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Honey bee

Agree completely

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Bee Keeper
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I posted this in the other thread, but I think it’s helpful information so I’ll put it here too:

That list is a good starting point, but some of the things on that list aren’t 100% correct and I think the website should have given more information on them:

7. Bones (Most bones should *not* be given (especially chicken bones) because they can splinter and cause laceration of the digestive system and/or become lodged in your pet’s throat – so they also pose a choking hazard.)> Cooked bones = dangerous; brittle and splinter into shards. Raw bones (even chicken bones) = safe; soft and digestible.

15. Human Vitamins (Human vitamins, especially those containing iron, can cause damage to the lining of the digestive system as well as cause kidney and liver damage)> Human multivitamins should not be given to dogs. But some “human” supplements are fine for dogs such as fish oil and glucosamin/ chondroitin.

18. Raw Eggs and Raw Fish (Raw eggs and some raw fish can cause Salmonella poisoning.)>  Raw eggs rarely have salmonella, the contamination rate is 1 in 30,000 eggs; so the risk of samonella is quite overblown. On top of that, dogs’ digestive systems are made to be able to handle bacteria. > The real danger in raw fish isn’t samonella, but parasites if the fish is from certain areas of the USA; the parasites can be killed by freezing the fish for a couple weeks, then it is safe for the dog to eat.


And an addition by “sceeder” about mercury some types of fish: @abbyful, I would also like to add, the other danger about fish is all the harmful metals such as mercury that are found in their fat.

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Sugar bee

Totally agree.  My dog got into chocolate while at my parents house when I was on vacation and ate her own weight in chocolate (5lbs then!)  She miraculously survived.  A couple years ago she got into white chocolate fudge which is far less harmful but she still threw up several times.  My dog will eat anything everything, we have to make sure to take out the trash each morning regardless if its full or not because she will pull it down and get into it.

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Sugar bee

Yeah it was a miracle she was ok.  When she got into the regular chocolate, my mom called me freaking out because she was wobbling back and forth and was throwing up constantly.  They took her to the vet and the vet said she had an ear infection.  My dad found the candy bar wrapper a few days later! 

Some things are definitely a case by case basis, like the dairy or cheese. I have to wrap my dogs pills in cheese or some type of food for her to eat them so she gets half a piece of an american cheese slice each day and she is fine.  This is probably a smaller amount than what they mention though. 

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Busy bee
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Thanks for posting this, everyday at work I see the bad side of when dogs eat people food. 

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Busy bee
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Confession time! we used to have a family doggie a loong time ago and I would cut up hotdogs for him and add steak sause, pepper, and salt thinking I was giving him the yummiest meal ever, in reality I was just making him sick 🙁

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Bumble bee
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I apparently have a dairy loving dog – she scarfs down cheese and at one point ate a whole vanilla ice cream cone!

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Sugar bee
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Thanks for this post. I have actually heard of a similar list on tv that had these food items on it so it is nice to know the information is real. As a steppawrent, I always want to make sure our bud-bud is being taken care of.

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Honey bee
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The thing with chocolate is actually what kind of chocolate… no matter what, especially in large quantities, it’s not good to give to a dog, however, I “think” it’s the cocoa content. If it’s a very “cocoa rich” chocolate bar… it’s more dangerous than some sugary m&m’s. Baker’s chocolate has much more theobromine than regular milk chocolate.

Broccoli – “large quantity” should actually be defined as more than 10% of the daily intake for this food. Which… isn’t much.

Sugar free foods containing Xylitol are dangerous to ALL dog’s, not just some dogs… It’s on the chocolate level.

Cheese as a treat is totally fine. A whole block isn’t good for a human or dog 😉


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Sugar Beekeeper
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Great list! I agree with the thing on eggs and dairy though. We used to give our golden retriever a raw egg on his food occassionally at the vet’s suggestion to keep his coat shiny. We also always give pills in cheese. 

For my dog now I don’t give him much people food just because I don’t want him begging/thinking that my food is his. For the most part the only stuff he gets is cooked chicken or steak bits in his bowl while I’m cooking. Also, rice when he has an upset tummy, obviously.

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Honey bee
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My dogs eats eggs a lot.  Usually cooked but sometimes not.

He also loves ice cream cones.  I don’t give them to him that much because the sugar makes him kinda hyper. 

I have heard the worst part about giving dogs human food is the salt.  Their bodies are not meant to have that much salt and their hearts and arteries can’t handle it.  Obviously it won’t kill your dog overnight, but it may reduce his lifespan.

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Busy bee
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I should forward this to Future Father-In-Law. He doesn’t give the dogs many things on the list but he gives them lots of fatty meats and leftovers. My friends dogs once ate 50 rolls of sushi WITH wasabi! Needless to say, they were quite ill, but they recovered.

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