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I absolutely loved it!  This movie is right up there with #3 for me!

I think that having Hedwig flying around was much better than keeping her in her cage. When I saw that, I was wondering why J.K. Rowling just didn’t write it like that in the book.  I mean, she is an owl that can fly, so I thought that made perfect sense, and I feel like her death was better protecting Harry than just accidentally getting hit by a curse.

And I thought this movie followed the book very well. Of course the director used a little artistic license to make it more sexy/funny, but didn’t stray too much from the book.  At least not like the 6th movie (which was pretty bad).  And I didn’t mind the sexy parts.  The audience has grown up with the characters, and there is a lot of sexual tension in the books, so it wasn’t too misplaced.  Maybe Harry and Hermione didn’t need to be nude during that horcrux part, but I still didn’t have a huge problem with that.

I agree the acting was sooooo much better. They’re definitely coming into their own as actors now.  And I also agree that if you didn’t read the books then you would be a little lost.  My Boyfriend or Best Friend hasn’t read them, and he was asking a lot of questions.  But I don’t see it as a bad thing.  I think the majority of people watching these movies have probably read the books and appreciate following the books without giving a lot of background that we already know.  The people that haven’t read the books should get it together and read them before the movie. Smile

And I was definitely crying when Dobby died. That was heartwrenching.

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@BanditGirl: Oooooh they’re phoenix’s. Riiight that makes sense. I thought they were peacocks, LOL! In any case, gorgeous gorgeous dress and I like the HP version better than the Alexander McQueen one 😉

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@Boston Bee: re. the nudity … would you have felt differently if you were with your 10 yo Dirty Delete (or niece, or sister)?  My 10 yo Dirty Delete has ripped through the books and loves them.  I have read them as well.  Let’s face it … the majority of people have “grown up” with Harry Potter and, granted, the first movie came out 10 yrs. ago and the books have been out longer.  But, not all kids “grow up” with them.  My Dirty Delete ripped through the first one, and has continued through them.  She hasn’t had to wait the years inbetween books like the older kids have.  So, it still needs to be kept in mind that not all kids have “grown up” with Harry. 

Also, the books weren’t racy in that sense, either.  And the HP movies have been pretty docile, as far as sexuality goes, up to this point.  I mean, in my DD’s eyes, Harry doesn’t think of girls in a sexual way, you know?  Adding nudity for the sake of an older audience isn’t always necessary to have an effective movie.  Would the scene have been diminished if they were clothed? 

Yes, I know the movie is rated PG13, but even at 13, and not all content is suitable for a 10 yo.  But, that nudity wasn’t in the books, so why bring it out now?  Was there really a need for it?  I don’t think that the characters needed to be portrayed nude to have an effective scene.  Why the need to bring nudity into the movie when there wasn’t any in the book?  Sexual tension, sure … nudity, not so much!

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@bakerella: I like Fleur’s longer version better than the Alexander McQueen one, too! 

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I was kinda annoyed before I even went into the theater.  I only saw HP movies 1-4 and vaguely remembered them so I did a wikipedia search to get a synopsis of each movie. 

My awesome plan

  1. Watch “Order of the Pheonix” via cd in-house on Friday night
  2. Watch “Half Blood Prince” via HBO’s On Demand freezone on Saturday morning
  3. Steps 1 & 2 would have me totally up-to-date and ready for “Deathly Hollows: Part 1”
  4. Unfortunately, HBO randomly decides that “Half Blood Prince” would not be available to watch on freezone on Saturday morning….I went to the “Deadly Hollows” missing an entire book and had to read the synopsis!!!!!!!!!!  Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

The Deathly Hallows movie was kinda slow for me.  I would imagine that the writers are withholding all the excitement for Deathly Hollows: Part 2.

Ron annoyed and worried me at the same time. 

Am I the only one who would prefer Harry Potter to date the bleach blond chick…the kinda weird one (weird is the only adjective I could think of….sorry)?

I did love the “Tale of 3 brothers” story.  It appears that Valdamort found the exact wand used in that tale.  Am I wrong?  

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Sugar bee

@2shy2Bbf: About ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ finding the wand, you are right and you are wrong… you have to wait for the next intallation. And I guess you haven’t read the books especially 4 through 7. Harry and Luna… ha ha. I’ve always always seen him ending up with Ginny.

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I’ve read Deathly Hallows. I knew what was going to happen to Dobby. Did I cry anyway? Of course I did.

Loved Fleur’s dress and the Tale of the Three Brothers. Didn’t like the Hermione/Harry makeout or Ginny’s dress scene. In the book, I believe Ginny invited Harry into her room to “talk” and they ended up kissing. Ron (and Hermione, I think) walked in, and Ron read Harry the riot act.

Harry’s birthday party was in the book. Molly made an awesome snitch cake.

Also, it was in the book but not the movie–Viktor Krum was at Bill and Fleur’s reception. He’s the one who connected Grindelwald with the Hallows. He told Harry that the mark of the Hallows was Grindelwald’s mark.

