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Mines pretty standard I think. We met at our small town high school, he was the quarterback I was a cheerleader and my dad was the coach. We used to sneak out together after games and it was months before anyone caught on lol

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Helper bee
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@CanadaMoose:  We officially “met” in 4th grade when he was “the new kid” in my class. We started talking and dating in high school after we spent half the year in the same classes together. In the fall we had French and he was struggling. He likes to say that he picked the cutest, smartest girl in the class to help him. That spring the tables turned because I was the one that needed help in computer science class. Through some strange ABC order, we ended up next to each other. He fixed my Java errors and we spent most of the time looking up jokes on the interent and telling each other. Three weeks into summer he moved across the country, but we spent those three week at a local coffee shop talking for hours (once we talked for 8 hrs and that is so not like me. I’m the shy, quiet girl.) and at his house watching movies while his brother, under strict order from their mom, continuously had to “check for the hair brush” and “make sure that all of our feet were on the floor”. Here we are, almost 7.5 years later, getting married the day after our 8 year anniversary πŸ™‚ 

Idk if it’s cute, but it’s our story.

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@CanadaMoose:  We met while we were in 17/18, and started dating after I graduated (he’s a year older than me).

We’ll be getting married in our 10th year of being together, but it’ll be nearly our 11th year anniversary. He’s my bestie and I still get butterflies when I look at him! πŸ™‚ We’ve never lied about how we met, though the first thing he ever said to me was very mean. It’s funny to recount it to others now.  


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I was 15 and was at Kroger with my mom, picking up some things she needed for the breakfast that her home ec class was hosting that morning. There was this totally cute guy working the cash register, and I was smitten. I attempted to flirt, since I figured I’d never see him again. I even gushed to a friend that afternoon on the phone about how cute he was.

A few weeks later, there was a very familiar-looking new guy at my teeny tiny private school. Hello, cute Kroger guy. We were formally introduced that day, and I later found out that we had actually met when I was about 13 through a mutual friend… the same friend I had gushed to over the phone the day we met. We started dating shortly after, and the rest is history.

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We met on Twitter. Sounds stupid I know, but it wasn’t. She posted a tweet of an IV in her arm, saying she was in hospital, and I replied asking if she was ok. I thought she was a girl I had been briefly talking to! Of course, she had no idea who I was, but we got to talking and after four months decided to become a couple. So, we first spoke in June 2011, became a couple in October 2011 and she flew to the UK to meet me in April 2012. Since then, she came over again in August 2012, then I moved here to Nicaragua in December 2012. I couldn’t imagine my life without her now!!


Not sure if this qualifies as cute, but that’s our story πŸ™‚

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@CanadaMoose:  We met a Science Fiction convention.  We lived in different states at the time, we didn’t know each other before and neither of us had planned on going. The first day he was talking to a guy about a book and I walked up, made a few comments and figured that they were together and wandered away.  Later that day I was waiting in line when a guy started popping around the corner and waving.  I didn’t wave back figuring that he was waving at someone else.  Afterward I wandered over to where he was and we started talking, the first thing I said to him was “I’m sure I’d know if I’d met you before, but can’t remember.”  Turns out he was one of the guys I’d talked to earlier.  He had no clue who the other guy was and wanted to talk to me, but the other guy wouldn’t let him go.  So he’d been walking around the convention the rest of the day trying to find me.

We long-distance dated a year before I got into graduate school in LA and I moved out here.  The rest as they say is history…

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We met on line via POF.  We chated for about a month or so and we met in person at a restaurant but had an hour wait so we ended up going to a differ place.  We than were going to go a movie which didn’t start until much later.  So he followed me to my apartment (don’t worry my roommate at the time was home).  We decided to go look at Christmas lights instead but found out that I had a flat tire after we got my apartment.  

We ended up talking for the rest of the evening and before the end of the night he asked persmission to kiss me.  After that he left for home and was a perfect gentleman.  The rest is well history.. 

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Lots of high school sweethearts so far! Us too, we were really good friends and then BAM I was totally in love, he was still clueless, blah blah blah.

The funny part is how we got together… we were out partying in the desert with friends and he had had to go home early to get up really early. His friends started telling me how he liked me and how I should go tell him that I liked him too. Well after a few drinks, that seemed like not the worst idea ever… I was supposed to be staying at a friend’s house near his house, so I totally went over to his house, crawled in bed with him, and told him I loved him. Literally. *HEADDESK* He was all cute and like “Mmmmm” and fell back asleep. Then after a few minutes I was like “WTF am i doing here?!?” and ran away. Sooo embarrassing the next day… 

But hey, it worked! All’s well that ends well.

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Sugar bee
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@CanadaMoose:  So we kind of met back when I was in middle school but weren’t really introduced until the summer before my freshman year (meaning that I knew his name and had talked once but wouldn’t have recognized him outside of church). He moved into my friends apartment complex right before freshman year started. He was helping with this freshman summer class (HS 101) and my friend saw him at her bus stop on the way to the event. She called me right away to say that there was a guy at the bus stop that was SUPER CUTE and she thought I would like him. According to her his smile was heavenly! So I naturally wanted to see him for myself and went to the bus stop the next day. He didn’t smile. I was curious so after school I made my move! 

He was sitting alone and listening to his music (he was a junior)and I stood up from my seat and moved to his. We listened to music together and talked. It came so easily! We started doing this weird “I like you but won’t make a move” dance for a few months. We would walk to the local ice cream shop and share those popsicles that split. There was a pool at the apartment complex and we would sit there and talk for HOURS! Finally I asked him to a sadie hawkins dance and he asked me out a few days later while we were walking to the ice cream shop πŸ™‚

So, we met on the bus! 

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We were set up . . . at a wedding . . . by the bride and groom! πŸ™‚ We are both older (29 for him when we met and 31 for me) and each of us had a long-term relationship (4-years plus) end painfully. But from the moment we met, we were inseparable! πŸ™‚

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@lolot:  Haha, Darling Husband was more interested in me and his confession was so faceplam worthy! We had a dance coming up and he wanted me to ask him so he goes “maybe you should take a cool guy that you want to know better…maybe a cute guy…one that is a little older, a junior maybe? You are really cute” then the school bell rang and he ran off. Literally. It was so weird to see him at lunch lol 

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we met in the parking lot of starbucks.  i was in my car on the phone and he was just walking by looking at my car (not sure if he saw me, my windows were very tinted).  my first thought, “damn, he’s hot”.  to the person on the phone, “i gotta go”.  i quickly got out of my car and we chatted as we walked into starbucks.  he offered to buy me a coffee.  we sat down together and talked for 4 hours.  he texted me again the next day for another coffee.  the rest is history.

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