(Closed) Huffington Post article about diamonds and "illusion"

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Just a random FYI – if every diamond in the world was let out of the special vault, diamonds would be worth pennies.  


Another FYI – the tradition of a white wedding dress is only about 100 years old too. Women would just wear the best dress they owned, regardless of the color, cut, style, etc.


Do I have a diamond e-ring and a white wedding dress?  Oh yea Wink

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Blushing bee

I’ve never really understood this ‘marketing de beers etc etc’ argument myself. 


Firstly: diamond is the hardest gemstone, ie giving connotations that it will last longer than others and is of a higher quality than others. Why is it such a stretch to suggest that it is an ideal stone to represent something that is ideally meant to last forever? It is a colourless stone thus matches all outfits, and it does not cloud like similar white stones. It also outshines a CZ (despite said ‘gem’ being more sparkly supposedly) and has depth that a moissanite can’t match. It is the perfect stone to pair with the idea of engagement (while you are, obviously, free to choose whatever the hell you WANT for a stone). It’s not as if de Beers decided that we should all wear a ball of snot as an engagement stone and we are pathetically agreeing.


Secondly, do the folks who shout the marketing argument from the rooftops have a problem with people who drink Coke too? It has been proven in a blind taste test that people CANNOT tell the difference between the two, and will often mistake Coke for Pepsi (I know what you’re thinking – -I- would know the difference! but if you do some googling you may be surprised by how similar the drinks are). My point is this – Coke has one of the most SUCCESSFUL marketing campaigns in history. More people prefer Coke. Do we have to listen ad nauseum to people being put down for liking Coke?


If people get joy out of what they like, whether or not they have been ‘hopelessly cajolled’ by nasty marketting fairies, then who cares. If you enjoy Coke more when it’s in a Coke can, good for you. If you enjoy diamonds because De Beers marketed them successfully years ago, then good for you. If you like Pepsi, then that’s great too! But shout it from the rooftops, don’t pour your Pepsi into a Coke can and pretend it’s Coke… 😉

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Sugar bee
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@JellyFeet:  Moissanite can’t match diamond’s depth? Okay, that statement deserves a whole other thread. Because it very simply isn’t true. Moissanite is 100% every bit as good as diamond except that it isn’t quite as hard, and has 200% more fire (huge + in my book).

I don’t think there is anything wrong with diamonds and I can totally see why somebody would want one. But just because you didnt want/don’t want a moissanite or CZ doesn’t mean you have to put them down or make assessements about them that are not based in scientific evidence.

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Blushing bee

@Kat:  We agree to disagree. I don’t believe that Moissanite has the depth a diamond does. I apologise if that came across as a fact, it is just my opinion. I’m not interested in arguing about diamond vs moissanite, I just wanted to show that it is not completely random the way diamond was chosen as ‘the stone’.

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@JellyFeet:  Have you actually seen one in person?

And I do understand that as a stone, diamond was a great choice when it comes to engagement, as it usually is a “forever stone.” They aren’t literally indestructible, but very very difficult to scratch and ruin. But I don’t see why you seem to care that some people pass their moissy off as diamond. I get that that was the point of your “pepsi in a coke can” analogy.

But that will never change. So I don’t see why I’m even asking.

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Bumble bee
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The whole DeBoer’s trickery thing is so annoying. My great-grandmother’s diamond engagement ring from the 1920s has nothing to do with an ad campaign. Why are some people so hell-bent on discrediting the diamond engagement ring?

None of this guy’s reasoning is particularly sound or groundbreaking, and frankly if my SO had that attitude I’d tell him to get over it. FWIW, I didn’t ask for a diamond (or anything else), engagement was a complete surprise) but DH takes a lot of pride in the diamond that he picked out for me on his own. Of course there are consumers who make crappy diamond-buying decisions influenced by marketing campaigns, but the same can be said for ANY product – a car, shoes, lunch, whatever.

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Blushing bee


“don’t pour your Pepsi into a Coke can and pretend it’s Coke”

Why not? By your own admission:

“It has been proven in a blind taste test that people CANNOT tell the difference between the two, and will often mistake Coke for Pepsi “

If Pepsi is indistinguishable from Coke, why does it matter which one you have, since for all intents and purposes they’re identical and nobody can tell the difference? When I order Coke in a restaurant and they say they only have Pepsi, I’m like “Why are you telling me this? I just want a brown fizzy drink and I don’t care which it is, because they’re virtually identical!

Bottom line – if two things are indistinguishable but one is cheaper, surely the prudent choice is to buy the cheaper one?

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Worker bee
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I agree that diamonds became a “must-have” with the DeBeers campaign…but I have both of my great grandmother’s rings, and my grandmother’s…all diamonds, all before the ad campaign…something tells me that people were buying diamond engagement rings a long time before “A diamond is forever” was born.  

Let people spend money on what they wish to spend money on.  I guess if I wanted to, I could just buy everything at Walmart.  Absolutely nothing wrong with what they sell there, but I happen to like “high end” designers.  Is my $2k handbag any better than the $20 one at Walmart?  No.  But I happen to love it and worked hard to save for it so no one should be telling me that it’s a bad thing to spend money on.  Much like my diamond engagement ring.  I could have ordered something from QVC.  I LOVE my earrings from there, but for my ring I wanted a diamond and a Tacori setting.  We had the cash to buy it, so we bought it.  Nothing wrong with that choice.

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Sugar bee
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This article is pretty on point.  And isnt saying anything we dont already know.  However, it doesnt matter since people are going to ignore it anyway and keep buying diamonds.

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Busy Beekeeper
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@MoonlightRose:  +1!

I’ve always loved diamonds, if only because they’re a clear, sparkly stone, which, in my head, goes with everything. When I finally decided that I wanted to get married, I didn’t want a diamond, but we couldn’t find rings with colored gemstones that were small enough (most of what we were finding was 1ct+ and I needed something under that because I have tiny fingers). We ended up with a diamond and I love it, but I’d love it regardless of the stones in it, because the setting is gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. Also, it cost like a week-two weeks’ salary.


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Sugar bee

@KCKnd2:  I agree with this 100%. That’s why we shopped on EBay and got 70% off my ring 🙂

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Buzzing bee

At first I definitely wanted a diamond. There was no way I would have wanted anything else. Then I thought about it more and asked myself, why do we need to break the bank buying a stone that isn’t even rare, is marked up ridicukosly because there is a monopoly and causes heartache, death and destruction all over the world? I decided we didnt so I am getting a moissanite ring. It is prettier in my opinion, WAY cheaper and I wouldn’t want a diamond now even if they were the same price. I fee really great about getting a moissanite ring. My ring will be a 1.25 ct center stone with .4 ct in the band in 14 k yellow gold and will be custom made all for $1875. If it was made of diamonds you coukd add thousands and thousands to that price. Here is a mock up I did of what it will look like. The band will be thinner and the side stones quite small and dainty. I cannot wait for it to be done!

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WOW….I hate when things like this are posted, because they get so heated….Let me show you the facts ladies…..

The ones that already have a diamond or want one are going to say this in reaction to this post:

“Oh its nothing I havent read” “Its a tradition in my family” etc, etc

The ones that do not own a diamond and own different stones are going to react in this way:

“It’s completely right, I agree I agree”

But no one needs to be rude about it….i.e. @jellyfish pepsi.vscoke comment…To each their own, what makes you happy makes YOU HAPPY not the next person!


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Sugar bee
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@Metalkisses:  ITA.   Because of this board I discovered asha. The more you know, the more you learn.  

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