(Closed) Hurt & confused — But should I be?

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Personally, I could not be with someone that wasn’t adult enough to tell their parents and asked me to lie.  

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This is a really crappy situation. It sounds like he is not adult enough to be honest with his parents regardless of their judgement. Just keep in mind that this is how he handles things and this could and likely will continue in the future with other things. Are you ok with that?

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@alto_treble:  I think you are completely justified in feeling this way. I was in an incredibly similar sitatuation. I moved in with my Fi about 6 months after dating because it made sense for our living situation. We didn’t tell my parents because my mom said she would disown me if I ever did that, but his parents and my dad and stepmom knew about the situation. It wore on both of us to constantly lie and keep my stepdad and mom in the dark. Literally all my siblings and cousins knew because they would come visit and stay with us. It got to the point where I couldn’t handle lying to my parents and my Fiance was tired of having to change up his stories when we would go to my parents. It wasn’t enjoyable. I came clean to my stepdad about a week after we got engaged.

My stepdad was initially hurt because I’m living in sin, but even more hurt because I lied to him for so long. I wish i had been upfront from the beginning, but I’m glad everybody knows now. It makes life so much easier.

Does your fiance plan on telling them after the wedding that yall were living togehter for so long before? I get his feelings of not wanting to dissapoint them, but he needs to think of your feelings in this matter as well. What would it change if they knew?

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First off, MONTH TWIN! 

Second, hes starting your married life with a lie, and has lived your whole relationship hiding a big part of his life from his parents. I dont see why he’s trying to please them so much but i dont know him. I wouldnt do it. I had personally lied to my parents about my now Fiance about his age. It wasnt initially a lie, I legitally thought he was 23. 24 TOPS when we started dating. And didnt ask until a few weeks into the relationship and turns out he was 29 so..i just didnt tell them. Until recently. I had to clear the air with my parents about it for my own sanity. My Fiance wanted to tell them from the beginning but I feared theyd kick me out of the house ( which they did anyways) so i guess it didnt matter lol. It was worth telling them. All the anxiety, lies, stories i had to make up on the spot, its all over n i feel a thousand times better. I dont really know how you can make you Fiance understand your feelings.. good luck! 

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@Sunflower–girl:  +1

You two are adults and can live together if you want, irregardless of your parents beliefs.

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Do you mind me asking how old your Fiance is? It would seem that he isn’t very mature if he can’t tell his parents he’s living with his soon to be bride. Seems crazy to me. I would not be okay with this. You are totally justified in feeling this way.

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@alto_treble:  Lying is a pretty big deal in my mind, especially since you are both adults. The parents don’t have to love/agree with the decision to live together, but they need to respect it. Being adults, you make your own decisions, based on what you feel is right for you. Why lie about it? What other things would he lie about then? In my opinion, it’s immature and it’s wrong of him to ask you to lie about it as well. 

I moved in with my Fiance about 9 months ago and that didn’t go over well with my parents. But I could never lie to them about it, and it seemed silly to do since I’m an adult. So while it has caused some tension, they appreciated the honesty. 

My brother has been living with his Fiance for almost a year and half. They decided not to tell either set of parents (hers pay for the apartment and would have been fine with them living together but the catch is that my parents had to be told as well). So they’ve been living a lie and my ENTIRE family knows about it, but won’t say anything. They think they are fooling everyone and being clever but they are actually damaging relationships. It’s terrible and I’ve encouraged them to be honest and hoped that I would set an example by being honest in my sitation. 

You have every right to feel the way you do and I think everyone would feel better in the end if you guys just came out with it. 

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When I first moved in with my boyfriend I didn’t tell my parents because I was afraid of disappointing them. We had only been together for like 5 months and I just knew my mom was going to flip out. She had made multiple comments about how I couldn’t live with him before I was married because it wasn’t the “right way” to do things. Well after about a month of talking about make believe apartments and watching my Boyfriend or Best Friend look disappointed every time we were around my parents and he had to lie for me, I finally told them. Afterwards my Boyfriend or Best Friend told me how bad it made him feel and I felt pretty terrible. My mom did freak out, but she got over it and things are so much better for my relationship now.

I guess my point is, I think your feelings are justified and when I put my Boyfriend or Best Friend through the same thing he felt the same way as you. I didn’t want to tell my parents because I was scared honestly, I’m 28 years old and I’m still afraid of my mom, sad I know!

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@alto_treble:  He’s gotta tell his parents. You shouldn’t stay if he doesn’t.

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You should not feel badly about doing this, because is was his fear and immaturity that created the situation…now that you know how absurd it is to lie about the choices the two of you make as adults as well as how bad it feels to support his lie…well, I would just tell him that you thought he would have found the courage to be honest and proud of his life and the choices that comprise that….and since he hasn’t you must insist that everyone be brought up to speed on the living arrangements, since you are quite finished hiding your things in your own home. 

No other action than that is necessary, he’ll either tell them, or they’ll figure it out, since you aren’t going to help keep this charade running….as if his parents try to come down on you over it, I would remind them it was their son who insisted on hiding this from them, perhaps exploring the inspiration for the deception would be more productive than blaming you.

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I would ask him, “who’s feelings are more important? Me, your parents or you?”

You- It’s starting to wear on you and you want to live the truth. It hurts that you can’t live in the house like you want and speak freely.

Parents–they have an image of what is right. if their son lives another way, they will be angry

Him–he is scared of his parents anger.

So in the end his fear and parents anger is more imporant than how you feel.

If he doesn’t fess up, just be prepared for a life time of their feelings coming before yours. It doesn’t get better once you get married. Yes, for this one topic it will, but something else will happen and he’ll have to choose and more than likely he will choose them.


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