(Closed) How young is too young to trick or treat?

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    I think that is crazy young. I get wanting to show off your baby and their costume, but come on lol.

    I had a little guy that was about 2-years-old tonight. That was the youngest I’ve ever gotten. I didn’t mind, he was adorable.

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    If the kid can’t eat the candy, the kid shouldn’t be trick or treating.  It’s fine if they’re dressed up and with their family, but when parents collect candy for the babies…that’s just not right.


    Also…my friend on facebook did something with her son called the “Candy Fairy”.  She comes to collect all the “bad candy” to power her car, and leaves a present for him.  What do you think of that??

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    I think the parents just like dressing their kids in cute costumes and showing them off. The candy is a bonus haha.


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    Well we took our young 2 year old (he turned 2 in end of Sept) out tonight, and we were just going to do a few houses to see how he did and he did awesome. He said Trick or Treat and said thank you.  Granted one of us had to up to the door with him. 

    Personally yeah a 11 month old is way to young. 

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    I think if the kid is old enough to eat the candy, they should be able to trick or treat.

    So that’s prolly what.. 2 years?

    Any younger than that and I would be afraid to give my kid candy for fear of choking.

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    I’ve seen babies, but only when they have older brothers or sisters. The parents taking their 11 month old by themselves is weird.

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    2 and under is way too young in my opinion. Even if you’re just taking them to a few houses. The kid can’t eat candy so all the parents are doing is showing off their kid in costume. It’s fine to dress your baby up but save it for the family photo album.


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    Any age is acceptable IMO. So what if the parents are the ones who are going to be eating the candy? I love seeing little babies dressed up.

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    I just give out candy,I don’t care how old. If I don’t give it out,I’m gonna eat it….take it away!!! Lol

    If an adult every came by themselves I’d probably just say something sarcastic. I think the babies are adorable though. I saw the cutest wizard if oz scarecrow that could barely stand.

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    I think if the kid can’t even eat their own candy, then there’s no point in trick-or-treating. So under 3. Maybe around 3 or 4, start taking them out to trick or treat. But even then I don’t like the idea of giving candy to my 3 year old. Teach them how to brush their teeth well first!!! LOL 

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    The youngest we had tonight was probably around 2 and a half and I was totally fine with it. I think any younger than two is a little too early.

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    Oh gosh folks… there is no TOO YOUNG if you ask me.

    Having been a Parent I can tell you it is FABULOUS FUN to take your baby (especially your first born) out Trick or Treating…

    And they have the most adorable outfits for little ones…

    NEW Parents get a HUGE kick out of it…

    (and so do the neighbours)

    Of course when Baby # 2 comes around, someone is out with the other children, so you might as well push the pram anyhow.

    As far as Candy went, no matter how old the kid… infant to teen, we still had a rule NO EATING until you get home and dump the loot out for Mom & Dad to go thru.

    We’d usually throw out all the Peanuts & Apples, and any other “fresh” items if we didn’t 100% know where they came from (had a Girlfriend who used to give the kids she knew special loot bags with home baked cookies in them etc… BUT I knew where they came from… and to make sure, she always would remind the kids, and also put a “gift tag” on the loot bag… Happy Hallowe’en from Mrs ___”)

    The rest of the stuff was sorted out… and then given out over a longer period of time… so not all the junk food at once.

    IF there was a really little one in our crew out for the first time (infant, 1 or 2) yes there was a very high chance that Mom & Dad was going to get the “junk”… lol, infact we’d often make “exchanges” so that there were healthier options.

    Honestly, the little kids didn’t know the difference… only time they start to really notice what is what is around 4th Grade.  Lol, from then on, you have to keep an eye out… and be more vigilant about how much junk they can have at any one time / day.

    — — —

    PS… Lol forget the Babies being an excuse for Adults to go out… you should see the number of folks who walk around now with their Dogs dressed up.  Now they tend to also have kids in tow, so I’ve never actually seen a dog owner (without kids) ring door bells but I don’t expect it is far off if it isn’t a trend some places already

    Dog treats anyone ??


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    I don’t think kids can be too young.  My mom used to have separate candy for the youngest kids, apparently they can suck on smarties (the chocolate).  lol I don’t think the parents would often let them.

    I think it’s cute, and when they are that little chances are they aren’t going too far.  Let the neighbours see their costumes!  Who cares if mom or dad eats the candy?

    We had some young ones tonight, but they were all walking.

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    Oh ya, I should add another interesting tid bit…

    The neighbourhood I lived in with My Ex H & Kids, had a Dentist in it.  He always gave out Toothbrushes.  Some kids were really ticked… but the Parents liked the idea.

    And some kids too… he’d often get different kinds of toothbrushes to give out, not just the run of the mill ones… or toothbrushes & stickers.  His house was more popular than you might at first imagine.


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