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Busy bee
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Weird things Lucy does:

1) if she’s upset that we’ve left her alone, she’ll move my shoes.  Only my shoes.  she’ll move one to, say, the middle of the living room area and one in to the bedroom if we haven’t closed it off.  She doesn’t destroy them, just moves them.

2) she’s afraid of the weirdest things – today, she was deathly scared of a snowman in front of another building.

3) she picks up trash on our walks and treats it like a trophy.  Milk cartons, bottles, packaging stuff from mail order items that she finds.  They’re trophies. 

she’s so weird but #1 and #2 are the weirdest because she’s a 100lb baby.

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Busy bee
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@jindc:  Our puppy Mac picks up trash on walks as well!  A few months ago he picked something up and I was unsure of what it was and couldn’t really get a good look because I was walking 3 dogs at once.  He proudly carried it the whole way home, where he proceeded to drop it by FI’s truck (I guess as a present)  Turns out, it was a dead bird.  Gross!

I have given all 3 of our dogs professions for their next life!  Mac will be a garbage man (for above reasons!), Lola will be a beautician as she loves to watch me put on make-up and loves when I put the powder on her chubby cheeks!  And Savannah- she is going to be an outstanding chef!  She is a 54 pound beagle who is more obsessed with food than anyone/anything I’ve ever seen before.  She sits in the kitchen while we are cooking and she stares so intently, it is like she is memorizing how to make it in the future!

I want to leave work now to go play with them!!

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Bumble bee
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My kitty Smudge eats EVERYTHING. Not only does she like the normal people foods that cats usually like such as chicken, salmon, lobster, etc. but she’ll also eat pasta, popcorn, tofu, dal, peas, tomato sauce, soba noodles, bread, butternut squash, pretty much anything we’re eating, she begs for. She might be part dog.

@Mrs Grape: My kitty also loves hair ties. And bottle caps, she goes crazy for bottle caps. She prances through the house with either a hair tie or a bottle cap in her mouth almost all the time.

Here she is, not doing anything particularly weird, just chillen on a bag.


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We have 3 dogs, and they all have their quirks.   But, our youngest, smallest dog (puppy) is definitely our weirdest.  Lol!   She is yorkiepoo, but thinks she’s much larger.   She is very bossy to us and the other dogs.   And, she thinks nothing of getting the biggest item in the house & dragging it to the spot of her liking.   Here is a pic of her with my daughter’s full-size blanket that she dragged from downstairs up to my daughter’s room, up on the bed & put it in place where she could lay in the warm sun…..seriously!!!!!!   She’s only 5 1/2 pounds & amazes us daily!


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Sugar bee
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Conner is the wierdest kitten. He loves the toilet flushing! Everytime anyone flushes the toilet, he runs into the bathroom & stares at the toilet, then jumps on the rim & watches the water fill up. I’m not sure how he got this fascination, except he did live in the bathroom for about the first 3 months of his life.

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  • My dog needs to let everyone know that he is eating.  He will walk around the living room..as in making about 5 laps around, barking to let everyone know that he is eating and not to disturb him.  
  • He also will beat the crap out of his babies and then sit for hours licking them to make it to them.
  • He can only poop in the woods and you can not look at him. he will just look over his shoulder to make sure, if he catches you forget it he will then take another 10 mins to find a spot
  • He also needs to have food in his dish at all times. He can not see the bottom of the bowl. If he does he will bark until its filled. He won’t eat it then but will save it for later. 
  • the cats will either lay in blankets on my moms bed or they snuggle like the ying-yang symbol.  
  • if its sunny out they will sleep in the window with their paws over their eyes instead of moving
  • one cat loves to sit on water bottle cases.  if we have an extra case that we leave in the kitchen he will lay on it until we put it away
  • the dog will not go on any flooring except for carpet which means hes limited to stay in the living room or some times ventures upstairs if there is a storm (he’s old & has trouble going down the stairs)
  • The dog will also dump out all his babies when someone new comes into the house.  YOU HAVE TO PLAY WITH HIM-no way about it-even cable repair men..its kind of embarrassing. I have no idea where he got this habit from. 

