(Closed) How uncomfortable were you in the Summer months? Help (Long)

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1) I just had my baby girl in September, so I started my third tri in June and was 9 months pregnant in September. I live in South Florida. It was hot. I also don’t do too well in heat, to the point where I actually will pass out if I don’t stay hydrated. Since I had no reason that I had to be outside during my pregnancy (especially third tri) , I just spent the majority of my time inside in A/C. Yes, it was uncomfortable when I had to walk into work or a store from my car, but that is what, 2 minutes? Unless you HAVE to be outside, I wouldn’t worry about it too much!


2) I was in pretty bad shape when I got pregnant. I dislocated my knee in November and had surgery to fix two ligaments the day before Thanksgiving. We conceived the day after Christmas. I had basically spent the two months before conceiving in bed, and since I was still semi-recovering early in my pregnancy I did not work out very much. While I had some issues at the end of my pregnancy, they weren’t related to my level of activity. So, since it sounds like you would be starting off your pregnancy in a better place than me, I think you’ll be ok!


All of that being said, you need to do what’s best for you and your hubby! I hope you come to a decision you are happy with!

ETA: And at the end of it all, holding my baby girl made the heat and any discomfort totallly worth it!

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@BellaDee:  I can’t really comment much on being pregnant in the summer because I am pregnant now and will spend it in cold weather, BUT I am kind of like you in that my heart pounds when I get hot. I have been having hot flashes at night currently, and I will wake up almost unable to go back to sleep until I stand outside in the 10 degree weather for a few minutes to cool down.

Before pregnancy, at random times (not just when I was hot), I would get “bubbles” in my chest. It would seriously stop me straight in my tracks. It wasn’t painful. It just scares the hell out of you for a few seconds and then my heart would start pounding until I calmed down. But, like you, everything was fine.

You can handle pregnancy, even if this happens to you even in the heat. Again, like you said, this may not even become a worry for you if you don’t get pregnant right away, but although winter would be more ideal, LOTS of women make it through being pregnant in the summer. Most places are AC anyway, so unless you spend a terrible amount of time outside, I wouldn’t factor that in too much.

I say deal with this stuff as it comes. As someone with anxiety and panic attack issues, my anxiety actually calmed WAY down by about week 10. I had my first panic attack last night because of my MIL being a pushy biotch, so it wasn’t anxiety fueled by the pregnancy itself. The anxiety is much more intense while pregnant, for me, because your body is already pumping more blood and oxygen and working harder, so it feels like I have 10 heart beats in my face. If you can put all those fears aside and know that untless you are bleeding and cramping, you will more than likely be fine.

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Hello. I don’t have any first hand experience being pregnant in the summer. I am currently in my first pregnancy. However I read your post and I’m the opposite and thought I’d chime in. I’m REALLY cold intolerant (even when I was larger). I really think it might have to do with my thyroid, but my levels are normal. Anyway. So I was thinking being pregnant in the winter would be bad because I couldn’t walk as much and excersise is so important in general. And I am dealing with that now. (wind chill 16 right now). I think with air conditioning – yeah, being massivly pregnant in summer might suck. But you will be indoors most of the time and should take cabs or whatever to limit your heat issues. You will know in advance that you want to limit overheating odds. Being massively pregnant in winter you have to worry about falling on ice. There is no really awesome time to have a giant belly and swollen everything. 

Also and more to the point- I had been very very careful to not get pregnant before we started ‘trying’ and was sort of suprised really when the first month I didn’t have a BFP. It didn’t take us long, probably 4-5 months (without really temping or anything), but still- that shifts the seasons a lot. So while you might want to plan the best situation- you really don’t have a lot of control. I’m slowly realizing how much not control I will have with things moving foward (being late or early, what if i need a C-section). Odds are if you start in the next few months, it will take a few trys and you would be in second trimester in the summer. And that is if you are lucky. Some women try for years. Just saying, if you want to delay you can till say start trying in Feb, but if you do, and don’t get pregnant by September (which is only 7 ovulations)- your back around to summer pregnancy. 

