(Closed) How well do your parents & inlaws get on?

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My Mother-In-Law gets along great with my parents; my parents get along fine with my Mother-In-Law but are far too polite (and skilled at acting) to let her realize they are anything but enchanted with her.  Fun fact, the first thing my parents said after MIL’s first extended visit was “gee, she really likes to talk about herself, eh?”  And it’s true.  MIL really does like to talk about herself, and shares a la-HOT of information about her life and experiences and perspectives during a standard conversation.  

It’s actually kind of frustrating how much Mother-In-Law enjoys spending time with my parents, because it causes her to attempt to insert herself into my and FI’s visits with my parents when all I want is the quiet, peaceful interaction that’s frickin’ IMPOSSIBLE with FI’s family.  My parents recently moved cross-country and the first words out of MIL’s mouth after I told her were “is there room for visitors???”  Oh, shucks, there’s only one spare bedroom at their new house…

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My parents haven’t met my Future in laws yet. My Future Mother-In-Law lives in another state and doesn’t have the money to come visit or take off work for long enough for my parents to go visit her. And my Future Father-In-Law lived in 2 seperate states in the past 2 years, has been on disability, and finally moved back to where my fiance and I grew up and has been so busy working and moving into his new house he hasn’t had the time to.

My future grandmother in law though wants to meet my parents. The problem with this is that she is very high class and my parents are middle class. She forgets that people are not as well off as she is and can be very rude about it (she was shocked that I didn’t travel by plane until I was 22 and that my grandparents are too poor to travel). Also, I feel as though my fiance’s parents should meet my parents before my parents meet his grandmother. My fiance agrees with me but his grandmother actually thinks of herself as his mother (he lived with his dad after his parents divorced, and she tried to be a mother to him because she screwed up being a mother to her son) and it makes my fiance uncomfortable.

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My parents are divorced… 

My mum I think is jealous of my Mother-In-Law.. so doesnt really like her. Also DH thinks she doesnt really like him… but neither of us care.

My dad and his brother/parents (my grandparents and aunt/uncle) all get along really well with the in-laws. 

My Mother-In-Law has even gone to go visit my grandparents a couple of times just to chat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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My parents have “met” my Mother-In-Law and her husband twice, and my Father-In-Law once at our wedding. I know my mom would have liked to have gotten to know at least my Mother-In-Law better, but my Mother-In-Law kind of lives in her own little world with her husband, so she never seemed too interested in meeting any of my family. I think part of my mother wanting to know my in-laws is because we all know my older sister’s Mother-In-Law and newphews, but only becuase of my neice and nephew’s birthday events.

Maybe if my husband and I have kids some day our parents will spend more time together, but I rather doubt it in our current state.

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@goingtotherooftopoflove:  Our parents get along great! We’re semi-long-distance, so they meet up about every 2 months. I remember when they first met, I was nervous, and by the end of the day they stayed at my house about 4 hours longer than intended. I’m really glad they get along so well!

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Our parents live in different states, so they don’t see each other often at all. If they did live closer to each other, I would foresee them seeing each other a lot because my mom and his mom def get along well, and our dads are two peas in a pod. They’re freakishly similar. 

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@goingtotherooftopoflove:  They met once. My parents are quiet and introverted homebodies, his are wonderful but extremely boisterous… they get along fine in that they’re courteous and there’s no animosity, but I don’t think my parents would want to hang out with his all the time – they might get overwhelmed by the energy.

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Since my folks are in the states and my in-laws are here in the Netherlands, my parents meet up with them about once a year.

Everyone gets on pretty well.  I think my mother confuses my in-laws sometimes (she has very black humor which doesn’t translate well sometimes) but overall everyone gets on.  I think my dad and my Father-In-Law would probably go fishing all the time together if about 3,000 miles didn’t seperate them. LOL

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My parents were divorced but my mom and stepfather got a long wonderfully with my in laws and even would get together to play cards before my mom passed. my mother in law cried her eyes out when she found out my mom had cancer, and has been a great support for me, she’s filled the mom roll without pushing. My Dad gets along with them as well at party’s at our house and so forth but not like it was with my mom.

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@goingtotherooftopoflove:  That’s nice they spent so much time talking!

Our families see each other several times a year, and they get along well. They invite each other to family parties and holidays and whatnot.

I don’t think they’d hang out without us being there , but I’d say they’re friends/friendly.

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Buzzing bee

They’ve never met, however I don’t foresee there being any ‘issues’ – My Mother is a lovely, polite woman and his Mother, Father and his Fathers wife are all kind, happy people.

I do think my Mum will get along better with SO’s husbands wife, because they’re similar in personality and interests; whereas my Mum and Future Mother-In-Law don’t/won’t have much in common, but I doubt that anyone will take a dislike to another.

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Sugar bee

They’ve met once because they helped us when Fiance and I moved in together. I don’t expect them to grow a strong relationship, thye live hours away from each other. But who knows ? Maybe over the years they’ll get to know each other more. When we have our house, hopefully we’ll have Holiday events at home (finally !) so they can hang out together once or twice a year. 


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They haven’t met and I am dreading the day when they do. My mom is the only one who’s expressed interest, and I’ve been putting it off forever. All parties concerned are SO different. Communication styles, life styles, sense of humor, income/class level, nothing in common. Except for me and Fiance. Augh!!  I’m also not looking forward to having to explain to his side why they won’t be meeting my father. It’s complicated and hasn’t come up yet in the five years we’ve been together. It won’t be bad when it happens, just awkward as hell!!

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Never met cause they live in different states but I’d like them too.  Their pretty similar and everyone likes drinking do that’ll be good, don’t foresee it happening until after we’re engaged or for SOs 30th birthday  

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