(Closed) Hubby gave me a grocery budget…HOW DO YOU DO IT??

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@graygodess20:  My husband and I can usually stay within $75-80 a week.  Our difference is that we allot $250 for the whole month and usually spend a lot the first week.

We buy a lot from Costco – huge things of pasta, quinoa, organic chicken, organic beef, hummus, etc to last us throughout the month.

Weekly, we buy things like milk, fruits, veggies, etc.

It can be done.  We eat an almost all organic diet, and do our shopping at Whole Foods, Costco, and Trader Joes and easily are able to do it.

We meal plan extensively.  I plan out every weekend what we’re going to do.  I buy bulk dried beans, dried lentils, etc.  Its cheaper than canned.  I buy 12lb bags of organic brown rice from Costco.  When I cook rice, I’ll make 5x the amount and freeze in 1 cup portions in ziplocks in the freezer.  Same with beans (with the cooking liquid).

When I buy fresh herbs, I use what I need and then turn the rest into pesto and freeze in ice cubes or freeze whole with water in ice cubes.

I usually make 2-3 meals a week that serve as “lunches” these are things like curried bean salad, salmon sushi rolls, soups.  Dinner usually provides leftovers for at least another night.

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Is it just the two of you? For a week? That’s a really decent budget!!

Does this include lunches as well or do you guys eat lunch at work? So basically, does this include ALL meals for a week or only breakfast/dinner?

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@graygodess20:  I know it’s super frustrating to be on a budget at the grocery store – you’re right, it’s expensive to eat healthy! I do think that $100 a week is totally doable though, you just have to make the commitment to be really organized and watch the sales.

My advice is to pick a day of the week to menu plan, and then sit down and write out what you plan to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. After that, create your grocery list. You’d be really surprised how much ingredients overlap in different recipes. After you’ve got your grocery list made up, go through the grocery section of the newspaper to see what’s on sale and seach online for coupons. Make sure that you’re signed up for the grocery store savings cards as well. Like I said, it’s going to take a little extra time and commitment on your part – but it can be done!

Where I live, the Wednesday newpaper has the food section, so on Wednesday nights I plan our meals for the week, search the sales, clip coupons, and then put everything together for my shopping trips. Yes, I end up going to a few different grocery stores when all is said and done, but the savings make it worth it! And we eat healthy, balanced meals too.

Sorry this turned into a bit of a novel – I hope this helps you out some! Good luck!

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That’s about £60 right? I used to feed the two of us (plus other groceries like washing powder and toothpaste) for £30-£40 a week. 

I would plan my meals and write a list. I like to cook from scratch which helps – eg bolognese = onion, garlic, minced beef, oxo cube, tinned tomatoes, tomato purée and some mushrooms or a pepper. And I tend to cook four servings at a time which means either two meals or I get nice lunch twice a week at work 🙂

Things I rarely bought: alcohol, puddings, posh bread, etc


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we spend  about 65$ per week for two of us for groceries which includes breakfast lunch and dinner. $100 is plenty. Dont buy prepackaged snack food and you should be good to go. We eat healthy and can do it

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 My SO and I spend 100 per week and it is a challenge because we literally eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home. I shop the sales. I look at the ad for my local grocery every week and pick our meals based upon what is on sale. The other thing I do is try to make enough for two nights with every meal. It doesnt always work, but left overs are easy the next day and we don’t over buy (or over eat) because we know a certain amount is designated for each night.

Some items like coffee are rarely onsale, but we also save by going to more than one store. If I know we need a lot of paper products we go to Walmart first- get paper products and whatever nonperishables we need and then go to our regular store. By shopping the sales we usually save 10-25 dollars a week. 

We always buy our chicken frozen (2-3 lbs for 8 dollars) and in my opinion it is easier to work with because it doesnt go bad I can throw it in the crock pot frozen and I can open the package and take out a few without having to cook it all at once.

If you get into a routine of what you buy and know how long things last you, you are less likely to overspend and can save money that way. Hope that helps!

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@graygodess20:  Wow… I dont want to sound snarky but 100$ as a weekly budget is absolutely fine if it’s just the two of you! Plus, having meat every day is not what some would call rounded meals… SO and I eat meat maybe once a week, we do eat lots of vegetables, cheeses, sometimes fish, lots of whole-wheat bread… Do you eat a ‘hot’ meal once or twice a day? You could cut down on meat, that saves a lot of many for the start…

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@graygodess20:  We eat very healthy, good meals. I used to spend a lot more but once we got married I was given a budget as well!

I get ground chicken… here it runs about $2.99 per lb and is right in our deli

I make meat loaf with it, burgers, tacos, tons of stuff. 

I also get a mixture of fresh produce and frozen produce. 

I coupon which helps a lot too.

Depending where you live, $100 is decent for a weeks worth of groceries… you will just need to spend more time looking for deals

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@alaha:  you’re echoing my sentiments… we live in NYC where grocery prices are insane and spend way less than $100 a week on groceries. I go 3x a week and spend probably $20 each time, and we eat dinner at home nearly every night and I bring breakfast and lunch to work every day (FI ears breakfast at home but does buy lunch.)  To put it in perspective, though, a box of cheerios, not on sale, anywhere near where we live is $6.  A bag of normal bread is $4.99, anything organic is up from there. It’s absolutely possible unless you’re eating a ton of food.

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@graygodess20:  $100/week for groceries is more than doable for 2 people.  my dh and i spend nowhere near that.

i buy bulk meats from costco and split them into meal sized portions.  i buy grocery items when they are on sale and stock up.  i buy produce when i need it so it doesn’t go bad.

pasta, rice and potatoes are great items to keep costs down.  slow cookers are great for cheap cuts of meat.  they make them very tender.

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Do you both work? Why does he completely dictate the budget? 

Either way this is easy. Make him ramen and yourself whatever you want (within reason). If he is being a dick and thinks he can live off ramen then let him. He will learn pretty quickly that $100 isn’t enough for a weeks worth of healthy groceries (unless of course you are living off ramen or live somewhere where food is really cheap)

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@graygodess20:  If the $100 is weekly, that is not bad.  But if you mean $100 for the month, i don’t know what to tell you!

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We spend $50-$95 a week on groceries. That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner (lunch is usually leftovers or frozen food). 90% of our shopping is done at Walmart and the rest is at a local grocery store. I meal plan and buy meats on sale so I can freeze them. We eat plenty of vegetables and have well-balanced meals. It can be done for

That being said, I think your husband is being a controlling ass about this. I think you guys need to come to an agreement that you are both happy with rather than him telling you your budget. This isn’t 1953, you both deserve a say in your food purchases. 

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per week!? You should be able to do that.  We eat healthy and gluten free for under that amount. If I were you, I’d plan out 1 weeks worth of meals first and see how much you’re spending. It’ll give you a better idea then blindly walking in and then having to put food back…

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