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@BellaDee:  I’m thin also, but SUPER athletic. I regularly run half-marathons, and work out an hour every day at the gym.

I’m starting my third trimester next week (27 weeks this week). The women in my birth club who didn’t get regular exercise pre-preg are DYING.

I ran a half-marathon at 19 weeks, and at 27 weeks I’m exhausted and weaker than a kitten… WITH all the amazing exercise I get! I’ve gone from comfortable running 13.1 miles to wishing for death after 3.1! (I do a lot of speed walking on an incline now. And the elliptical)

So I would definitely advocate for getting in better shape pre-preg.

I was also in my first trimester in summer, and the heat made my morning sickness miserable! If I could pick, I would have done my second trimester in summer. Plenty of energy, all the fun milestones like movement and finding out the gender…

So I’d start TTC on the New Year and hope you get KU in Feb or March!

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@BellaDee:  My feeling is that as long as you have air conditioning, you’ll survive. I wouldn’t put off TTC to avoid summer. The 3rd tri is uncomfortable no matter when it happens!

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@BellaDee:  The only problem with making it a dealbreaker is that you may never get pregnant at that convenient time. Babies come when they want to, and you can do your best to time it, but if it doesn’t work for a while you may just need to suck it up (for lack of a sensitive term). It also depends on how bad you want a baby.

I think these “bubbles” are like palpitations. Mine are very strong, and it is like one big palpitation as opposed to several. I was just starting to get in shape before I got pregnant, but I was still considered overweight for my height. I do find myself more out of breath when I climb stairs, but I am not, like, huffing and puffing and belly crawling on the floor to get to my destination, lol. If you stay active during your prgenancy, even just walking, you shouldn’t feel out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. I don’t know if all that will change for me in the 3rd trimester, but so far so good.

I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you can get pregnant closer to winter then, especially if you can’t handle heat very well. Try not to stress too much about when it will happen because in the end it will be completely worth it 🙂


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@BellaDee:  I just wanna pop in and say that my heart palpitations (caused by mitral valve prolapse) scare me to death! My Dr said that I may have to be monitored if I get pregnant or I  could be lucky and be fine. The “bubbles” you ladies described sound so much like mine! Have you ever had an EKG or ECG? Even if it was prolapse or regurgitation of a valve, there’s nothing you can do (unless its major and get the valve replaced. Nothing diet or exercise wise). If you get them more than a few times a week, that’s when it’s dangerous. He said it could be caused by caffeine or stress, though I get them randomly. Sorry this turned into a novel! Just saying its a big factor and I would love to know how you ladies deal with it when pregnant! 🙂

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We wanted a spring baby for this exact reason. I hate heat and would move to Alaska if I could. It took us a year. Fortunetly we will be having a spring baby and actually consider ourselves crazy lucky but it’s not something that can be planned for a lot of people. At one point if I conceived we were looking at a Christmas baby which we didnt want but were getting desperate and stopped caring. 

Besides, on the other end you could have to fight morning sickness in the middle of summer or end up with a holiday baby. There is no perfect time. I think in the end you will make it work. 🙂

For what it’s worth I was visiting family in FL a few weeks ago(around 17w) and it was hot and humid and I was miserable. Luckily it didnt stay hot the whole time but it just reaffirmed how lucky I feel and if it could be planned would totally do it this way again. 

On the exercise end, I was in decent shape before getting pregnant and could breeze through a work out. Now I struggle to just do 20m on our exercise bike. .I’m running out of lung room man. I say to definetly start exercising regularly. You won’t regret it. 

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@BellaDee:  I’m horribly out of shape too. I’m also what you called “skinny fat”, haha. Normal weight but I’m out of breath after a flight of stairs, light headed, heart racing. The only other thing my doctor had said was with heart issues, usually it warrants monitoring throughout pregnancy by a cardiologist and if the actual labor was deemed too much on my heart, they’d opt for a C-section while I was either drugged or put to sleep… which I really hate the sound of. BUT it made me feel better that they are well equipped to handle it!

@lovemygsp:  JEALOUS of you and all the other April-June Mommas.  🙂  May is my ideal!

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