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I would suggest talking to your doctor and reading up on some data from reliable sources (sounds like you already did), and then calmly inform him about this. If he wants to have children, believe me he will WANT to have this information. My SO worries about things that can affect my fertility and we’re not close to even thinking about kids. 

The point to get across is that it’s all about RISK. Sure, his aunt’s cousin’s step-sister had a perfectly healthy child at 53 (or whoever he can’t name), but you should be minimising the risks of developmental and fertility issues as much as possible. Also, he may not know the whole story behind his anectodal evidence. Did these women receive fertility treatment? Did it take them 6 years of TTC? Plus, his family genetics are totally unrelated to yours. Show him one of those fertility charts – your ability to conceive without treatment will drastically go down in a few years, and he should be aware of this.

And basically tell him exactly what you said here.

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@arathella:  +1

@IrishLucky34:  Welcome to the HIVE!

OP, please don’t waste anymore time!!  I am 30 and I know all about this, and to boot, my SO is 2 years YOUNGER than I am.  I just had to sit down and have a very real conversation about timelines, my expectations out of life (i.e. kids), and that even though more women are able to have kids later in life, the risk goes up considerably. 

I had this conversation and I was honestly ready and willing to walk if I didn’t get the answers I wanted…because no matter how much I love my SO…I love myself MORE and enough to get the life I deserve. 

Good Luck!

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You can give him all of the information you want to, but he’s already made it pretty clear to you that he’s not interested in being a big boy grown up for another few years. He wants more time to be child free. He’s not ready to take on the huge responsibility of a new life, regardless of your ticking clock. I’m turning 34 in january as well, we already know we will need fertility treatment, and it’s looking like I’ll be pushing 35 before my husband is ready (if he’s ever ready). I do get your concerns. But if a guy isn’t in a mental/emotional place to try for kids, that’s just something you have to wait out (or walk away from, your choice). This is one of those things that, try as you may, just cannot be rushed. 

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I would sit him down with all your information and tell him this is something that’s a priority for you.  You’d like to be engaged and married within a year, and then trying for a baby.  (Or whatever your timeline is.)  Tell him you don’t need an answer right this second, but within a reasonable timeline, he needs to decide if that’s something he’s interested in as well.  Sometimes they just need a little nudge and to know that you’re not going to wait around forever.  Good luck!

(As much as I think he’s the absolute most wonderful man in the world, I have a Peter Pan myself.  At 31 and 33, we’re not quite in your shoes, but I can relate.  This strategy worked for me in terms of moving ahead with marriage and a baby timeline.)

Also, a lot of the birth defects actually come from deformed sperm from older men…

@Olympia:  love that! Thanks!

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@Olympia:  Thank you for posting that.  🙂

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Well what happens when you just talk to him directly? Tell him that you want to have kids, your window of time for that is closing, and ask him point blank if that’s what he wants? What does he say? If it’s simply an education thing, take him with you to a gynocology appointment and hear it from the doctor first-hand. 

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 Try working backwards.  He wants to be ‘grown up’ at 40, that’s fine. So lets assume he wants a year of marriage before kids, that’s reasonable. That puts marriage at 38-39. Weddings take a year or so to plan, that puts engagement at around 37. 

Most men process information better when it’s presented logically, instead of emotionally. Talk to him about his future goals and plans, and let him talk through it.

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I’m in the same position.  I’ll be 34 in March.  I haven’t figured out yet how to bring this up.  I did tell him that my doctor wants to change my birth control pills.  That is true, but I was kind of mentioning it in the hopes of him asking what else I had discussed with my doctor.  I’m just too chicken to talk to him about the whole fertility going down at 35 thing.

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@IrishLucky34:  As a PP mentioned, it might be a good idea to bring him to your ob/gyn appointment.  Your doctor might be a better person to discuss the risks of a later pregnancy, since he/she would be a relatively unbiased opinion.  And he’s right, SOME women are fine having children later in life.  My Mom was 38 when I was born, no fertility treatments, no complications, nothing but natural (and I’m her only child).  What she doesn’t tell people is the ONLY reason she even attempted to conceive at that late of an age is because she was willing to terminate in the event of abnormalities.  Her thought process was “give it a fair shot, if I don’t conceive, it wasn’t meant to be, and if I have to terminate, then I won’t try again”.  From what she’s told me, the time before the amnio was incredibly stressful and she was constantly worried.  Fortunately, all was good 🙂  But that’s a lot of stress and anxiety to put yourself through.

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I am in a similar position.  My Fiance and I have always wanted children, however my Fiance also use to tell me stories of how he knows many women that have conceived children in their late 30’s.  We talked about having kids very open and honestly before we got engaged, I simply told him that I wanted to be pregnant before my mid-late 30’s.  I also found it helped for my Fiance to hear from other friends and family members why it is important to start trying for a child before your late 30’s, it really brought home the message.  I would leave articles about fertility in the bathroom since I knew my Fiance would read them while he was in there. 


I think what really helped my Fiance understand the importance of trying to conceive ASAP is when we did the math.  One day he was on the couch complaining how old he felt and how tired and sore he was.  I asked him to imagine being 50 and running around playing with our 10 year old, imagine how tired he would be then.  My Fiance started doing the math in his head and realized how old he would be when our child did x and y and decided he was ready to start trying to conceive. 


It is important to my Fiance that we be married or almost married before we have a child.  We are getting married on Oct 4, 2014 and we were planning on trying to conceive a few months before the wedding but decided to hold off until the wedding because of morning sickness and possible complications that could occur with the pregnancy.  I will be almost 34 and Fiance almost 36 when we will start trying to conceive.  You are not alone, I hear my biological clock ticking everyday, sometimes men just don’t understand.


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I think you need to pull up the articles, the statistics, and the risks and show him. Perhaps ask him to go for a visit to your general practioner to talk about it with them. 

I would also ask him WHY 40. How does he know when he is 40 he still won’t feel ready. I’m not sure why 40 would be a magical number. I think it’s common for people to never feel quite ready but eventually you need to take the plunge and hope that it will work out. I saw a comic once with a very old couple that were asked “so when are you going to tie the knot” and they said “we’re still waiting for the right time”. That comic came to mind when I read your post.

Maybe he can be flexible with his 40 timeline, especially since he had originally said sooner. Maybe 38 or 39? You also have concerns about the timeline of getting engaged. 

I think you need to tell him that you want to talk about timelines/ the urgency you are feeling. If he can’t handle it or discuss it without getting angry and then perhaps counselling is in order. Communication is KEY for marriages and parenting. This is something you and him will want to work on before getting married.

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