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We met when we were 18 at a friends Halloween party. My friend at the time actually invited him to the party via myspace lol. Before the party, she told me she invited a guy to the party, but he was bringing his gf. We met and became friend pretty quickly. He dated his ex for awhile and I dated a couple other people and found ourselves single on my 20th birthday. We went up to my family cottage with some friends and we drove up together (about 3 hours). Although we had been friends this was the first time we spent a considerable amount of time alone, and I started liking him. Over the weekend we drank (ofcourse) and we ended up cuddling in his bed……then had our first kiss a couple weeks after.

By the time we get married it’ll be almost 10 years since we first met πŸ™‚

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@CanadaMoose:  I met FH in my second year of university. I was 19 and he was 20. I had just switched into a new program so I didn’t know anybody. It was the first day of class and the class I was in was Music History and it was pretty full. He came late to class and sat in the empty seat next to me. Let me tell you that I was not prepared to meet any cute guys at that moment – 8:30 am class, no makeup, wet hair, and socks with sandals.

He said hi and introduced himself to me. He told me that he was an exchange student from Serbia studying in Canada for a year, that he plays piano, and that he loves talking about classical music with people. He invited me to get coffee with him after class (yeah, while I was looking like shit), but I don’t count that as our first date since a few days later he asked if I would like go on a “real date”, haha.

We helped each other through that boring ass course.

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We meet 6 years ago at the casino. The weird thing is neither of us are gamblers. For me it was something to do to waste time after I had gotten off work late one night until my hair appointment a few hours later. For him he had drove his cousin and her boyfriend because they had been drinking and unable to drive. 

He walked past me a few times but never stopped. There was a lady sitting at the machine besides me as soon as she got off her machine he came and sit beside me and asked me if I would show him how to play. I told him I didn’t know how to play either just wasting time. We introduced ourselves and then played in silence for awhile until he finally asked for my number. I gave it to him and he immediately called me and was like that’s my number…lol smooth! We’ve talked everyday since!!!


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We met during rehearsal on stage at the theatre. He was called a month in because someone had to resign. Even though we didn’t date for 5 years after (I was still with my ex), we did quickly become friends…working on our British accents by quoting Monty Python! lol  Also funny is that I knew his bestfriend (also from theatre) before he did.

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@CanadaMoose:  Most people may not find it cute but it is definately different. We met at an intensive inpatient treatment facility for alcoholism. We spent 8 weeks there learning how to be sober and in that time we became best friends and also fell in love. We were already in love before we ever kissed. We have been together and sober and blissfully happy ever since. That was two years ago. 




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@CanadaMoose:  I was at a bar with a friend from college and a group of his friends and some of thier friends, and this guy noticed I was drinking whiskey and struck up a conversation with me, and I didn’t even realize we were there with the same people at first. Once I realized he introduced me to his friend B. Me and B started talking and went outside and smoked together most of the night (we’ve both quit since). At the end of the night I asked for his number (because drunk me thought if I didn’t I’d NEVER find him again… lol, dramatic much?) and we texted all night and then added each other on facebook and started talking and he asked me on a date to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, since we had talked about the movies at the bar. I accepted and for a bit he then he said he wasn’t looking for a relationship, and I said “we can still hang out, take your time, I know you’re going to want to date me eventually and someday you will fall in love with me ” (note: I’m not usually this confident, btu I had a DAMN good feeling about him). He took me up on my offer of hanging out still, and a few months later he asked me to be his girlfriend and almost three and a half years later we are about to be engaged!!! Couldn’t have picked a better guy to be overly confident with and stick it out for!

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I don’t remember- we were in diapers lol! My mom has been friends with his family since before we were born. I grew up calling his mom, aunt, and uncle “Aunt XXX” or “Uncle XXX.” He has sisters but me and him just clicked. He would spend weeks at our house during summer breaks- once he spent an entire summer. Every time he had to leave, we’d hide, then cry and beg for him to stay. 

