ordered a Slumberpod per the suggestion of our sleep consultant and I’m getting ready to use it starting this weekend when we go on vacation for a week. It’s basically like a fully breathable camping tent that goes over a PnP or mini crib and acts like a blackout curtain but also muffles noise. It has a pocket you can put your baby monitor in so you can see them. We plan to also put his sound machine in there. 

We are staying in a condo so he will have his own room but: 

a) We wanted to make sure we could black it out because his room is blacked out at home, and:

b) we’re going with another couple and our baby and their baby will probably share a room. Their baby does wake up at night to nurse so we want to make sure our baby isn’t disturbed. Also so if for some reason he ends up needing to be in our room he still is in his own “space”.

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llevinso :  When he has his own room and I put him down for bedtime he’s amazing.

Our kid is the same way. Because we did sleep training we have our bedtime routine of bath, PJs, bottle, book…then he goes into his crib w/ the sound machine on and curtains closed and we turn out the lights and walk out. He puts himself to sleep. My #1 issues was not wanting to do anything that would disrupt his good sleeping habits so I’m excited to try the slumberpod. I’ll report back with how it goes!

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