(Closed) How will you tell DH? How will you tell family?

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We don’t plan on TTC for a few years…but I think this is something that every girl who wants to be a mother thinks about. ๐Ÿ™‚

I assume I’ll tell FH in a very simple, intimate moment. I imagine us snuggled up in bed on a lazy weekend afternoon being all sweet with each other, and I’ll tell him. I’ll probably cry and he will be estatic!

I’m a big gift giver – so for telling the families, I’d like it to be at some kind of dinner with both our sets of parents. I’d like to give them a gift that they have to open at the same time. It will be something like a picture frame with the ultrasound picture in it, or baby bibs that say something about grandparents on them…we can have our phones ready to record their reactions!!!

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Sorry I didn’t reply earlier – being all moody about possibly having PMS (how messed up is that!).  Trying to keep my mind off it!

Anyways, I am not sure how I will tell Darling Husband.  Still haven’t really come up with a good idea.  I think that I might get our pug a shirt that says “Big Sister”, but that’s the only idea I have so far.

For my parents I have a little baby doll (like finger-sized) that my mom used to tell my Grandma she was pregnant with me.  She wrapped it up for Christmas and my Grandma opened it and she just let her figure it out.  I’m not sure my mom knows I have it and she would definitely know what it was when she saw it.  So I would just have to find a way to have that show up somewhere.  I was hoping for an Easter egg, but with the PMS-y feelings, I’m not sure about that :/

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I have a book and a cute “I love daddy” onesie I bought for Darling Husband. But he will get them after we hear a heartbeat, not as a way to tell him. I haven’t figured out what we will do to tell family when we get pregnant. Hopefully this thread gets some cute answers!

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Hmmm.. Well this is our first month NTNT, so I don’t think it’s going to happen for us. But I’ve given it some thought. Right now he’s off on holiday for ten days, which would include the testing window if AF doesn’t show up. So if it were to happen (the chances are super slim) I would use all of my will power possible to try to not tell him until he gets back. Then I’d give him a “welcome home” present with a baby item from one of the local shops. Maybe a onsie or little outfit or something. 

*The Family*

We live really far away from our family, so chances are when it does actually happen for us, we’ll need to tell them on skype. I probably wouldn’t tell them until either the 12 week or the 20 week anatomy scan, but that’s just because Darling Husband and I are pretty private people. I have a little brother and sister (9 and 12) so I’d probably do something that includes them. Either tell them first and let them tell everyone else or something.  

With my dad and stepmom, probably do something like get them a mug that says “Worlds Greatest Grandpa!” or something like that. 

Inlaws – Who knows. That’s kind of DH’s realm. We get along really well, but speak to them a lot less so it would really be up do Darling Husband to decide what he wants to do there. 

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I jumped on hubs in bed as soon as I got the positive. I don’t know why I thought I’d be able to wait and tell him in some cute way! We called my parents and sister that morning and told them, and told his parents and sister in person that night. We told them we had gifts for them, as a thank you for all their help with the wedding, and they opened “I <3 grandma/grandpa” mugs and a baby picture frame. They didn’t get it at first!

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I had a million ideas on how to tell Darling Husband.  A onesie of his favorite sports team being my favorite.  When I got my BFP though, I literally ran out of the bathroom, woke him up and told him. I didn’t have the patience to wait.

With family, we told my parents that same day. I had told my mom AF was late so she knew I was taking a test soon.  We were just chatting for a little and they were talking about how they watched the movie Knocked Up the night before.  I said, Knocked Up, huh?  And my dad (who didn’t know anything) was like, yep! Knocked Up! and my mom just looked at me and I shook my head yes.  She started screaming and crying. It took my dad a few seconds but he caught on.  It was cute.


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We aren’t ttc until June but I think I have watched EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the surprise we’re pregnant videos on youtube.

Darling Husband

I found this children’s book called A lot of Otters and I just had to buy it.  DH pet name is otter and it is just perfect.  So that and maybe a onesie with the pos test will do.  That is if I don’t open my big mouth and just run and tell him!!


For the family I am still thinking about.  My father is in NC and my mom is in Florida.  I plan on getting them to start skyping with me so it isn’t suspicious when I mail them a package and demand to be on skype when they open it lol!  I think I will probably get them a onesie or a picture frame saying grandma and grandpa.  If timing and money allowed I would love to go and visit and tell them in person, but I doubt that will be possible.  As for my grandparents same thing with a picture frame or something but I would go see them in person.  As for the in-laws probably will just tell them as Darling Husband will be the third child to have babies so they won’t really be shocked or surprised like my parents (will be first grandchild) will be.


I love these kind of threads!!!!

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@princessbelle:  OMG.  I didn’t even think of watching those videos on youtube!  You just took away my next 7 lunch breaks hahaha.


I love thinking about this.  We have a restaurant that we celebrate all important events at, and where he proposed.  I’d like to tell him there ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m hoping to get a Led Zeppelin onesie and give it to him. I’m not going to try anything more than that because he ALWAYS figures out any surprise that I have for him because I am the world’s most terrible liar.

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I called Darling Husband as soon as I got confirmation from the doc. He kept telling me I was pregnant but I POAS 3 times and got a BFN each time. He knew the doc was going to be calling me that day to give me the results of my blood test so he asked me to call him after they called.

As for my family I either called or sent them text messages. When we found out we’re having a girl I bought a bib that said Thank Heaven for Little Girls, took a pic and texted it to friend and family.

Not very creative but it got the job done!

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@ANewMrs:  make sure to have the tissues!! Some of them are real tear jerkers!!

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how will you tell DH?

I really wanted him to find out before me and tell me by reading the test for me or at least for him to find out at the same time because it feels like our thing instead of my thing to tell him and I want him to feel that way too.  That probably makes no sense!  Unfortunately he is away and I seriously cannot wait to test until he gets back so I am thinking to show him the test on Skype.  If I had any self-control I would not look at the test until we were speaking on Skype but that just isn’t happening right now!

how will you tell family?

If we get a BFP this month it will be perfect timing to tell my family at 12 / 13 weeks when we are all away on vacation together.  It will be the first grandchild on my side so I really badly want to tell everyone in person (and am, perhaps unoriginally, planning a cake reveal because I like cakes and I like surprises!).  I am making Dear Fiance decide how to tell his family which probably means it will be a quick phone call / visit and a handshake – a disappointing lack of drama!

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How will you tell DH?

He made a video slideshow to propose to me, so I plan on changing the proposal part to HIM and then on the “Will you marry me?” slide, I am going to put, “Will you be a dad?” with a picture of the positive.

How will you tell family?

Probably with onsies, except my Mother-In-Law. We are going to get her a big bouquet of roses at work that say, “Congratulations, Grandma” on it, and then surprise her with them because she is going to be the grandparent that is most excited.

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