$h!t you say when you're hormonal…

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desertgypsy :  I can relate to both the existentialist hormonal and the teary hormonal- and now that I’m starting menopause it’s like PMS on wheels. I’m thisclose to making our bed into a pillow fort, stockpiling wine and chocolate and putting a ‘not safe to play with others’ sign on my fort until my peri-menopause PMS blows over. 

Existential PMS: the sad thought that someday either my Darling Husband or I will have to deal with the death of the other. Unless we both die together, which made me even more weepy because that would be devastating on our (grown) kids and neither of us there to comfort them. 

Teary-eyed ugly cry PMS: I was treating myself to a grilled cheese sandwich I’d been wanting for 2 days (counting Weight Watchers points and waited for a day I could fit the points in for lunch). I was eating my grilled cheese while on the computer and I went to reach for the second half and realized I’d already eaten both halves and burst into ridiculous tears because I’d been distracted on the computer instead of fully savouring it. 

And this is rather Too Much Information, but I can relate to the Bees who’ve said when I’m PMS-ing, don’t you dare call me on my PMS-ing. Once when I was a waiting Bee and was all hormonal pissy about waiting, Darling Husband, my SO at the time, made some chauvanistic PMS comment and I went on a rant about how sexist and untrue and unfair that was. lol then promptly got my period the next morning. Then spent the next 5 days making various excuses of not being in the mood for sex or giving him oral sex with various excuses why I wasn’t naked/ he couldn’t reciprocate I’m all sweaty from yoga and haven’t showered yet because ain’t no way, no how I was going to let him know he was right about me being PMS-y. tongue-out

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I once told Darling Husband that all he “only ever said words” to me… to which he apologies for grunting like a chimp or blinking in Morse Code…

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RobbieAndJuliahaha :  the grilled cheese story made me literally lol.  could so totally see myself doing that.

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npoliver :  awww that was so sweet of him to buy you a yoga outfit. poor guy probably felt so bad!


pinkprincess88 :  OMG the bunny story! That almost made me cry lol. What a good guy trying to find the bunny in the rain!


These are all amazing. Keep them coming!

The only story I can think of was last month, my first real PMS in 12 years because I just went off birth control. I was trying to put my hair up in a ponytail before work and it just would NOT work right. Darling Husband was getting impatient to leave, so he walks into the bathroom and sees me throwing my hair brush and hair tie at the wall, screaming at them (them being the hair tie and brush) and stomping my legs. I’ve never seen him look so shocked. 

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I was complimenting Darling Husband on a haircut, he jokingly told me not to go over the top with compliments and I called him an asshole.

I am a truly horrible person the week before my period. 

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[Driving] “what a fkng asshole, honestly I really hate people who turn left.  YOU SUCK”

Or mid phone conversation with Fiance while driving “yeah well I’ll call the vendor in a bit- SHUTTT THE FCK UP [to a random car that honked]… sorry what were you saying?”


Then there are the random hypothetical principles  that I pick fights about like what time our hypothetical daughter would be allowed to stay out until relative to our hypothetical son who is hypothetically the same age.  I cried during one of those lmao.  FI better not have a subconscious hypothetical old fashioned gender bias!  “👹Well last time we talked about this you said you’d want your 16 year old daughter home early.  Why wouldn’t you want your son home early also?  What do you mean you don’t remember saying that?  You always do this you forget super important details!  YES IT DOES MATTER IT’S OUR CHILD!” 😩

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desertgypsy :  omg the things I have said and though and cried about when high on PMS hormones… omg so much shame… At some point I told him I was gonna kill him if he even though about touching my chocolate. Dead serious. What I try to do nowadays is give him a curtesy reminder like “hey babe my period is supposed to start in X days… so PMS may be starting up any minute now FYI” seems to work for us. He is less reacrive to my crazy and we dont fight over stupid shit. He just know I need to be left alone if pissed off and given a hug if sad.. but still a bit scared that I will turn info crazylady halfway through the hug and he will need to run for his life. Lol

I cant remember any other exaple off the top of my head but PMS is starting up just about now so ill post more if crazyness occurs. The worst was dealing with our RSVPs during PMS. I though I would either loose my mind completely or go to prison for murdering someone. 

Fiance is not looking forward to my pregnancy hormones. He has mentioned this pretry much every time I have a PMS fit of rage.  I told him he will have to make sure to survive somehow cause I dont wanna be a widow and I dont wanna be a single mother. 

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Two nights ago, as we were making dinner together, my huband got a call from his daughter. They start talking as he cuts an avocado in half, leaves the half witout the pit for me, and takes the pit out of the other half so he can use it in his meal. I held a grudge for the 2 days becasue he didn’t ask me if I wanted the avocado. He assumed that I would want avocado with my dinner. I did not want avocado with my dinner and was upset because now the pit was in the trash and the unused half of avocado would go bad much quicker without the pit in it. PMS at its finest. 

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“I’m not mad, I’m just frustrated with the situation!!!!”  …I say in a very mad and angry voice. 

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Glad to see this thread get resurrected.  It’s a source of shameless schadenfreude.  Age does have it’s perks.

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I have an IUD so I can track nothing and never know when the PMS is going to hit. There is zero freaking pattern or rhythm to it. I get very ragey and then I get very emotional. 

I am not allowed to watch Disney movies with deaths or the Harry Potter franchise when I’m pmsing. I sat there sobbing my heart out when Dobby died, last time I watched pmsing, and then straight sobbing at every single death, which of course is a lot in the hallows. I’ve also been known to sob at animal deaths on the discovery channel in nature documentaries. I also got very mad when they we’re doing one on lions and the lion who wasn’t the alpha fought and lost and wasn’t with the pride anymore. I was very mad the mean lions had kicked him out.

I also threw the empty chocolate chip container at the wall in straight up rage, because I was trying not to eat chocolate, so there was none in the house. I’d forgotten I made cookies two weeks prior and used them. My FH gave my daughter his debit card and sent her running to the corner store for chocolate before mommy went crazy. 

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I know that time of the month is upon me when Darling Husband says something perfectly normal and it makes me grit my teeth in rage. Example, yesterday Darling Husband says what do you want for dinner right after we ate lunch. I’m instantly mad because 1) it’s his turn to cook dinner which means I don’t want to have to decide what’s for dinner 2) I just ate so I’m obviously not hungry yet!

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