How we met.

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I met my husband at an ice hockey game while I was at college finishing my masters degree and he was working in Germany. 

So we sat next to each other and talked the whole game and then some. Can’t recall who won or even if there was a fist fight (why else would you go to a hockey game if not to see some serious brawls on the ice). That was on a Tuesday. He then invited me to come with him to Burg Frankenstein the following Friday which had its famous haunted castle going on for Halloween. He took me to a nice restaurant first and then we had a blast at the castle. I stayed all weekend at his place and on Sunday he had to leave for a two week trip to London. He repeatedly invited me to come along. I was unsure. I hardly knew him but my aunt pointed out that I needed to go. It was London after all. If the guy turned out to be a dud I still could do some major shopping. Well, that sounded right. I booked a cheap flight to London for the following Thursday and stayed for 6 days. It was amazing. I knew I found my future husband. I came home, went to a party, celebrated my grandmas birthday and went to his place the following Monday. I never left. 

The following year we went back to London to celebrate our one year anniversary and that’s when he proposed. In Hyde Park by the Fountain of Joy of Life. 

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15 years ago, I was living in Japan as an exchange student and I recently moved out of my homestay and into a girls’ dorm (long story). The only other Westerner there was a Canadian girl across the hall who went to a different school. We became friends and she introduced me to my FH at the Ueno Zoo. The three of us hung out all day, but she had leave in the evening and my FH lied and said he needed to Shibuya too (he lived in the opposite direction). We hung out at a coffee shop, and I told him about all the places I wanted to see in Japan before I left. The next day he got my email from our friend and sent me an itinerary. He took me everywhere I wanted to go. 

At that point we were just friends, because I was dating someone else that I loved very much, but that relationship was very off and on, and through it my FH and I would talk on the phone about everything. We went back to Japan to travel on an off period and that was where he confessed he was in love with me. I was too hung up on my off-and-on-again guy to give him a chance. 

Years went by, and this time I was living in the Middle East. He was traveling in Southeast Asia. He came to visit me, and we went backpacking for months in Southeast Asia. We started dating. Then I got a job in Tokyo and we both moved there. He was very much in love with me but for me there was just something missing. I broke up with him and he moved back to America. He was absolutely devastated. 

More time went by. I moved back to America and found another job. We kept in touch, but very sporadically – no more hours and hours of phone calls or visiting because I didn’t want to hurt him anymore. After some years of this, we agreed it was time to visit again. By the end of that visit I realized I was happier than I had been in years. By the end of the second visit I knew I was falling for him. By the end of the 3rd visit I told him I loved him and asked if he would consider a relationship wih me. However, we lived across the country from each other. After some months went by, I packed up my stuff and moved. I think he’s proposing to me on Friday. <3 

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That’s one of the coolest stories I’ve ever heard! So beautiful!

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I’m divorced with kids and was online dating.  I was going on quite a few dates but striking out or meeting men that were fun but immature.  My mom said I should consider dating some men over 40.  I was 36 at the time and dating men my age or slightly younger. 

So I expanded my search to include up to 45 and 50 miles away.  I went on 3 dates. One guy was boring and we had no chemistry despite 2 dates. The second guy had a terrible high pitched voice but rejected me anyway because of my kids.

the last was my fiancé. He was not my usual physical type but I was trying to be open minded. I met him him and we had the most amazing date. I can’t even describe the connection.  I came home like “this is going to be something great!”  We went to Florida together on vacation just 5 weeks later. We’re engaged as of last weekend!  My life is so amazing with him in it. 

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I was living in the city and renting a place above my means so I took a 2nd job as an orange short wearing waitress at America’s favorite, delightfully tacky wing joint wink.  He had a taste for buffalo wings one Tuesday night and the rest was history!

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We met through our hiking group. The first time we met, we spoke to each other for a couple of minutes but I didn’t give him a second thought. We didn’t see each other again until 9 months later. During those 9 months I had dated someone else in the hiking group (it didn’t go anywhere) and he had a major break up. Anyway, 9 months later I was the organizer for a hike and he was the only other person who showed up. He asked if I was okay with it being just the two of us on the hike, and I said yes. I was a little nervous about whether we’d have anything to talk about, but we spent the 4-5 hours talking about all sorts of things. Over the next month we attended some more hikes together and then he finally asked me out. He proposed on a hike about a month ago! I had always hoped he’d propose on a hike since that was how we met, and he did – with a great view, too!

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