(Closed) How / When did you know he was THE ONE?

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  • Wedding: October 2009

We were together for 5 years when we got engaged (last April) and the stress of planning a wedding plus some major cold feet on my part actually ended up making us call of the wedding and split up – which also was my idea…

Now, this was the HARDEST thing I have ever dealt with! and regretted it pretty much immediatly after I was able to really think about things.

I knew I had to have him back. It took 3 months apart for him to realize he wanted to be back with me too.

In those months apart I knew he was THE ONE! I couldnt picture my life without him, and was stupid for all the things I did, and thought.

Its things like that, as hard as they may be for a person make you realize what you have, and what I had was the most perfect guy for me! EVER!

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After two weeks of dating, I knew.  After a month of dating, he told me that he knew I would be the love of his life and wanted to grow old with me. 

8 years later we are tying the knot!!  The road has been bumpy at times and life has not always been perfect, but I would not want to share it with anyone else.

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  • Wedding: October 2010

While I didn’t admit to myself that he was "the one" until a year in, I knew the very first day I met him. I was never one to believe in love at first sight, it took having it happen to be for me to believe it. There was just something… different… about him, about how we instantly interacted with each other, etc. Had someone described him to me and tried to set me up with him, I would have said no – on paper and in superficial terms, we’re complete opposites. I wasn’t looking for a bf and he wasn’t looking for a gf, but we both knew immediatey and have spent practically every day together since… 3 1/2 years and counting. 🙂

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  • Wedding: January 2010

When we first started dating he traveled a lot for work. The first time he went away and he called me before he went to bed just to … say goodnight … that was it. I was so hoping he would do it, but didn’t expect it. Since that night we’ve pretty much never not said goodnight. 

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I didn’t really have a light bulb moment where I knew I wanted to marry FH, but I did have a moment about 4-5 months after we started dating. We were already living together but I was only 21 so I wasn’t really thinking about marriage. We went on a trip to the snow with his workmates. He was an experienced snowboarder so went off to do some runs while I went to a beginners lesson. Here I will mention that I HATE sports. Snowboarding was definitely not a natural thing for me try. So I’m sitting halfway up this mountain with this THING strapped to my feet, surrounded by all these 17 year old boys with long hair, I’m freezing and having flashbacks to the the hell that was high school PE, and I clearly thought "I must really like this guy." We are actually getting married just down the road from where I had this thought (although in summer!) so I’m definitely going to mention it in my speech 🙂

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Okay..I’m probably a huge dork (well I AM)…but I knew the night I got home from our first date. We met online, did a lunch date 2 days later, met at noon that day…and we spent the whole day together….it just felt right.I got home that night at midnight, having to get up at 4:30am for work the next morning. I got in bed, and I cried……because I knew that he was THE ONE. We just fit right together, same views on life, soooo different families (I’m an only, he’s one of 10) but similar parents, I KNEW my parents would love his family when I met them. And they do! It was a for-the-most-part, stress-free dating period, not like anything I’d ever experienced before. And we have the same goals in life, which we discussed on our first date. I can’t imagine my life without him, it’s just this intrinsic happiness.
Kind of like Humarock, I went on a business trip 2 wks after we met, to New Orleans…one of my favorite places. I was counting down the hours until I got home to see him…& he called me (unexpectedly) every day to see how my meetings went for the day….my boss told me on day 2….You’re gonna marry that man!

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  • Wedding: June 2009

I was actually in a long term relationship with someone else when I realized how I felt about him. He was moving away for work, and I was at his going away party and it hit me. I could not let him get away. We had been friends for so long, and I had a pretty mean crush on him, but every time I ever saw him I got butterflies, and every time I talked to him it ws like we were the only people in the world. I hated it, bc I’m pretty cynical, and I wasn’t able to deny how it just felt right with him.

I broke up with my ex, and we pursued a long distance relatioship. For Christmas that year he have me the hugest stocking full of Sharpie and Post-Its, which I’m obsessed with. I can’t live without my Sharpies and Post-Its and I can’t live without FH. That night I laughed and cried and it was the greatest, most personal gift (even better than the ridiculously gorgeous necklace, Chargers pajamas, and copy of my favorite book he also gave me… it was the Sharpies and Post-Its that made me blubber), and I knew that I wanted to spend every holiday with him.

He eventually found a job closer to home. And he still gives me the butterflies every day!

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@Miss Starlet – too cute!!!! My guy uses Sharpies every day at work so I buy them for him all the time. In the job I had when we met, I was all about highlighters, and he used to buy me some every couple of weeks.

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  • Wedding: March 2010

I knew after about three months of dating that he was the one for me. I was working at a car show a couple hours from home and didn’t see him for five days and I knew that I never wanted to be away from him for that long again.

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  • Wedding: August 2019

First date, in the dark, movie theater when he picked out all of the orange gummy bears for me because he knew they were my favorite. Two weeks later we visited his parents. He told me he loved me and wanted me to be his wife and have his children…still makes me tear up. 30 days later, he met my parents. 4 days later he proposed and 78 days after we met, we were married. Fast? Yes. It’s been almost 9 months and they have been the best of my life. We knew and we did not hesitate in spending the rest of our lives together. Best decision of my life! Our year anniversary will be our reception as we were married in a chaplain ceremony. I love being married to him!

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  • Wedding: January 2012

We’re a long distance couple & we had been together for just under 2 years. I had planned this elaborate weekend full of fun & sightseeing since he had never been to Vancouver before. Well, stuff happens & the first night he arrived my grandfather (who is more like my father) had a massive stroke. He was there helping all my family in this time of horror. He played with the kids- kept them all entertained, brought food to my grandmother and mom in the hospital… he was right in the middle of this nightmare.

He never complained or barked about spending his whole vacation time in & out of the hospital. He was just so wonderful with everyone & he instantly became a member of my family at that point. I knew he was in it 100% and I knew I wanted to weather any future storm with him at my side.

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  • Wedding: May 2009

After dating for 6 months and he left for Iraq, I realized I didn’t know what to do with myself if he wasn’t in my life…..that’s when I realized he was the one.

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  • Wedding: June 2009

When I got home from our first date at 2 am (after talking & laughing together all night long on our date) I told my roommates that he was the man I was going to marry… a little over 2 years later we are 1 month away from our wedding!

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