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Honey Beekeeper

Hey doll! First things first, breathe. Sounds like you and your Fiance have great ideas on how to make this a beautiful and special but still affordable wedding.

I know it seems like one photographer can’t do it all, but tons of brides have used one photographer and still gotten great results.

Have you talked to your photographer about your concerns? If the photog. is a professional, I am sure s/he knows how to handle situations like this. 🙂

Thinking about the getting ready photos, you don’t need 50 photos just from the getting-ready sessions. You say you’re photographer is good—s/he should be able to take a handful of high-quality shots of each.

Something that may help a lot is to have a list of “must-haves” in terms of shots. If you and your photographer can work out exactly which shots you want, the process should move pretty quickly.

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Honey bee
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Lol – This makes me chuckle.

First of all, TAKE A DEEP BREATH!

OK.. I shoot alone 99% of the time. For a lot of shooters there is a primary and the 2nd is usually a newb trying to get their feet wet… i.e. (not a pro you would or could solely rely on.) Some photographers use one of MANY 2nd shooters, some train their spouse, some use the same one for a year. Bottom line, a 2nd shooter is not always a 2nd pro.

The allure of a “2nd shooter” has it’s place but it’s also relatively “new” in popularity. As long as your pro is comfortable and you have the time with them before hand (i.e. you’re getting ready in the same building as your FI), trust me, YOU’LL BE FINE! I have yet to miss the grooms look on his face as his bride walks down the aisle or her looks. It’s totally beyond easy… if you know what you’re doing 😉

As for getting ready etc, you can get the “groom putting on his jacket or cufflink picture” ANYTIME really. Guys getting ready aren’t nearly as fun as girls. As long as you’re in the same general area it’s not a problem to go back and forth. As for the bridesmaids/groomsmen/family we shoot this before hand all the time. You just take one group and then get another. Lol… If you have any questions for timelines feel free to ask or pm me… 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I guess I’m in a similar situation in that I went for 1 photog that is really good vs. 2 i didn’t like as much. We also only have our venue for 5.5 hrs so i feel you on the time crunch thing. Here is what I think is going to happen. 

– no getting ready photos. My friends might take some… but honestly on balance with everything else they’re just not that important to me. 

3:30 first look 

4pm bridal party photos

4:30 family photos

5 pm arrive at venue

5:30 ceremony

6-7 cocktail hour– and we get to attend most of it! we’ll just do a few “omg we’re married” pics

7:30 dinner

8:30 cake cutting

8:45 first dance/other dances

9pm dance floor is open

10:30 photog goes home (we’re only hiring her for 7 hrs)

11pm– goodnight all, we’re married! 


My biggest concession was the first look. At first I was totally against it but really I don’t believe in “bad luck” and I’m actually REALLY looking forward to getting to spend some time with my hubby alone(ish)! Plus we can get all the pics we want and really fully enjoy our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception with our guests. I hated the idea of paying all this money for our wedding and missing a big chunk of it to take pictures! 

If you’re dead set against the first look I’d at least have the photog come early to do pics of you with your girls, him with the guys, and each of you with your individual families. basically ALL pics that aren’t including both of you. 

Also maybe think about doing a photo session the next day? You will maybe have to do your own hair but then you wouldn’t waste time on the day of? 


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Honey bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

Oh, and I hired a single photographer as well. I’m not worried at all about only have 1 there.

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Bumble bee
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I hired a single photographer for my wedding too, and the photos were amazing! That being said, I’m also a photographer and none of the things on that list above are a problem for one shooter to get in the time frames provided, EXCEPT possibly the getting ready photos. Unless the bride/groom are getting ready in the same building, that’s the one thing I tell my clients they’ll miss out on by opting for a single shooter. It’s not worth it to me to possibly miss the bride putting her dress on for a handful of photos of the groom buttoning his tux. Or what if I get lost or stuck in traffic going back and forth? Then nobody gets getting-ready pics! It *may* be possible to do both, but I generally take the safe/responsible route when it comes to this.

It’s really not that big of a deal IMO, but I realize it’s important to some. If it’s a huge concern for you I would ask your photographer if there is anything she can do for you with regard to getting a newbie to come second shoot. If she hears about your concerns, she might be willing to give you a deal on the price, though she does need SOME money to either pay the guy or her time for editing the extra photos. It wouldn’t be the same quality as her photos but it would be an extra warm body with a camera. Best of luck!

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Sugar bee
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having one photographer is completely normal.  this whole idea that you have to have 2 photogs is a little ridiculous in my opinion.  Most of the time the second photog is a newer photographer and your main photog ends up only using 50 photos or so from the 2nd shooter anyways.  

Your photog will be able to figure out how to get the all the pictures.  just make sure you give him a list of what you need.  the only problem might be his ability to get pics of both the groom and bride getting ready if you are both doing that in separate rooms and at the same time.  but just have him go back and forth between the locations if they are close, or just have him take pictures of you getting ready and have him take some details of the groom’s attire later on after the ceremony.  The getting ready shots aren’t that big of a deal in the end anyway.  Think about it, would you really frame those?  I haven’t done anything with mine!

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Helper bee

I also shoot alone most of the time !       You just simply walk back and forth where the girls are getting ready and the guys are getting ready.      One thing that I noticed you could cut our is the pre-photos of the bride with her family and the groom with his family.      I’d recommend you organize group shots just once ( when you can both be in the photo ) .          

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Bumble bee
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You will be fine! Most of my friends had 1 photographer at their weddings and the pics were amazing! Don’t stress (too much!)–to help things move smoothly, make a mental list (or write one out even) of different group shot combinations then hand it to the photographer or a trusted family member beforehand. That might help cut down on the post-ceremony group shot chaos.

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