How we met.

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jellybelly326 :  That’s such a sweet story! I can’t believe that all three couples have ended up together!

My Fiance and I met the first day I had moved to a new town. It was 2.5 hours away from my friends and family, and I knew no one.  My parents and I went to dinner, and my Fiance was our server.  When he heard I just moved here he gave me his number and said that it’s always good to know someone close by in case I ever had an emergency.  I had a boyfriend at the time so never texted my Fiance.  However, my parents adored him and every time they came to town they wanted to go to the same restaurant and see him! He would always take our table even if we weren’t in his section. I ended up texting him, and after my ex and I broke up we started hanging out as friends and then quickly turned romantic.

I love that I met him my first day here.  That same day I found my home and the love of my life!

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Very cute that 3 couples came out of that situation!

Fiance and I met online.  We started chatting early evening on a Saturday.  I had been at home all day working on projects around the house and had just finished.  I showered and had just poured myself a glass of wine when my phone dinged.

“Nice boat pug!”

(I had a picture of my french bulldog in a life jacket on my dad’s boat on my dating profile.)

“Um, she’s not a pug.”

We both had a laugh about it because everyone calls her a pug.  We were chatting for probably an hour when he asked if I wanted to meet for a drink.  I declined mainly out of laziness since I had to do my hair and make up.  Then we kept chatting and he was super sweet and I told him that I think we should meet for a drink. 

He said “want to meet me at my boat?”

Me: “um no, that’s how people die.  I’ll meet you at the bar.”

So we met, hung out for a couple hours…and the rest is history.   

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So cute!!

My fiancé and I met on Tinder. I had been doing the casual dating thing for a while and was thoroughly over it, and he had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and was curious about what was out there. Our initial conversation over the app was nice but nothing too exciting until we decided to meet for coffee after he got off work the night after we initially matched. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I didn’t tell any of my friends or the roommate about the date—sketchy, I know, but we were meeting at a coffee shop a block from my apartment and I felt pretty secure.

We ended up staying out at that coffee shop until 2 in the morning talking about nerdy shit that we both loved and some surprise mutual friends—it turns out I’d gone on a previous (very basic, nonromantic) Tinder date with his best friend a few months prior, and he thought his friend was an idiot for letting me go whenever he heard about the date in the first place! We decided that night that we wanted to have long midnight conversations about nerdy shit every night from then on out, and here we are two and a half years later.

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jellybelly326 :  this is such a sweet story!! 


I met my husband 12 years ago in college! We were friends and had some classes together. He was a year ahead of me and I always thought he was so cute! But I also thought he was too cute for me. From what he says he liked me in college but something told him the timing wasn’t right. He graduated and I met someone and actually ended up marrying the other guy. My current husband and I remained friends and he came back to our old town (after moving away) and we visited. My ex and I divorced after two years. I shouldn’t have married him to begin with and I was tired of him not trying. Well long story short, my current husband and I started talking more seriously and after three weeks of talking/dating we decided we should get married! He didn’t officially propose with a ring until three months later during Christmas time. I moved up to be with my husband and everything has been bliss! 

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Seriously so cool that all three couples worked out! I was waiting on pins and needles while reading and what a happy ending!

My SO and I met at the end of my first semester of college (8 years this past winter). My friend was dating his and when I was the only one left without a date to our sorority function my friend suggested I take him. I looked him up on Facebook, thought he was a little skinny, but cute enough. We began an occasional hook up relationship for the next two years, but never more. Finally, he began to get a little to serious for my liking with another girl. I got super jealous realizing how into him I was and he reciprocated. 

He graduated college the year we began dating and went to grad school in a neighboring state. We were long distance through that and into another year until I moved to the city where he got his first job. We moved in together coming up on two years ago and relocated back to my hometown last summer!

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We met sophmore year of high school. He came up to me on the public bus ride home and asked me if I had started working on the science fair project yet. We then began discussing the Simpsons episode where Bart’s science fair project is watching a potato for 8 hours to see if it changes and tracking down “still just a potato.” We became best friends and spent every day after school together. I’m Argentinean and he’s Filipino so there were a lot of culture shocks for both of us meeting each others families. He was always my number one support. When we went away to different colleges, we both started dating people and lost touch. After graduating and moving back home, although we were both in comitted relationships with other people, it was like being back in high school again. We went back to hanging out. About a year after graduation we both realized that our relationships with our people were going no where and that we were both actually into each other and had always been. We both waited a year after our previous relationships to actually date – to make sure this is what we both really wanted since we were such good friends that we didn’t want to jeopardize that if something happened. We fell in love and started dating, and once we were together it was so obvious that this is what we should have done from the start. He is the most protective, kind and supportive partner I could have. He is my best friend. This might be Too Much Information, but it’s crazy how amazing the intimate stuff is too- which was a big step at the beginning for us crossing from being friends to lovers. TOTALLY WORTH IT ~<3 We’re getting married in November ๐Ÿ™‚

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jellybelly326 :  We met on a dating app.

The crazy thing about this is that he set my age as the lowest he would consider dating, and I set my highest at the age he was. We are almost 6 years apart, so I was 22, he was 28 at the time. All the 22 year old women he said that would message him, he wouldnt message back, he just kept that age floor cap just in case. I had done the same thing, as 28 was my “cap” on age.

We ended up messaging each other, and talked about literature, in depth. Our first day was a few days later, adn we talked about some deep things so openly. It felt natural. We dated for 6 months until he asked me to be his gf. 6 MONTHS. He had only one previous ‘long’ relationship of 2 years when he was in his early 20s. He was without an actual gf for about 6 years because he had told his mom that the next time he introduced them to a girl, it meant that he would marry that girl.

When he asked me to be his gf, he was so nervous and was beating around the bush, a lot. He spent the entire day trying to talk about it, and I was just soaking in the moment, haha. 

So he introduced me to his fam after a month of bf/gf dating. He talked about marriage with me a lot and always encouraged for me to move into his new home he was in the process of getting. After awhile, I agreed and we moved in together after 8 months of being together. We’ve lived with each other for over a year now, and we are already wedding planning, and will look at rings soon. He still wants to propose to me.

We plan on moving cities, possibly states anywhere from now til 2 years from now (depending on when the right time is).

He is my absolute best friend. 

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My FH and I met in Kindergarten.  We were friends, played in the sandbox together etc.  We went through school together, but dated other people.  Still friends but not high school sweethearts. After school we went our separate ways.  We were friends on Facebook but never really talked.  Fast forward (40 years after kindergarten) we were both on a dating app and started talking.  We had a date and have been together since. 

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jellybelly326 :  I love your and your friends story! It’s so lovely all three couples are still going strong ^_^


My fiance and I met on an online gaming site. We were friends as part of an online community for about 8 months, then started talking privately, and 6 months later he drove 600+ miles (from another country!) to come and meet me in person for the first time. We started our official relationship that day, I moved countries to live with him 13 months later and we got engaged 16 months after that, Christmas 2018 ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

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