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    By complete chance!

    Through mutual friends.

    At work/work related event


    At school

    We've known eachother since childhood!

    At church

    During volunteer work


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    Olgarie:  We met at a party at my cousin’s house. I didn’t like him at first because I thought he was annoying and immature. We hung out a few times and one night, after drinking too much, I gave in. Bam! 9 months later, I am sure you can figure it out. I still would not get serious with him though. I did not want to be together just because we had a child. But I finally relaized he was a pretty good guy and that I knew I could always rely on him.

    Funny thing, we might have crossed paths when we were about 15 at a local festival.

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    We both had part time jobs at a pet store. My first week there was his last week there. We only worked two shifts together. The first shift he tried talking to me and I dismissed him for most of the night until I cave because I thought he was kind of cute. The second shift he was walking in when I was walking out. I would see him from time to time come into the store but we never spoke. Every time I saw him come in with a current girl I would always chuckle to myself and think man he could do so much better. 5 years after we first met a mutual friend of ours texted me. It had nothing to do with my Fiance but his name would eventually be mentioned in our convo since I had added him on FB a few days prior (this is when the suggested people you may know came out). I figured he had no idea who I was. Here, for the past 5 years he would ask out mutual friend about me and if I was seeing anyone. I didnt believe her but I told her I was currently single. Within the next few days we started talking and have been together ever since. It’s my favorite story.

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    I first met my FH on my first day of school in America (came from Korea at age 11). He was the only other person that was Korean in my school and the teacher placed me with him thinking he could help me translate. He cannot speak Korean…he’s the 4th generation and his family all speak English. After 5th grade we went to same middle school and high school but never crossed paths, never had same classes nor had any interaction. It was senior year when my friends and his friends became friends and decided to go to prom all together. He asked me to go to prom with him because he didn’t have a date and i didnt have a date so i said why not. He put a flower and a note which asked prom? check boxes yes or no in my locker in btween classes. I gave him my answer at the end of the day. We got closer through prom prep, prom and all the hanging out since all our friends were hanging out all senior year. He asked me out a week after our high school graduation and the rest is history. He proposed to me a little less than 2 years ago by handing me a piece of paper which wrote will you marry me? check boxes yes or no just like he did with asking me to go to prom. almost 8 years since we started dating and 15 years since we were matched as translating buddies (which only lasted like a week lol) 

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    I was in college, and just moved to a new apartment.  I was living by myself for a few weeks until my roommate could move in.  The upstairs apartment over mine had a balcony that sat over my door.  There were two girls who lived there, but since I’m somewhat shy, I hadn’t yet taken the opportunity to get to meet them. 

    One day, DH was on the balcony hanging out with the girls who lived there along with a few other guys/girls when I left my apartment to take my dog for a walk.  He shouted, “Hey! You sure do got a pretty dog!”, and came down the stairs and started up a conversation with me.  I was then introduced to the two girls who lived there and about 5 other people.

    A few days later, I was sitting on the balcony hanging out with one of the girls when she told me that one of her friends liked me.  I couldn’t remember anyone’s names, and when I figured out she was talking about DH, I said “he’s not my type”…he was kind of a skater-type guy and totally unlike any guy I had ever dated before.  

    These girls had people over all the time to party & go out clubbing and stuff so over the next few weeks I had really got to know DH better, and eventually we started dating.  

    Yada yada yada…here we are almost 10 years later, married, and trying to start a family. 

    One of the girls that lived in that apartment was a bridesmaid in our wedding.  She is one of my best friends.  At our wedding, she told me that the VERY first time DH ever saw me, he told her that he would never talk to me because I’d end up being the girl he’d marry, and he wasn’t ready to settle down yet.  lol  

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    DH and I met on OKCupid. I was really excited when I found his profile, because even though his pictures weren’t very clear and I thought he might be a little short for my taste, we seemed to share a love for TV and nerdiness and generally have a ton in common. We messaged for a week and a half, then we met up for our first date, which lasted 8 hours! We became exclusive after our 5th date, and first said I love you two and a half months in. Then I pretty much immediately moved in with him lol. We’re doing great so far, we’ve been together almost 3 and a half years, married for almost 9 months!

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    We met on vacation in Cuba! Both went on a trip with groups of friends and met at the resort bar on the first night of our trip.

    We both lived in the GTA, both went to the same university and we were both the same age!

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    Our story starts a little before we met. I went to a big football school, where I was on the dance team and therefore had a lot of school spirit. We had had several years of just awful losses, when we got a new coach who was just turning the program back to where it used to be. We lost in the state semi-finals to my SO’s team.

