(Closed) HSG Results: One Fallopian tube?

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lastlastfirst: I’m definitely not an expert here but didn’t want to ‘read and run’, as they say… I can’t figure out an obvious link between you only having one tube and recurrent CPs either! It’s a bit crap that your doctor didn’t take the time to explain things to you – can you request a follow-up appointment or something to discuss your results?

If it’s any consolation, the laparoscopy I had many years ago was a much easier rider than my HSG! I had mine done for suspected endometriosis – is that something they’re looking to rule out with you? Not sure what else it checks. General condition of your uterus, I guess…?!

Oh, and I totally get you on the anger and jealousy. Unfortunately it seems to be pretty normal among longer-term TTCers… I haven’t got any suggestions for fighting that off, I’m afraid, but you’re welcome to come mope with us any time on the 6 month+ board 🙂

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I’m not an expert, but some quick googling shows that at the very least there are people who have no problem conceiving with one. I think many of your questions need to go through your doctor.

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Has you doctor done any blood testing for clotting disorders?

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lastlastfirst:  I’m sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you can get pregnant with only one tube if you are having CPs. I guess the lap would be to see what else is going on. I’d make another appointment with you doctor to discuss your questions and concerns. You don’t need to feel brushed off. Have you had your progesterone drawn or had your endometrial lining checked? 

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I’ve worked in physician offices for the majority of my adult life. While I don’t have any advice on your particular findings, I STRONGLY suggest that you call the office back and explain your concerns regarding how the information was delivered. When you call, ask to speak with the office manager, then let them know that you were left with a ton of questions and not given the opportunity to ask them in the appointment. At the very least, they should set up a phone call with you and the doctor so you can get your questions answered. A more appropriate response would be to set you up with a new appointment (free-of-charge) to address the issue. 

Good luck with everything!

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My mom discovered when I was born that only half of her repro system (fallopian tubes, everything) developed.  So it is possible to have a kid with only one working side, though it did take them a long time to conceive.  Hopefully everything works out for you.

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i would suggest calling your doctor and request a call to discuss the results; it was pretty insensitive to give you that info and run out- especially since from your post, it appears your doctor is aware you’ve been TTC for a while now.

And you are 1000% justified in your feelings of anger and jealousy- especially with TTC, i feel that you are always entitled to feel the way you do, its just your way of reacting and interacting with others that is important to “keep in check”.

good luck in your TTC journey and hope you get answers soon!

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Could it be a hydrosalpinx? This link says they can be associated with increased risk of miscarriage in IVF, so maybe it would be the same for regular pregnancies? http://utahfertility.com/infertility-diagnosis-treatment/common-causes-for-infertility-salt-lake-city-utah/hydrosalpinx/

I seem to remember someone on the Bee had one of these and conceived the first cycle after having it removed!

I’m sorry your OB was so insensitive. That’s a lot of information to take in, and s/he really should have taken the time to answer your questions! 

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lastlastfirst:  oh that’s great! Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it soon. I know how frustrating it can be. xoxoxo hang in there!

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lastlastfirst:  In December, I had an undiagnosed ectopic that caused my tube to rupture.  So, although I was born with both tubes, they had to remove one.  I did have a HSG to determine if the other tube was blocked.  So, I am not quite sure why they would want to do a laproscopy except to remove “blockage.” 

It was so difficult not knowing which month I would ovulate on the “good side”.  And I can’t lie at times I felt like I was damaged.  But, after 5 months I got pregnant.  Remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there of so many other success stories!!

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I rarely post, but I saw your post and felt compelled to respond. I’ve been TTC for 14 months now, with 2 failed IUIs, and I understand the feelings of resentment and jealousy towards everyone with babies, who seem to sometimes take them for granted, while were so desperately trying! As for having one Fallopian tube, I had to share my moms story…after months and months of TTC with no success, she found out she only had one tube..apparently the other one had shriveled up, likely during a routine appendectomy when she was younger. Anyway, long story short, she had 3 very healthy babies (and I am one of them!), all just a couple years apart. And this was in the early-mid 80’s, before all the medical advancements/meds we have today. She took no meds. So my brothers and I are living proof that it is absolutely possible to conceive with one tube. It might just take longer, as it did for my mom. She just recently shared her story with me, when I finally opened up to her about my IF issues. I had had no idea. good luck to you, I will keep you in my prayers, and don’t let that news get you too discouraged, it will happen!!

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lastlastfirst:  An HSG is basically where the doctor inserts dye through the cervix and takes x-rays to determine if the dye is passing through each fallopian tube and into the abdomen appropriately.  Without the dye, the fallopian tubes cannot be seen on x-ray.  So I’m unsure how they could say you have no tube?  Is it possible that the tube is potentially blocked?  <br /><br />At my HSG, they diagnosed me with a proximal obstruction (blockage) of my left tube.  They could tell this because the dye stopped where the uterus meets the tube.  This can be a false reading about 15% of the time because some women’s tubes spasm and won’t let the dye through even though there’s no obstruction.  That being said, I asked my doctor if we should repeat the HSG or do a lap, and she was not concerned enough to do either because you can’t really fix the tubal problem anyway.  So basically, a lap would just be for me to know exactly what the problem was without having a way to fix it.  I opted not to have surgery.

Also, typically a hydrosalpinx will let the dye flow into the tube and stop where the tube and ovary meet.  Usually they will be able to tell you it’s a hydrosalpinx, not a blocked (or non-existent) tube. 


Many women get pregnant with one tube.  My doctor let me try monitored IUI with my potentially blocked tube.  After two unsuccessful IUIs, we are moving on to IVF due to male factor issues.  If it helps, I ovulated from my good side both times we had the IUI.  I was on 50 mg Clomid and had good follicles on both ovaries.  So one tube isn’t the biggest deal in the world!   But don’t distress about the tube-it’ll be ok!  The process of infertility is HARD.  I am jealous and resentful all the time.  Many of my friends are pregnant and it’s so hard to be truly happy for them.  If I see a pregnant teenager or someone who doesn’t have their shit together get pregnant, I get ANGRY.  And when they get to stay pregnant when I didn’t, I get resentful.  I think it’s normal.  But believe me, after a miscarriage and over a year of TTC, I am right there with you.  =)

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