(Closed) How was your SO and yours first kiss?

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  • poll: How was your SO and your first kiss?


    It was nice, not amazing, but nice

    It was alright but definately no moonbeams


    There's no nice way to put it, it was a bad kiss


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    HAHA i actually voted “other”…he was trashed – we met at a dance club – and all I can remember is that while it wasn’t bad – he would not stop biting my lips! i broke him of that pretty quick. :p

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    Ours was awkward! I didn’t really know that he liked me (even though I liked him), and I totally wasn’t expecting it when it happened, so I was  totally caught off guard, and it wasn’t that great. It wasn’t awful, but yeah … awkward. It took us a while to get into our kissing groove, let’s just say that πŸ™‚

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    i’m def in the “amazing” camp! it was my first real kiss! we were at his parents house watching a movie with the fireplace going, it was very innocent and sweet, but amazing!

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    It was pretty amazing. It was my first kiss EVER, though, so it wasn’t going to take much to make me happy πŸ™‚

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    Hmm. I voted awkward. The setting was actually really cute, but our kissing styles took some adjusting for each other. We had been sort of seeing each other for a few weeks. It was unofficial dating, but I really wanted to be more official. So basically we both sort of knew but neither wanted to make the first move and we were both gawky and ugh we were actually college juniors, too, not high school! Can you believe it? Anyway, he dropped me off after another non-date-date, and he’d pulled around to leave and stopped by my car. I had waited outside to see him leave. He got out to check the size of my tires. We had talked about cars earlier in the night and I don’t know those sorts of details. It was obvious he was looking for an excuse to stay and nothing charms a lady like tire size. Wink. So, we said goodnight again and leaned in for a goodnight kiss… and he kept his eyes open. I’ve never kissed with my eyes open! It was… weird. But I was so elated that I didn’t care. And since we have adjusted more to each other, we are definitely expert kissers now!

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    It was both of our first kisses ever….so it was understandably AWKWARD.  Haha, well thankfully things have improved.

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    I was 15- it was pretty much “asmazing” due to lack of other things to compare to, but he does have skill!!!

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    our first actual kiss was amaaazing–it literally took my breath away. but that was kind of our second kiss–our first was super awkward. i leaned in to kiss him but he, believing for some reason it wasn’t good to kiss on the first date, turned his head and it ended up like on the corner of his mouth, not quite a cheek kiss. it was really confusing because i thought the first date had gone so well and then he moved his head away! i guess i’m a more aggressive-first-date-kisser, haha…luckily he called me a couple days later πŸ™‚

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    it was awful! Gross and sloppy lol. I nicely told him how I liked to be kissed after that and kissing him has been amazing ever since, but that first one was terrifying lol.

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    Um… we kind of had two semi-first kisses. First, not so bueno. Second, amazing. 

    #1 was on our 2nd (or maybe 3rd?) date after he walked me to the door. We were kind of physically awkward because he is 9 inches taller than me and I’d never dated anyone more than 2 inches taller than me… so I had no idea how to hug or kiss someone so tall! So I kind of went for this weird awkward hug thing and then he kind of went in for a kiss and it ended up as a peck and the whole thing was just awkward haha. 

    #2 was on our 8th (EIGTH!!!) date. We were sitting on the couch that time so height was not hindering us, and it was awesome. πŸ™‚

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    haha it was totally awkward.  We had know eachother for a couple short weeks and we were laying on the couch, and he just looked over and pecked me, but I was rubbing my lips together (lips folded over my teeth…I don’t know how to describe it haha) at that very moment!!!!

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    I actually voted awkward. lol  Fiance left for Iraq the day after our 2nd date.  He made himself promise he wasn’t going to rush anything, so he didn’t kiss me (and even though I usually make the first move, for some reason, I didn’t kiss him).  By the time he came home 10 months later, we pretty much knew we were going to get married (we had been friends for 3 years at that point)…so, I flew out to see him and when he picked me up at the airport, we had our first much anticipated kiss after waiting 10 months. lol

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    We were both tipsy at a wedding and he was “flirting” with me.  He took my drink away and held it over his head where I couldn’t reach it so I decided to “distract” him by kissing him.  It was a little awkward, but we made up for it later!

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    Um, ours was really awkward! We were 14 and had never had a real, non-playground kiss with anyone else. We got much, much better with practice though. πŸ˜‰ 

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    Is this cheesy if I say I knew I was going to marry him from our first kiss?? Well, I did…And it was the best kiss of my entire life πŸ™‚ 

    But it was in his nasty college dorm on probably dirty, unwashed sheets, so that was a little unpleasant, haha!

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