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@May2013Wedding:  I don’t know. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I feel that if he wants to be a better more involed father and he feels that moving closer will help that: he should go for it.

It would be different if it was just for his mother or friends, but he wants to closer to his son. I think you should support that.

::hugs:: I know leaving your family is hard. I hope you make the right choices for the both of you

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Moving in with my Mother-In-Law would be a last resort for me. I think you should stay where your careers are, especially if you are happy with your job and the area. I wouldn’t really entertain the idea of moving back to your hometown until your husband came up with a realistic life plan (like jobs, where you could live other than MILs house, what the schools are like for kids, etc.)

Definitely figure out a rough 5, 10, and 20 year plan before you get married.

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yikes- I understand you wanting to stay put in your beautiful location, but I completely see that he needs to be with his son. That boy needs his dad in his life. My suggestion is to move back home, or at least move much closer. Do NOT move in with either set of your parents though, I agree that it would drive a wedge between you two. 

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I’m sorry you are going through that right now. I work for the govt and actually specialize in the transition process of members retiring/getting out of the military. I would advise your Fiance to really think about getting out right now. It is a tough economy. It is getting better, but verryyyy slowly. There are so many military members separating from service that are having the toughest time finding a job in the private sector. I would have a real long talk with him about making sure he is aware of all his benefits and entitlements and his employment future after getting out. Also, if you have a career that you are happy with and have great benefits, it’s also a good idea to really think about what would happen with your career if you should move back at this point.

Having family around when you start a family can be very rewarding. However, if you have a support system where you are at now (friends/understanding coworkers/neighbors) chances are you wont be totally on your own. You just have to weigh the pros and cons at this point.

Also, I’m assuming the son lives with his mother full time? That is a hard call. I understand your Fiance wanting to be closer to his child. But he also has to think about the employment or education route he wants to take when he gets out, where you are going live, how long would you live with his mother for? (which I would never be able to do), and what are you going to do for work back home?

I’m sorry this is a tough situation for anyone to have to deal with. PM if you have any more questions/need support. Good luck!

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Why don’t you wait to move until at least one of you has secured a good, full time job with benefits?  I don’t think you should quit your job until tht happens

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@May2013Wedding:  Doesn’t he have to repay time for the college degree?

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@Sunchick19: Ditto.

Also don’t discount the importance of having family nearby for when you do have kids unless you despise your family and don’t want them to have anything to do with your potential children. 

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@May2013Wedding:  I don’t think you should voluntarily move to a place where many people are on drugs and there is gambling on every block.  As much as you hated living there growing up, any child you have in the future will hate it just as much, or worse be influenced by it and become a part of that lifestyle.

I agree with PPs that it is super important that the 8 year old feels loved by his father as he grows up, but moving in with your mothers to that town is not the solution.  Is there a nearby city in WV or another state where you can see yourself living and being happy?

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I can sympathize with some of how you may be feeling, because many years ago, I moved from a small town in a rather economically depressed region of the country to an exciting, vibrant, fairly affluent region in another state. I absolutely LOVED the area in which I was living, and I only ever envisioned myself moving if I were to relocate to an even more exciting, more vibrant area. 

However, when I met my DH and discovered that he not only is a pastor of a church in a small town in a rural, economically depressed area of another state, but also that he has 50-percent custody of his minor children, I understood that if I wanted to marry him, I was going to have to be willing to relocate to be with him and his children.

It definitely was not easy (not at all), and I still have not found any type of job in my field in this area.  As frustrating as that has been, I know that my DH absolutely needs to be with his children.  To have even considered asking him to relocate to be with me would have been completely out of the question.

In your case, I definitely can imagine how difficult it must be for you to think about leaving where you are to return to a place where you really have no desire to ever live again.  Moving will be a major, life-altering  decision. If I were you, I would not make this decision lightly, because you need to be able to make this move without resentment toward your Fiance or his son, and with the understanding that you will be willing to stay there — at least as long as your FI’s son is still a minor or some other circumstance would occur (i.e. his mother deciding that she wants to relocate to a different area, for example.) 

There really is no question that your FI must be able to fulfill his desire to reside where he can play a significant role in his son’s life.  The only question is, are you willing and able to change your life to to marry him?

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On the one hand, your FH wants to be closer to his son, which is admirable and a decent reason to consider moving.  Emphasis on consider!  Because, on the other hand, you have a job and some family where you are now.  Picking up from all of that and moving someplace where you don’t want to live is a lot to ask of you.   Especially if his only plan after the move is to live with his mom.  While I don’t think living with parents will necessarily spell disaster for your marriage, it does change the dynamics of your relationships, both with each other and with the parents you’re living with.

I can’t really help you more than that, this really is an important matter that the 2 of you should talk about some more, however; if I were in your shoes, I’d strongly push to stay where you are until after the wedding, after he graduates, and then to wait until one of you can secure a job near where he wants to move.  I’d also research rent and/or mortgage rates in the area, to get an idea of what your household would have to pull in to live comfortably.

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It seems to me that 1) being close to his son and 2) living with your Mother-In-Law are two different issues. It’s nice that your fiance wants to be closer to his son–what does the child’s mother think of this? Have your fiance and the child’s mom consulted with any child psychologists about this, about whether it’s healthy or necessary for him to be a physical, daily part of the child’s life? I ask because if there’s a stepfather in the picture, for example, the dynamics may be different. Also, if he hasn’t been a daily presence in the child’s life for the last 8 years, for him to move in nearby will be a dramatic change and adjustment for everyone and should be handled delicately.

Either way, it doesn’t sound like you should live with your Mother-In-Law, even while your fiance is job hunting. You are both adults and hopefully can find housing that you can afford on your own. Good luck with everything!

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