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@doubtingdebbieah:  I think you’re blowing this WAY out of proportion. Remember, it takes two to cheat.

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I “like” photos of my exes. I don’t know why that is weird to you. I’m guessing she knows he is married too, its usually on limited access on people’s facebooks. What are you mad about? that he has exes? That she was being friendly?

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honestly, not to be mean, but I had an ex boyfriend who acted like you are acting, which is why he is my ex…. he always created drama and fought constantly about his jealously issues, he eventually became really controlling and I was sick of walking on eggshells to avoid fights.

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  • He told you exactly what was in the text, and that he wanted to have the conversation end. He was polite, and short but to the point.
  • She liked the picture. Big deal. Many, many people are friends with ex’s on Facebook, and she’s not even that. She can put together the fact that you’re his wife if you took his last name, so there’s no need for him to text her back and be like ‘Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, I’m married.’ She could just like the picture, and be happy that he (and you!) found each other.

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@doubtingdebbieah:  You won.  You got the ring.  You even live in a different city.  He didn’t try to hide it from you.  Stop letting this woman get a rise out of you.  You’re causing damage to your own relationship by acting this way about the situation.  It only teaches him to keep secrets from you.

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@doubtingdebbieah:  haha at least he told you:)
I get that friend (Jealousy) ALOT! lol. My FI’s ex went and tried to add me on FB (my profile pic was of me and him) (i declined) and then she went on my Pinterest and liked EVERYTHING no lie, EVERYTHING! Like seriously, do you think you’re going to get to me?
Well then she tried to add me AGAIN on FB, so I accepted…. and then purposly posted a pic of me and MY Fiance with the countdown on it saying how we had to go through the wrong relationships to get to the right ones;) lol. I hate that jealousy can get us like it does…
I ended up deleting her off and blocking her; because i dont like the person it made me. lol. I love my Fiance and i never want to make it look like i brag about him to get to her. lol
I understand the jealoust part IM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.
But dont be mad at him. lol. he came home and told you… he prolly didnt think it mattered to say “with my wife” because he dont plan on meeting her or talking to her.

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I get your pain.  I too am jealous….some of it stemming from a past relationship where I was cheated on many times.  Some of it because of the fear of how women can be…you know the whole ‘liking’ pictures and not respecting boundries. 

I know why you are upset, and yes, it does make sense to me that he should have told her that he was married.  What more would they have talked about?  Was he afraid that she would ask about you?  Has she moved on?  Is she married?  I guess I don’t get it so maybe this is a question better for a therapist (I have been to therapy myself MANY times over the woman who introduced is, who happens to have been one of Mr VBs great friends…luckily they are not as close as they used to be but still bothers me).

Here’s some of my advice to you:

1-Get the heck of facebook.  I know it doesn’t seem fair, but honestly, I cannot handle the drama/fears that of jealousy that comes with other women talking to my man and being in their life.  The last two people I’ve been with (the guy before Mr VB was a fling but still) Mr VB included-are NOT on facebook, so that helps a lot.

2-I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the subject and the best thing I’ve read is that complaining about the other woman is voting for the other woman.  Basically, you bring her up, you are mentioning to your husband that you feel like she is better than you and your husband might start to believe it!  Don’t do that.  Much better to struggle with your thoughts and come across as a secure woman who will leave her husband if he cheats, than a jealous woman who feels that she is not good enough for a man to be faithful to her.  FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT.  It does get easier.  I used to have fights over jealousy and other women every single day, no joke.  Therapy, books and the hive have helped me to work through it. 

Good luck!

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@doubtingdebbieah:  As someone who struggles with this on a daily basis, I feel for you, I truly do, but you cannot do this.  It is great he told you… She likely knows he’s married to you via the grapevine or what have you and as my Fiance has told me when I have gotten upset over stupid FB likes “you can’t control what other people do”. 

If you want to PM to talk, feel free.  🙂

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I think your husband is a bit between a rock and a hard place.

If he mentioned he was married, it would have opened him up to further conversation with her.  Instead he simply responded that he didn’t live in that city anymore without providing any color or details.  He essentially shutdown any further conversation in the most polite way he could.  Was there a response he could have had that wouldn’t engage her and also make you happy?

I also don’t think she’s trying to hit on your husband.  Perhaps she’s just being nostalgic.  I get like that sometimes when I think or people who used to be a big part of my life who aren’t anymore.  Reaching out like this isn’t an invite to cheat, it’s just a little, “Hey!  I was thinking about you!”  Plus it was a picture posted by you that she liked.

I seriously think she’s just being friendly and I absolutely believe your husband was trying to be respectful of your marriage with his response.

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I know you said you are already seeing a therapist, but I suggest you make a conscious decision to not let this woman or your husband’s past relationship with her, push your buttons.

Green is not an attractive color on many people, and, as a pp stated, jealous behavior could become a problem between you and your Darling Husband. He ended his relationship with her, he chose you, he married you- enough said.


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I think you need to tell your therapist about this conversation. Your reaction is WAY over the top.  Your husband’s ex no doubt already knows that he has remarried or at a minimum was in a serious relationship; they’ve not been in contact for a year and since she didn’t know his new city, they weren’t going to be crossing paths anyway; and people can and do stay in contact with their ex’es. It is natural that if someone was a big part of your life for many years, if you find yourself in their town, you want to get together and catch up. It doesn’t mean you are jumping in bed together. And really there’s no reason he has to go out of his way to mention his wife in every conversation.

If this woman had designs on getting her man back, or if he had designs on getting her back, they would have been in touch way more recently.

Keep with your therapy but in the mean time, make it a point to hold all commentary on your husband’s ex to yourself.  You do not want to get into the habit of turning every innocent contact into a big deal. It is demoralizing and frustrating to a man (or to a woman!) to feel like their partner does not trust them.

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