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I had two of them done. 

The basics: mine included a separate internal ultrasound to presumably check things out that way, and then the HSG itself. Ultrasound was in a normal ultrasound room, HSG was in an X-ray room. I had to lie down, they inserted a catheter with a balloon on it, inflate the balloon to seal your cervix/uterus, and inject dye to see if it comes out the tubes. Quite honestly, I found it quite painful both times. The first time, they kept pushing the dye so it lasted a couple minutes (they thought one tube was blocked). The second time, I was shocked they were done so fast (did the second to confirm whether a tube was blocked before committing to surgery to remove it, the report from the first HSG was confusing and conflicting). They told me to take Tylenol an hour before, which I don’t know if that helped, but the majority of the pain was gone as soon as they pulled everything out. I had a bit of cramping for the rest of the day, but nothing debilitating, and had to wear a pad for the leaking dye. 

As for success rates, my fertility journey isn’t exactly normal (we never tried naturally because my husband was on meds not compatible with babies, so I got tested while he weaned off and we went straight to IUI to speed the process) – I had my second HSG in July and had my IUI in september and the first one worked. 

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I had one after an ectopic pregnancy. 

I found it pretty painful, but right when I got to the point where I was about to ask the doctor to stop, it was over. And it took me 7 months to get pregnant after 

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tm6173 :  mine hurt but it was done by a couple of inexperienced morons. It should not take 45 minutes to place a catheter!  I’ve had similar procedures during my IVF workup done by competent doctors and those were only a little uncomfortable. The theory behind it increasing fertility is that if there is a minor blockage the test can clear it. If a small blockage is the issue than it definitely can help but if there are other issues it won’t make a difference. 

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I found it uncomfortable but never painful. Felt like heavy period cramps. I also got pregnant with my son immediately after. 

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I had an HSG this past Summer after having a D&C in January and trying to conceive again for a few months after that. I took the recommended dosage of tylenol before the procedure (I can’t remember what it was, but it was more than the normal amount, I just took whatever amount my RE’s office recommended). My RE told me during the procedure exactly when to expect cramping, but I was very lucky in that my cramping was very mild and the process was very quick. I did not have much if any bleeding or pain after. In my case, my RE told me we could TTC immediately. I was in my fertile window, so we did BD and conceived that cycle. Unfortunately, I had a second miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities. So in my experience (which of course may not be typical) the procedure was relatively painless and I conceived a few days after the procedure. 

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