(Closed) Hubby wants to visit New Zealand, I don't

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    I’m Australian, and honestly… our country is so big and diverse that it would depend where you went here as to what you would both enjoy? I hate bugs but there aren’t that many where I am (I’m about an hour out of Melbourne, in the Yarra Ranges…) and have honestly never seen a snake except for in a zoo, and hardly ever see spiders.

    I would love to see New Zealand someday, but for what you want, maybe Australia for most of your honeymoon and a few days/ week in New Zealand as a compromise (they are famous for wine too… just saying…)?

    I think I’d be the same as you so I totally get it… I’m sure we will have similar conversations when it comes to planning our honeymoon soon!

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    You say you’re high maintenanance but what do you want to do on your trip? Shopping, cafes? Museums? Great Barrier Reef? The one thing that comes to mind is Hamilton Island which might be a good combination of outdoorsy things and luxury.

    In any case, Australia is so diverse… and depending on the location and time of the year, you might not even be able to go hiking so if that’s going to be a compromise,ย  make sure you can actually do that. It just gets so hot sometimes (and then the northeast gets very humid) and the sun can be very harsh.

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    northbynorthwest :  I’ve never been to either country but we’re actually looking into both for our honeymoon.  I am much more of a relaxing on the beach all day person, and my Fiance is Mr Adventure.  I don’t know if I can add anything new, but if you’re traveling that far, you may as well do both, at least that’s how we’re looking at it.  We’re in the midwest US so we’re talking a really long flight and since would probably be a once in a lifetime trip for us, it makes sense to see and do as much as we can.

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    northbynorthwest :  If you’re not outdoorsy…your Darling Husband should just go camping with his friends. Couples shouldn’t do everything together anyway. It’s healthier to have some stuff that is just your own.

    My Darling Husband also loves camping. I’ve tried it, but I have really bad outdoor allergies…so I don’t enjoy it. Camping is something my Darling Husband does with his guy friends a few weekends in the year. They go hiking and fishing and have a great time catching up. That way my Darling Husband still gets his outdoor time…and I don’t have to do it with him.

    I’ll spend the weekends when he’s away doing things I like that I wouldn’t do with Darling Husband. Go to the spa, catch up with friends and go shopping, volunteering, hobbies I do alone, etc. It’s great for us to have some time apart doing our own things and then come together again after. It’s good to not always do everthing together.

    You should try to encourage your Darling Husband to do something similar. It’d be sad if he gave up camping just because it’s not your thing. But I totally understand how it can not be your thing…it isn’t mine either. 

    For the trip…I’d rather go to Australia. Seems like there’d be more to see there. I think of NZ as more of a regular place than Australia. Doing hikes during the day if you can stand it would be a great compromise.

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    As other Australians have said, Australia is a massive diverse place and there’s plenty of outdoorsy stuff here – I thought that was pretty much common knowledge. That and we absolutely have heaps of bugs, but you can avoid that depending on where you go.

    I say go to NZ – there’s more to do in NZ than camping, and there’s plenty of camping here in Australia so it’s more about what you actually plan to do on your trip. 

    P.S. I’m not huge on camping either so I understand, but I do it every now and then because it makes my partner happy.

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    I spent my honeymoon in NZ earlier this year and it was phenomenal! Even if you skipped hiking or camping, the country is just spectacular to look at! Literally, everything seemed like it was on steroids: the mountains were bigger, the vegetation was lusher, the water was bluer… I think you could have a great time just driving around! Also, as plenty of Bees suggested, there is a good mix of roughing-it camping, glamping and nice hotels (I can recommend a couple if you want to PM me). We also spent some time in Auckland and Christchurch which are nice cities with all the familiar trappings: nice restaurants, bars, shopping etc

    I spent 4 months in Australia a decade ago, and the cities definitely felt bigger than Auckland/Christburch, but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll necessarily have less exposure to the outdoors. There is even a joke that my Darling Husband told me: take any animal in your home country, make it poisonous and you’ll find it in Australia ๐Ÿ˜‰  (only joking Aussie bees!!) (not really! :-P)

    P.S. I’m not much of an outdoorsy person either but we did have a couple hikes during our trip.  We went in late fall so it wasn’t hot (so not much sweating) and I really don’t remember issues with bugs.

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    Shanneah :  Fellow Kiwi here and I second this x1000.