I can’t wait for part II. We left off at Voldermort breaking into Dumbledore’s tomb and stealing the Elder Wand.


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I loved it, but was also a bit disappointed… The book is long, and they had to make two movies, that’s fair enough. However, I think that there are essential elements that they decided to forego, and given that the book is split in two movies, they could have kept these elements in. The movie would not have been longer, they would have just needed to make camping scenes shorter, and not that much.

– Hedwidge did not save Harry
– Harry did not attend Bill and Fleur’s wedding as himself
– They spend months in the Order’s headquarters and build a bond with Kreattur, which becomes important in the second part of the book
– Huge parts about Harry’s doubts about Dumbledore and his life were cut
– All the Godric’s Hollow part was not accurate
– And other stuff…..

I feel like they should have put all that stuff in, and the fact that they didn’t makes me think that with all the omissions, they might as well make only one movie. It felt like it was two separate movies only to have people pay twice to see it – Seeing only this one, you know it’s an incomplete story and it doesn’t end there…

On a side note, I also really hope that they do well with Snape’s story; he’s my favorite character. I think it would be really cool to have a book just about him!

But, I’m a HP fan and I enjoyed seeing the movies. Actors are great; all of them!

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The movie was fantastic, probably the best of the HP movies. Though of course it wasn’t without its changes, but for the most part they were well-done and didn’t mess up with the story.

I wish we could have seen the handshake goodbye between Harry and Dudley. I heard it was filmed and will be in the deleted scenes of the DVD release (along with Viktor Krum at the wedding and other things). I wish they’d shown us Luna’s room with the painting that said ‘Friends” in gold. I wish they’d shown Harry taking Mad Eye’s eye from Umbridge’s office door. I wish they’d shown Wormtail’s silver hand choking him to death. I wish we’d seen Harry using the invisibility cloak at least once. And I wish they’d had Voldemort killing Grindelwald at the prison instead of letting him live.

But aside from that it was a pretty awesome movie. I liked Hedwig’s death scene much better in the movie than in the book; it seems more suitable to her character that she died trying to protect Harry than trapped in a cage. I liked how they handled all the camping scenes. I liked the way the scene at the Ministry of Magic happened. The torture scene at Malfoy Manor was perfect, if a bit rushed. Poor Hermione, I thought Bellatrix would only cruciate her but instead she carved “mudblood” in her arm! Dobby’s death scene was just as tearjerking as I imagined it would be. The Tale of Three Brothers was gorgeous. I loved loved LOVED seeing Hermione obliviating her parents. It was so sad!! I’m so glad they actually showed that as opposed to just talking about it, like in the book. I loved the awkward little dance between Harry and Hermione when he tried to cheer her up. It was a very cute scene, and you can see the sadness in her face, how she’s missing Ron so much. I loved the doe patronus and the whole locket horcrux killing scene, it was absolutely perfect.

So yeah, I loved the movie. Can’t wait for part 2! 😀

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I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the last film! 

I loved seeing the Deathly Hallows story told the way it was, as well as Dobby’s participation and death. I think the actor’s did a great job of showing how lost and desperate they all felt during a lot of this book, seeing as they really didn’t know what they were supposed to be doing for so many months. 

I didn’t really feel the nudity was necessary in the horcrux scene, either. 

The only thing that really bothered me in the end, though, was that I felt that the moment where Harry takes Draco’s wand should have been given a much more dramatic scene, seeing as it is such important part of the ending. They barely showed it in the movie. 

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After walking out of the theater cussing about how much I hated Half-Blood Prince, I wasn’t expecting much. I have to say I loved this one though. Yeah there were changes, but I was ok with them and it gave me something new and unexpected.

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i really, really liked it and thought they stuck to the book really well. the only thing i wondered about–and maybe this comes through in the 2nd part–is they haven’t really covered the dumbeldore back story about his sister and friendship with grindewald. hermione found the rita skeeter book, but they haven’t dealt with much of it yet, and i thought that was really important to the plot line. harry’s feeling so lost and confused because he’s questioning not just if he knew dumbeldore, but if dumbeldore was even trustworthy to begin with. i mean, maybe they’ll cover it with the 2nd part, but i thought a huge part of harry feeling lost is that he doesn’t know if he can trust anything dumbeldore ever said.

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I loved the movie and even though I’m a huge fan of the books, I wasn’t bothered by the slight changes the director made to the story. I didn’t think it felt slow, but I think it was important to show that this task (of finding the horcruxes) is enormous and isn’t easy. I didn’t really like that it just seemed like they were camping and hanging out – they were supposed to be reading and researching and discussing ideas throughout the story. Perhaps if there was more discussion about all that, it wouldn’t have seemed to long. At this point in the book, however, I believe that Harry and company knew what they were looking for (an object from each of the founders of Hogwarts and other objects important to Voldemort), as well as a little more about Dumbledore’s history, and none of that was really explained in this movie.

I also really loved the three brothers sequence, but I was also wondering why the trio never seemed to use Harry’s invisibility cloak.

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