    First week of college, a boy was sitting a couple seats behind me in a pair of sweatpants that said “xxxxxx county football” with a coordinating shirt. I introduced myself as being from my school, gave him the side-eye, and informed him that I didn’t like him. But later, I went on facebook to scope him out, where I found out he had a girlfriend. I was friendly to him, but as he had a girlfriend, I didn’t talk to him too much. The following year, my school beat his school, and I posted on his facebook page to let him know this had happened. 

    We went to a small college in a small town where the parties were centered around greek life, and dancing in the greek houses. The next year, he was single, and he told me he was determined to find me one night out and ask me to dance. Sadly, he didn’t find me that night. 

    My junior/senior year, I was dating someone, but we had history class together. He liked it when I sit across the room from him. I didn’t like it, because that meant that my seat was taken and I had to pick a new one.

    After we graduated, I kept seeing him on facebook chat, and was tempted to say hi, but I didn’t. I got in a really bad wreck during a snow storm and had my parents drive me to work since I was slightly traumatized from the experience. During that ride, I downloaded Tinder. One of the guys I saw on the app was him, and I obviously swiped “yes.” 

    That night I had a text message from someone. It was a screencap of my tinder profile. He jokingly accused me of swiping “no” and I told him that he needed to check his app, because I had swiped yes. We never actually interacted on the app, but it sparked our initial conversation. The next day, he invited me to lunch with him. It turns out that we worked a few blocks from each other. We had lunch one day, then I went to his apartment, then more lunch dates…and now I’m just waiting for him to pop the question. The ring’s in his safe! 

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    We met in high school. I transferred high schools my senior year to where my bff went. I went over to a guys house with her because the guy I liked at the time was there, who is also my FI’s bff. A couple of months went by and after being around Fiance all the time and him breaking up with his gf, we started hanging out more. He told me he loved me, a couple of weeks later he asked if I loved him enough to be his girlfriend (we do things ass backwards around here) and the rest is history. We graduated high school and went off to college together. After a year and a half in hell, we transferred to the biggest college in our state and moved in together. We’ve been here 3.5 years and will be graduating in May. Five years after we met, we were engaged. We will be getting married next May after 6.5 years together! 

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    So i chose through mutual friends AND online.

    This was back in 2004…My husband’s best friend was a bouncer at a bar I frequented and even worked at occasionally, and he dated several of my friends. He and I were always cool even when he burned every single bridge with my friends because hes a horrible boyfriend but he was very protective and nothing but a gentleman to me. Well his best friend I guess knew that we were friends and added me on myspace. We would talk on Myspace and AIM a lot and tried to meet up once, but my friend that dated his friend broke up with him the day before and threw a tantrum at the bar when they showed up. I barely got to say hello before she stormed out. She was wasttttted so I took her keys and drove her home and didn’t get to hang out with him.

    We continued to talk online and then I guess eventually just lost touch when we started dating other people.

    In 2007 my childhood friend sent out a mass message on myspace trying to get addresses for her wedding and he was included in the message. I was surprised that we ended up having sooo many friends in common. Well, I shot him a message asking him if he remembered me and he said of course and that he was thrilled to hear from me. We taked for a few days and then just fizzled out again for about 2 weeks.

    One day he messaged me and said that if he didn’t see me that very day, that we would probably keep losing touch and he said that he would meet me at a bar across the street from my apartment within an hour. We’ve been together ever since and got married last September after 7 years together! 🙂

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    Fiance and I met on OK Cupid.  His first email that he sent me had the usual stuff (loved your profile, would like to get to know you, etc), and then he closed it with “if you are open to getting to know guys that are younger than you are, message me back!”  Needless to say, that rubbed me the wrong way (he’s only three years younger), so of course I had to message back a smart a$$ response.  He responded back to that, and we went back and forth (actually, his messages kind of annoyed me, probably because the first one had irked me, but I kept responding).  The first time we spoke on the phone, we spoke for about an hour and a half (and I normally HATE talking on the phone).  That first convo on the phone cinched it for me, although I was still cautious and wasn’t real trusting of men in general.  He won me completely over pretty quickly 🙂

    He later confided in me that he offended my age on purpose, he figured that was the only way to stand out on there 🙂

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    Met on okcupid. He messaged me something generic. I wrote back and asked if he had the day off (it was President’s Day). He is self-employed, so responded that he was working but had a flexible schedule and asked me if I wanted to go out that night.  Normally my answer would have been no for a few reasons – I don’t do last minute and I don’t like to go out with people I haven’t chatted with/gotten to know.  I was intrigued by him, though, so responded that I couldn’t that night but would like a raincheck. He asked me to get dinner the next night and we did. We talked until the restaurant/bar was empty and he made plans for a second date before we said goodnight. I gave myself food poisoning (by accident, obviously!)  the night before the second date and he scrapped our dinner plans and offered to make homemade chicken soup. After we finished our soup we sat down on the couch to watch a movie and he asked me if it would be too presumptuous if he made some plans for Valentine’s Day which was in 3 weeks.  Part of me wanted to say that he shouldn’t, because I was just out of a really bad relationship and I wanted some time to be single. The smarter part of me realized that a guy like this doesn’t come along every day and in fact I’d been searching for someone like him for a long time, so I better let him make some plans.

