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Helper bee
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We have a boxer and we just tough it out in the rain… People that don’t want to take care of the animal they wanted need to be locked in a crate all day and see how they like it..


Funny thing about our pup though, he doesn’t like rain so if we dont hold an umbrella over him he will not go out!

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Buzzing bee

Oooh. We play with our dogs inside a LOT more. Well, when I say “our,” I mean my parents’ dogs. Fi and I don’t want dogs yet, we’re not ready for the responsibility.

I also hate it when people get dogs they can’t manage. This one friend of mine is always pawning off taking care of her dog to her roommates, a couple of my other friends. It always irritates me to no end that she really couldn’t handle the responsibility of a dog and now just pretends like she can… because the dog suffers. He misses her and misses the consistency of a routine.

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Buzzing bee
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ugh what a frustrating situation!! we specifically got a small dog because we were living in an apartment, and a breed we knew a lot about so we knew we’d be able to take care of our dog (my fi’s parents have had 2 shelties my fi’s entire life–my fi’s dad has had them his entire life too!).

we tough it out in the rain. our pup gets 2 30-45 minute walk every day, plus a mid-day walk by a dogwalker, and a quick walk out whenever he needs to go. he probably doesn’t need that much any more, but it’s just become habit for us…

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Oh my gosh… I cannot even express to you the RAGE I feel at this. I think dogs (pets in general) are a wonderful addition to a family, but they are NOT FOR EVERYONE. Do not get a dog if you consistently work more than 8 hours at a time. Do not get a dog if you have no intention of putting the time into training it. Do not get a dog if you don’t have the money to take it for regular check-ups and shots. Do not get a dog if you’re not going to love and play with it every day. Do not get a dog because “OMG ITS SO CUTE” when you have done no breed research. 

Wow your terrier is hyper?? I’m shocked.

Wow your weimaraner grew really big and and chews up your stuff? I can’t believe it.

Wow your bulldog–who you have spent exactly no time training–has a tendency to be aggressive? Who could have possible seen this coming?


ARGH. I have a really really really hard time not judging people when they are horrible to their pets. If you don’t have the time/money/compassion for a pet, ok, don’t get one!

Edited to add: Um… I was so rage-ful I forgot to answer your question. My dog hates the rain so I got him a little rain coat. Yes… he looks silly and I feel silly, but he doesn’t give me issues about walking in the rain anymore. 

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Bumble bee
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Maybe get some good raingear – boots, coat, umbrella, and go for it. It can’t rain forever, right?

My sister’s dog turns into a dainty little snob when it’s raining… you have to force him to go out (otherwise he’ll just hold it as long as he can) and then he’ll cautiously pick his way through the yard to go, like he’s tip-toeing. Forget about taking him for a walk if it’s raining! It’s so funny.

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Busy bee
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We tough it out in the rain…makes me really really really want some galoshes though!

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Bee Keeper
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I suck it up even when water and mud start sinking into my shoes. Poor doggie!

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Bee Keeper
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Our dogs are big babies and refuse to go for walks in heavy rain or snow.  🙂  But if it’s been longer than 24 hours, we force them to go for a walk, no matter the weather.  They HAVE to run and stretch their legs or they just get unmanageable.  

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Helper bee
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I agree on this, dogs are a HUGE responsibility, and hence I didn’t even bother moving into a place where I’d be allowed to have one, although I really want one, it’s just not going to happen at the moment!

However I can understand that sometimes things come up and you can’t handle a dog you (nonspecific person lol) could.  I really don’t think they’re like kids but I do think that a lot of the problems that people encounter that cause them to get rid of their dogs or not provide the right care for them..could be easily prevented by doing the proper research.

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Bumble bee
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Both FH and I would LOVE to have a dog. However, we both work, attend grad school, now planning a wedding and I have an internships. There is no way in h-e-l-l that we have time for a puppy right now. FH has a job in which he probably could get away with bringing a dog and sometimes he gets to telecommute, but as for me, I am rarely home. It just wouldn’t be fair to the lil’ pooch. So alas, we must wait another year or so before we may be ready.

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Helper bee
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My Future Sister-In-Law and her husband got a German Shepard — the dog is taller than me when it stands on its hind legs — now they have a baby crawling around the house and the dog has to live outside and is no longer allowed in the house at all … because it can completely unintentionally hurt the baby because it’s so gi-normous.  No foresight there with that choice of dog …

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Busy bee
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My husband and I lived with his brother for about a year. One day Brother-In-Law brought home a pit bull puppy. We already had two dogs of our own and were not interested in raising a third. Brother-In-Law promised he would take care of it… well that lasted about a week. After we went our seperate ways the dog came with us and has lived with us ever since. We now have a baby on the way and don’t know how we’re going to deal with three dogs… especially since the pit is like Lenny from Of Mice and Men and inadvertently killed the cat. We have been looking for a good home for him, but no luck so far. I know he wouldn’t intentionally harm a child, but I don’t want to take the risk. I wish people would really think about the responsibilies that go along with pet ownership before actually bringing the pet home.

Edit- our dogs are pretty good about the weather. They love to play in the rain or the snow. That’s important though- if you live in an apartment, or don’t have a yard… think long and hard about getting a dog, especially a big dog that needs lots of excersise. Seems like common sense…

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Buzzing bee
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*sigh* Aggravating. Really, that is the most selfish thing a person can do. Grrrrrr…

As of last night, our dog is the proud owner of a raincoat since she’s a service dog and therefore has to go out in the rain if Fiance does. Fiance was adamantly opposed to putting her in anything other than her cape, but then it stormed something fierce here in Cali and she got drenched. She’s the sweetest dog alive and doesn’t buck or complain and we couldn’t stand the thought that she may be uncomfortable. We  wanted to make sure she was warm and dry, so raincoat!

….and she looks so cute!!!

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