    I am NOT a camper and I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world.  There’s a lot more to do here than just “outdoorsy” stuff and I am sure you wouldn’t find it “dull” at all ๐Ÿ™„ Australia is a very different kettle of fish than NZ but is only a 3 hour flight away- do both and experience the best of both places.

    ETA: you haven’t had coffee until you’ve had a NZ flat white. Starbucks? What’s that? ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    whytneynicole :  I’m pretty sure the majority, including Starbucks, says that flat whites are originally Australian… ๐Ÿ˜›

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    northbynorthwest :  rent a small rv! dh and i just traveled all over super remote areas of iceland for 2 weeks in a small rv. there was a teeny kitchen, small shower, toilet, spacious bed, and a table to eat at. we still stayed at campsites, but it was really nice and comfortable. i’m outdoorsy in that i love hiking and stuff like that, but i’m just not down with tent camping and i want to have some level of comfort. it was fantastic! 

    i say go and plan an awesome road trip. you can spend some time in cities and go out to eat/shop/drink/explore and spend some time in nature areas and go hiking, swimming, boating, etc. 

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    I’m still not sure why you don’t want to go to NZ… you’re happy with the idea of day walks in Australia, but not in NZ? I’m Australian and I would LOVE to go to NZ. What season are you planning to go in and where would you visit? 

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    You can do both. this time you go hiking with him in new zealand, and next vacation or next year he will follow you wherever you want to go. compromise. and you got 2 vacations! Nz is really beautiful

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    northbynorthwest :  no he went to visit friends, he spent most of his time doing scary sports like jumping off things surprised but all our friends are obsessed with LOTR and new zealand

    I find new zealand less scary than australia where everything seems to want to kill you lol but dont have a great urge to go, its a 24 hour flight and very expensive for something thats not a ‘must’ for me

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    Awww I get that camping doesn’t appeal, I really do. I live in NZ and may be biased, but I’ve also travelled to Australia. I do think you could do both, based on a great itinerary (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are about 3 hours by plane). It comes down to what you both want to do.

    Camping in NZ is not like camping back in Canada where I grew up. It’s not exactly woodsy, build a fire, no access to anything and definitely not roughing it unless you go off to find a remote spot purposely. It’s more communal here, more social and the country is designed for this, so you will find showers and toilets almost at every campground (clean toilets, not like gas station don’t touch anything kind). There are also tons of glamping options. The scenery, hikes, and beauty will NOT disappoint. I promise you the views of stunning blue water, starry nights, and beautiful nature every where you look. It’s incredibly clean and untouched. But, if you want to go swimming, and have a beach life, you might find Australia more appealing. NZ has fantastic beautiful beaches, but if I compare them to North American beaches (in my experience Hawaii, California and Florida) they are much different, and think Aussie ones will be most similar.

    But, in Australia, bugs can kill you ๐Ÿ˜› spiders, crocodiles, snakes… er, you won’t find most of these here (and if so, not deadly).

    I grew up camping in Canada, and I can only take so much when planning a trip. Usually a long weekend with lots of campires and smores. So when we took an 8 day camping trip in NZ, I was very hesitant. We did the west coast of NZ, and to this day, it’s one of my favourite trips. We used a campervan, and we stayed 1-2 nights in each place we travelled to. It was summer (over Christmas) and hot (not humid and uncomfortable though), and I couldn’t take a bad picture if I tried. I loved having down time and not rushing around, it doesn’t take long to travel far because it is a small country, and we could stop anywhere and enjoy a picnic. And there were tons of activities from sky diving, kayaking, boating, zip lining, bungee jumping you name it.

    But you can totally travel to NZ and stay in homes (called baches, pronounced like bach in bachelor). You could book places that are oceanside or have views, enjoy a BBQ and have amentities in a house, but also plan day trips for hiking, or other activities like tours, swimming with dolphins, wine tasting. A few places I’d recommend for great views and beautiful scenery Queen Charlotte Track in the Marlborough Sounds, Milford Sounds (which is really a fiordland and ah-mazing), Coromandel (gorgeous beaches and so much to see and enjoy), Akaroa (french village), Hawkes Bay for wine tasting (but there’s heaps around the country), and Golden Bay near Abel Tasman (popular local place!).

    If you have specific questions about NZ, happy to answer bee!

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