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    <br />FI and I met at a wedding of a mutual friend. A friend that we had no idea was mutual. LOL. Neither of us were a guest. He was the bartender, and I was the photographer.

    We were in the same grade in school, and while I was waiting around to snap some candid’s he walked up to me and told me that he remembered me from school, was my name “vegasbee?” I said it was. He told me he couldn’t remember my last name though, but to give him a minute he’d remember. About 10 minutes later he came back up to me, told me my last name (i’m convinced to this day he asked the mutual friend, he denies it) and was correct. He asked me a little bit about photography, what i’d been doing since high school etc. This all took place after the ceremony. We headed to the reception, I took the shots I needed at the reception and ended up going home. We didn’t get to talk a ton at the reception. The wedding was out of state, and I didn’t want to drive somwhere I wasn’t comfortable with, at night. This was in the middle of October.

    Fast forward to Halloween. 2 weeks later the same couple was having an in-state reception/Halloween costume party. I was the Dear Daughter for my parents (the mutual friend is a family friend) and I went to drop off the bottle of alcohol to the bartender. Guess who the bartender was that night as well? We laughed at the irony, he got a little busy, so I grabbed a beer and went to sit with my mom. She noticed the exchange and asked if I knew the bartender. I said I did, we’d gone to school together. She asked if he bartended the other wedding. I said he had. She got a little flustered and I asked what her issue was. She said that the family friend had told her at work the Monday after the first reception that the bartender was asking around about me. He had asked the family friend if she knew how to get a hold of me. She said she worked with my mom, and she’d let her know. I had just gone thru a really nasty divorce about 5 months prior. Apparently, my mom thought I needed to test the waters some more, and never passed along the information. After she fessed all this up to me and knowing  he was looking to get ahold of me, and having a little liquid courage, I wrote my number on a napkin, marched it up to him, and told him i’d heard he was asking around about me. He admitted he was. I gave him my number and said “now you can, get a hold of me sometime.” Later that night, he had to make a run into town to get another keg for the party, and asked if I wanted to ride along. I was intrigued to say the least and agreed. We talked the whole way to town, and the whole way back. Before we got back he asked if I wanted to see a movie the next day. I agreed and the rest as they say is history.

    It was 5 years ago. I actually just found out not too long ago, that he actually was casually seeing someone when he asked me to go on a date. He called that girl that night, broke it off with her, just to have a chance to go on a date with me. I’m so very happy he took that chance!

    We were together 5 years when he proposed and will be just shy of 7 years when we marry. Best thing that ever happened to me.

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    Olgarie:  I LOVE “how we met” stories!! Your story was so sweet! congratulations on your wedding. 

    I met my boyfriend (proposal is on its way, but he is being very sneaky) when I was in my third year of University in Montreal. At the end of the pervious semester, I made a vow that I wouldn’t date because I had to focus on school. I was going to “focus no myself…” 

    The first week back at school in January, my friends and I went out one night. We were about to go home at one point, but I remembered it was $5 pitcher night at the student bar so we all decided to go there instead. I was slower walking in, and most of my friends all took up one table, so I followed two others to a table where two guys were seated. As I sat down, my friends left to get drinks, and I was awkwardly sitting alone with two strange males, so I said “Hi, I’m Kat!” to be polite, which lead to chit-chat. I was instantly drawn to one of them (my current boyfriend), but I had made a vow to not date, so I eventually left the table and went to hang with the rest of my friends.

    Soon after, I looked over to the cute engineering student I was talking to before (BF) and he was in a conversation with a very attractive blonde woman. I just thought “ah well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” Shortly after, I passed by him to go to the bathroom and out of no where, he grabbed my hand, turned me around and said “hey, where you going? we never finished our conversation.” with a sly little smile, and I sat down and chatted with him for another two hours, and he asked me for my number after I laughed at a corny pokemon joke. Turns out, I unknowlingly played hard to get, and though he was talking to the blonde woman, he couldn’t get me out of his head because I left mid conversation! 

    I broke my rule of not dating, I just had a really good feeling about him, and my friends gave him rave reviews on the walk home. He called me 3 days later to ask me out, and we were on the phone for 2 hours! Our love grew slowly but steadily and now we’ve been together for 5.5 years, 3 of which have been long-distance. He was and is my first and only love! I can’t wait to live with him in July and to start my life with him! Going to the bar and getting a little tipsy was the best decision we ever made, and the other friend he was with also found his current girlfriend that night! Life is so crazy like that, I was at the right place at the right time. 

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    We met on a bodybuilding forum, how original. Lol

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