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@papercrafter:  I say, enjoy the hunger while it lasts, you might get lucky and avoid morning sickness, but most people don’t! It didn’t hit me until weeks 7-8. Just eat small meals/snacks and focus on the good stuff!

For what it’s worth, I’ve heard different things about the calorie rule – for example, I was told not to add any calories until the 2nd trimester. I just depends on your healthcare provider, your starting weight, any health issues, etc. 

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Keep eating every couple of hours, just try to eat healthy snacks like fruit, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. You may start to feel sick if you wait too long to eat, at least that’s how it is for me. If you eat healthy and are somewhat active you will be fine. Congratulations : )

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@papercrafter:  I haven’t actually heard of that 300 calorie rule! But my instinct would be if i’m hungry, bubs is hungry and I should eat! Usually you can call midwives/nurses/drs and ask questions over the phone. Better to be safe and put your mind at ease!

I understand not wanting to put on too much weight too fast but you also obviously want to give your baby everything they need to be healthy 🙂 and if you’re picking super healthy nutritious foods they shouldn’t cause you to put on excessive amounts of weight!

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Keep eating little and often, protein will help you feel fuller for longer but I had terrible nauseau kick in around 8 weeks and if I didn’t eat something every 2 hours then I would feel so sick and not be able to eat anything..viscious circle. Try not to eat too much fruit as snacks because you’ll just burn through the energy too quickly, look for slow energy burning foods – have an omlette for breakfast, eat full fat yoghurt with some fresh fruit and crushed nuts/LSA mid morning, something protein based for lunch – chicken salad with some avocado or boiled eggs in etc and maybe red meat with roast root vegetables for dinner. Try not to fill up on too much bread, it’s just empty calories that will give you little energy. But when your pregnant your body tells you what you need so if it’s saying you’re hungry – eat! 

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If your hungry then eat! Also drink lots of water and get in the habit of water drinking. Staying hydrated will help stave off preterm labor later on.

Also eat lots more snack with protein in them. They will help keep you full longer. Cheese sticks, cottage cheese, peanut butter, milk, nuts etc.

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Girl, I hear ya! I was so hungry at 5 weeks, and I kinda still am, at nearly 18 weeks! I got nausea around 6 weeks, it is mostly gone now, but the only thing that would help/prevent the nausea was a snack. Sigh. I NEVER thought I’d gain so much weight in my first trimester but between the hunger and the nausea I couldn’t help it! I’m up about 8-10 pounds, which isn’t bad I guess, and it seems to have slowed down a lot, but it kinda bums me out. Anyways, I’ve tried to balance out the increased calories by exercising, and it makes me feel better both physically and mentally. I got hit hard by exhaustion in the first trimester, but it is mostly gone now, and I was still able to rally and do something active most of the time. Good luck and congrats to you!!!!!

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I just try to eat something small whenever I am hungry. A fruit cup, a yogurt, etc. I’ll also sometimes choose a drink that has calories in it (like Gatorade), as opposed to usually drinking water. This satisfies my hunger without me feeling like I am overeating. Rather than calorie counting, I just make sure to not eat any more (or less) than I was eating before I was pregnant. 300 calories is not a lot; I figured I was probably already eating 300 more calories than I should have been. 😉 Seems to be working out so far!

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I think if your body is telling you to eat, you should do it, at least until you can talk to your midwife. Make the healthy selections you mentioned as much as possible, and trust your body to tell you what you need.

I was also REALLY hungry in early pregnancy and never really got morning sickness. I put on a totally healthy amount of weight eating when I was hungry.

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I was always starving during the first trimester. I basically ate whenever I felt hungry. Small meals and snacks throughout the day kept me sane. I’m 15 weeks tomorrow and have only gained 2-3 lbs so far. Like @geeky_bee I’ve basically just been eating like I did before I got pregnant, except now it’s more spread out over the day in smaller meals. 

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@papercrafter:  I was super hungry in my first and now in my third trimester as well. I eat a lot, every 2 hours or so, but I don’t eat a lot at a time, smaller portions, snacks etc. I’ve gained 17lbs at 34 weeks which I don’t think is too bad and I’ve listened to my body when its hungry and eat when I want to. I do try to stick to healthier things, but don’t kick yourself if you give in to an occasional naughty craving. Keep yourself sane, too!

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Just eat =) and try to continue to make good choices. Your body knows what it needs and you’ve just got to listen to it. As my pregnancy has progressed my cravings have changed, (lots of carbs early on and now I’m really into getting heavy protein in my foods). Remember to stay active, short walks, any exercise you were doing prepregnancy you can continue with as long as its safe or can be modified as your pregnancy progresses. I’ve been doing pilates 2/week through my pregnancy and feel excellent. 

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