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Sugar bee
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Satine loves playing inside pillow cases.  Then she goes nuts and barks like a mad dog.  It’s really cute and funny.  She’s a maltese, btw since you really can’t see her.


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Blushing bee
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My dog gets a mouth full of food, carries it to another room, spits it out and then eats it.  He will not eat directly from the bowl.  Oddly enough, my sister’s dog, who was adopted from the same rescue agency does the same thing.  If we are both at my parents’ house with our dogs, once we leave, my parents dog will do it for the next few days!

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Sugar bee
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@Sundrop: My dog does that as well.  J’s cat too.

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Helper bee
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@MsBrooklynA: My cat does the same thing.  It always makes me nervous to get too close to him when I see that glint in his eye.  Luckily my dog has started sticking up for me.

Other than that, my cat is toilet trained, so I guess that’s pretty weird (and awesome!). 

Our dog, Dottie, is nuts.  Once or twice a day, she will go crazy and run at top speed around the apartment for about five minutes.  This run usually involves squeezing through tight places, running through chair legs, over the bed, ALL OVER, over and over again.  She’s also great at leaping (like a deer) and takes every chance she can get to show off her leaping skills.  It’s like she’s secretly training to be an agility dog without us knowing.  She also really likes to smush her nose into pillows (or her own paws) until all of the hair on her snout is standing out at unnatural angles.

If I’m upset with her about something or we violated her in some way like brushing her or clipping her nails, she’ll crawl under the couch and pout for an hour or so.  Also, when she hides a bone and you see her hiding it or if she sees you find something she has hidden, she will cry until she finds a new suitable hiding place.  Here’s a picture of Dottie with an apron that SO put on her to look like a cape:

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Buzzing bee
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HAHAHAHAHA  These stories cracked me up!  I love all the pictures too.

My cat Bailey likes to sleep on her back with all of her parts exposed.  She also will come into our bedroom every hour, on the hour meowing very loudly if she eats all of the food in the bowl in the middle of the night.  Once one of us gets up in the morning to fill it, she just lays on the ground satisfied without touching her food and takes a nap.  Also, not only does she play fetch with her toy mice, but once or twice a week around 3:00 in the morning, she has to find every single one of them and pile them up in our bedroom as a gift to my Fiance and I while, again, meowing as loudly as she can.

Our newest kitten, Scooty (lovingly called Goo) is a hellion.  Everything he does is weird.  He especially loves to perch on shoulders while we’re watching TV.  He’ll climb up onto the back of the couch so he can sit with his two front paws on our shoulders.  He also likes to sleep on my pillow at night next to my head.

This pictures isn’t the greatest of Bailey, but it’s hilarious:

And here’s Goo, perching on my FI’s shoulder a couple weeks ago:

EDIT:  Because my Fiance isn’t here to ask him, and I don’t know how he feels about it, I edited his face out of the pic with MSpaint.  Prolly should ok it with him first before I put this pic on the interwebz.  😛

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Helper bee
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@ttn133: That’s hilarious!!!


My dog is terrified of elderly women.  He’s usually quite sweet and very rarely reacts poorly to strangers but if he sees an old lady who appears to be over the age of 85, he gets pissed and starts growling.  He’s a rescue and I don’t know anything about his history (except that he was really fat when he was rescued) so I wonder if his former owner was an old lady who mistreated him.  Or just died on him so now he’s pissed.

He really hates the sound of flags flapping in the breeze.  He also hates it when I fold laundry.  If I put the laundry basket on the bed and pull out a shirt, he’ll run away and hide.  Fiance started folding some shirts the other day and poor Oliver started shaking and hopped into my lap.


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Helper bee
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@Miss.Lace: Brinkley looks very serious in that pic!  He’s all business, haha

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My cat (Eddie) eats anything and everything….the weirdest thing was one day we came home and he had opened up the pantry, torn open a bag of Pepperidge farm cookies that were unopened and ate all the cookies in the bag!!!

My dog humps pillows/blankets/the couch whenever he gets nervous…..

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