(Closed) Hubby is against spaying our dog =(

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Tell him that spaying her prevents possibility of uterine cancer in the future.  That’s a very compelling reason I think.

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It also prevents pyrometria (sp?), an infection that happens when the swelling of her lady parts goes down after she comes out of “heat” & bacteria gets trapped inside the body…it can be fatal, thats how i know it even exists..my coworker’s older dog died from it

spayed dogs are also happier…no periods ever again lol

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Truthfully, I don’t spay my female pets unless I have to. I have an unspayed female cat and she is strictly indoors. We live in a very suburban neighborhood and really, there’s no way for her to come into contact with an unfixed male. Her yearly checkups are healthy and she has never had any test come back giving me a reason to spay her.

Am I against it? No. But spaying is a very serious surgery for females and runs a lot of risk (Although veternary medicine has progressed leaps and bounds!) and it’s not something I want to put my beloved cat through.

Males in my household are always neutered, and for more than the reproductional reasions.

Any animal with reproductive organs runs the risk of cancer. I don’t see women lining up to have their uterus removed due to the risk of cancer.

I’m at a loss at what to tell you. Is it a good idea? Sure. Do I support your husband? Sure. Do I support you? Sure. I just wouldn’t want something like this causing a rift in my household. My not-BF has been supportive of my choice to not spay our cat, and I really have no plans to.

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being in heat is supposed to be very stressful for a female cat.   Even if your cat is an indoor cat, you should still spay them, the future health of your cat far outweighs the actual surgery.  I’ve helped perform many spays on cats, and dogs.  


once your husband hears the obnoxious moans coming from your cat in heat… he may change his mind… it’s not pretty


edit – I thought you had a cat!  But either way

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@krizzlypanda:  One of my females wasn’t spayed until later in life (long story) and in the end it ended up being an emergency and she almost died. At first we thought it was pyometra – a deadly infection where the actual uterus fills with pus – but it ended up being two huge tennis ball sized cysts on her ovaries. I am not one to advocate spaying and neutering at a young age but 2 is perfect. Take the dog in and do it and tell hubby it is a MUST DO!

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Unless an animal is a pure-bred kept for the purpose of breeding, ALL dogs and cats should be spayed or neutered. Not only does it benefit their health, but it reduces the numbers of perfectly healthy animals being put to death simply because of a lack of home. I believe the number was around 10 million/yr in the US alone.

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@RockStar33:  Due to very severe health issues my cat suffered as a kitten, she does not go into heat. This has been confirmed by her vet. But, I know that my cat is a very rare scenario, considering what she endured, most cats don’t live through (and she almost didn’t.)

There is a lot of pressure of what pet parents should and should not do. If you are not putting your pet in direct risk (Feeding it chocolate, letting it roam around busy streets, etc.) I think parents should be free to do what they feel is best for their pet and should not be scrutinized for their decisions.

I hope you and your husband come to a agreement, and I have to say I really respect you for wanting to do what’s best for your dog. Some people I personally know forget that dogs “are people” too and can feel pain. You’re a good person, and your dog has an awesome set of parents.

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It’s not fun having a dog in heat in the house. They bleed, pretty similar to a human female’s period. You’ll either need to get her to wear sanitary pants (never met a dog who liked these) or clean up after her. The bleeding gets heavier as they get older, so if it’s not bad now, wait a few years. It’s seriously not pleasant.

PP mentioned pyometria; it’s pretty horrible, and because the infection is in the uterus, you can’t tell she’s sick till it’s almost too late. Not every unspayed dog gets this infection, but why risk the expensive emergency surgery bill or even the dog’s life when a very safe, very routine procedure can prevent it?

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I agree with your husband. I see no reason in taking animals’ body parts just to prevent a future illness. The idea seems ridiculous to me. For all the ladies that plan to never have children, how about we just give you a histerectomy. Then you won’t get your period.


If you’re going to torture animals, don’t get them.

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I STRONGLY suggest having a conversation with your vet about this.  We didnt spay out oldest dog because the first vet we went to said she was too small (about 3 lbs).  Last month (she’s now 5 years old) she started acting strange- letharic, not eating, not greeting me at the door etc so I took her into our new vet. She had to have an emergency surgery to remove her uterus because its was horribly infected. She weighed 4 lbs 2 ounces when she went in to surgery and exactly 3 lbs after- her uterus was more than 25% of her whole body weight and was HUGE! The vet said that if we had waited 48 hours more she would have died without a doubt. She’s fine now, more playful than ever and it’ll never be an issue again.

Our current vet said that no reputable vet would ever advise against spaying a dog because of all the possible negative side affects of not doing it.

if your husband doesn’t go for the cancer reason, let him know we paid $4500 total to deal with it as an emergency surgery. A lot less than the $300 or so it costs to schedule the surgery!

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