So our love story started when we meet at two, then by four years old we had declared we were going to get married. There was a tenyear gap from around the time we were  seven until seventeen when we didn’t see or speak to each other but once because we fell out of touch. Then my mom started trying to find me a date for junior prom, talked to his aunt who reconnected us on Facebook, and we started talking. He had a girlfriend, so we didn’t get together till that summer after they broke up. We celebrate three years this June and I can’t wait to grow old with him πŸ™‚

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We met our second week of our freshman year of high school. It was lunchtime and I was sitting alone under a tree reading The Bell Jar (so very me, even still) and she was flitting around saying “hi” to literally everyone (so very her, even still). I looked up and saw her briefly and thought “Well everyone seems to like her! I wish I could be that social.” Then I promptly went back to reading. She told me later that she noticed me and thought “Wow, she looks so happy just reading by herself. I wish I could do that.” 

When the bell rang to go to our classes, I stood up to go and she yelled “Hey girl!” at me. I turned around totally horrified that someone was even talking to me and she ran up to me and immediately started talking my ear off and asking all about me and telling me about herself. She asked me out on a date by the end of that conversation. Our first date was the football game at the end of that week and after that, we were inseperable. 

We stayed together all through high school (except for one week long break up our junior year…lol) and are currently engaged. πŸ™‚

I’ve always loved our story because it’s just so us. Me being an content loner and too shy to even talk and her being a social butterfly and brazen enough to talk to me and ask me out. 

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We met when I was 19 and he was 18 in the student center at our college.  We startes talking about names we hate(lucky for him mine was not on the list lol).  I made him walk me to class and before I left I gave him a hug.  4 hours later I headed back to the student center looking for him and I found him.  I asked him if I could sit and he said no so I was about to walk away when he yelled WAIT! Lol 

We sat there for hours talking about random stuff till I had to catch the bus and of course he walked me. I gave him a hug and I left and that whole weekend I wondered if I would see him again.  That Monday I went back to the student center and saw him.  He said he was waiting to walk me to class(awww!!!) and while he was walking me to class he asked me out! 

The rest is history πŸ™‚ this September we will be together 6 years!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 

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I guess how we met was very normal lol. But I wouldnt change a bit of it. It’s the way he told me he likes that was crazy. I had a friend who knew him and one day she just introduced us to eachother. The next day I get a call from a number I dont know. He was we are having a small get together bbq in my house do you want to come. Without even saying who he is. But smarty pants that I am i knew it was him and said yes sure ofcourse. He then said do you even know who I am and I said yes we met yesterday. He was like wow it’s not like that we have known eachother forever and you already recoginzed me. He was very blunt lol but I loved that about him which made me go the next day to the bbq. 

After a year of friendship. We had gotten really close. One day at the movies (he was sitting next to me) he held my hand πŸ™‚ I was like whaat haha no way, what am i supposed do now. I was shocked and very shy. So I took my hand. And then i thought wait a minute that felt nice so i just put it back. We didnt speak for 2 days about it lol we were both in shock and then finally 2 days after he said he liked me and that he wouldnt want anything more than me to be his gf πŸ™‚

5 years later (in 4 months) we’ll be getting married yaay

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We met in the nursery a few hours after I was born, lol. He is two days older than me, and was born in the same hospital. His dad was standing at the nursery window when the wheeled me in and my dad walked up. But here’s the kicker, they didn’t see each other again until we “introduced” them 17 years later. I like to say I had him at “wahhhh.” 

How we met as functioning human beings is that we went to the same high school, were on the ski team together, and he hung out with my then-bf and I during practice and on the bus. The next year when we were both newly single we started dating. Then the ex was the third wheel…. Awkward!

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We met on OkCupid. It’s sweet because I have a record of our first words to each other and a record of the image we saw of each other (our profiles). I have a time stamp of our first contact! The moment we met is there in black and white. All hail the algorithm!

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So many high school sweethearts!

We met in our local kickball league. My team played his and we met up later at a bar that weekend.

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