(Closed) Hunger, blah. How do you deal with it?

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commenting to follow :/    i recently decided i need to develop a healthy relationship with food & thats how  i’ll even decide if i’m hungry or not. I am def an overeater. Heres my thread i started ab having a healthy relationship w food & lots of really great tips from some awesome bees:


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@Creiddylad:  I’m with you. I struggle with hunger as well. I don’t think there is a magic key that will keep you full/not eating, but I found that staying hydrated with water helps to alleviate BS hunger (the “hunger” you feel b/c you’re used to eating too much or are bored – not b/c you are actually hungry).

Also, restrict/limit your sugar intake. Sugar crashes make you extremely hungry so eliminating sugar keeps your levels in order.

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You can still eat a lot if you have a lot of vegetables in your diet. Load up on those until you’re full, and it won’t ruin your calorie goal. I also make sure I drink a lot of water – many times thirst can be mistaken for hunger. I drink water before every meal so that I’m already feeling a little full. I also put smaller portions on my plate, and once I finish that, I make myself wait 10-15 minutes before getting seconds. It gives my body enough time to adjust and see if I really do need more food or if I actually am full.

Don’t be starving though. If you’re hungry, eat. Just make it a healthy low cal snack. Apples and peanut butter are a great option to keep me full.

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if i am hungry, i eat.  but i make smart choices like fruit or veggies or yogurt with water.  there is no sense in starving yourself even if you are trying to restrict your calories. i have never counted calories and have lost 40 lbs in 3 years….or 60 pounds in 7 years.  i just stay active and eat healthily and indulge from time to time. because we all deserve that. 

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@Creiddylad:  actually, I’m going to +1,000 the water. I know it’s hard, if it’s not a habit of yours (mine used to be Diet Pepsi…) – but it will ingrain itself if you keep at it.

I read the other day that if you drink an 1.5 liters a day, over a yesar that can help you lose and keep off five pounds. It may not seem like much – but it’s definitely something, and it helps your body efficiently perform all of it’s natural functions – including metabolism.

I keep a bottle next to me at work. I fill it specifically before breakfast and lunch (about 500 ml, so two cups) – and then I fill it throughout the day when I notice it is empty. I’m worse at home because out water is so awful (minerally) – I actually look forward to my water at work!

That all to say, it REALLY does help with hunger. Give it some consistent time, and you will notice that’s the first thing you reach for.


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Sometimes feeling hungry is actually because you are not getting enough water

So are you getting enough water daily? Not soft drinks or tea/coffee, but water.
If you dont like the taste (like my mom hates teh taste of water?) then add in fresh lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, strawberries, etc. to help infuse it with flavor.
When I wasn’t drinking enough H2O I would buy lemons just for work, slice them up to put inmy water glasses, and make it a goal to have them gone by the end of the week.

I’ve heard that drinking two 8oz glasses right before meals can help to curb your appetite. I often do that if I’m worried about over-eating (because then I get hiccups for the next three hours, ugh) and it does help my stomach feel a bit full.

Drinking more water has TONS of added benefits, like better metabolism, healthier skin, etc.

Just don’t drink too much water as it can wash out all your nutrients.

Try this: http://waterintakecalculator.com/

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Great post – I’m also feeling the hunger pangs post-holiday binging.  Here’s what usually works for me.

At work if I feel hungry, I have a glass of water or herbal tea.  For me, a lot of the time when I feel ‘hungry’, I’m actually just thirsty.

In terms of food that keeps you full, almonds are a good mid-morning or afternoon snack to get you through to the next meal.


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I snack on some celery or just get over it…

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@Creiddylad:  this is a controversial answer, so youll just need to do your own research to decide if its right for you but I wanted to offer my opinion:


Do a fast. Your stomach absolutely stretches from overeatting (thats how competitive eaters train). Your bodys mechanism for “Im full now!” is all off from over eating. This has happened to me as well. A 3 day juice fast, or liquid fast (smooties with protein) will shrink your stomach down to its natural size. When you eat solids again youll be shocked with how FULL you get. Break the fast with a few days of raw vegan eating if you can. 


You might lost a few lbs in the fast, but thats really not the point. Its to retrain your body to crave good stuff, and to give you the full signal more efficiently. It also is a great exercise for discipline. You will have more self control after you accomplish it.


Another key is to drink A TON of water and tea. Full 20oz of water before every meal, and hot tea after if youre still hungry. 


Also eat foods that dont make you crash (ie no carbs or sugar!) Veggies, lean protein, even cheese or nuts to keep you satiated. 




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I watched a British documentary type thing. In it there was a lady who was superrrrrrr skinny. She basically drank tea alllll the time. With sugar and cream. But anywho, they did an experiment where she had to switch with this really obese person. She had to eat what this obese person normally ate in a day, and the obese person had to eat what this skinny ate daily.

Turns out the skinny lady started getting hungry! She hadn’t been hungry before. Not really hungry anyway.

And she was like: IT’S BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE MY TEA! She realized she needs to cut back on tea to gain weight.

I had heard about drinking tea before and never really bought into it. Plus, I was kind of too lazy to make tea. BUT NOT ANYMORE.


I am drinking green tea, and seriously, it IS helping curve my appetite. For reals. I have a HUGE mug. It’s more like a bowl with a handle. It’s massive. I use two tea bags, it’s that big. I seep it for 3 minutes and use 2tbsp of honey. Sometimes I add lemon/lime. I’m a night time snacker so I got rid of all the snacks in the house (less temptation) and I drink my big arse cup/cereal bowl with an attitude/Barbie pool full of tea. I get so full.Maybe this can work for you?

I do this when I sense the munchies coming. 

Oh and by the end of the experiment thing the obese lady was less hungry living off what the skinny person normally ate : )




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You can certainly have a few more calories if you need. Also I find that adding in a bit of carbs helps me stay full longer. Like maybe some whole wheat crackers. 

To curb hunger gum is always a great thing to chew, and make sure you are drinking a lot of fluids. 

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Hi new fitness pal friend! I find that when I start a diet I usually feel hungry for the first week and it’s better after week two. You’re body will get used to the reduced calories fairly quickly. 

I would suggest stuff like porriage, baked potatoes etc that keep you full, without being very high in calories. I would say also, plan your meals for the day out in advance, that way you can spread your calories evenly so you don’t eat too much at breakfast and end up hungry at dinner. 

Also, I’m someone that tends to throw the diet out the window if I get starving. Try to snack regularly on fruit or low cal yogurts so you never get to the point where you’re so hungry you just eat loads without thinking. 

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