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So cute!  Your hubby just sounds very enthusiastic!

This one isn’t about my husband, but when we took our baby care class, there was one couple in there pregnant with twins.  The woman had two or three older children, but the man didn’t have any kids.  He was cracking us up!  Here’s some of his gems:

1.  He asked the instructor, “So can you just like take babies anywhere?  Cuz I was gonna take them with me to my NA meetings on Thursdays nights, but there’s a lot of clapping and hollering and stuff and I don’t know if it’s ok to take them around that much noise.  Do you think I can bring them with me to the bar afterward, too?  It’s pretty noisy in there.”

2.  The instructor was talking about supporting newborns heads and necks and we were all practicing with baby dolls.  He asked, “So how’re you supposed to pick these things up?  Cuz you can’t just grab them by one leg like this, right?” wile holding a baby doll upside down by one leg.

3.  We were going through this “what to do when you bring home baby” exercise, and we got to the part where we’re supposed to be home with the baby from the hospital.  The baby’s been fed and changed, and the instructor asks what we’d do next.  He says, “I’d crack open a beer and turn on a baseball game.  Kids like tv, right?”  Lol!

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haha. You gal’s husbands are soo cute.

@camrie: I can totally see my husband being like yours!

@Mrs. Spring: OMG! #3! Almost laughed like a retard at work. hahah. That will be my husband. hehe.

I definitely have to take a class with my husband. Poor guy’s never been around a baby in his life. Only for like a week or so twice when his nieces were babies. Everything will be new to him!

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Not pregnant yet, but Darling Husband, after being deadset against me breastfeeding (worried it would “ruin” my boobs), decided to set down and read a 40 page report on the benefits of breastfeeding, and is now totally on board. He’s also starting reading WTEWYE…again, even though we’re not yet pregnant. Which is great, but he’s now lecturing me on how much coffee I should drink and foods to avoid while we’re TTC..

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That’s super cute that he’s so excited! I’m hoping that the classes available to us wont clash with DH’s work schedule, cause we’re going to need all the help we can get and Darling Husband is definitely the question asker of the two of us, I’m awful to just sit there tight lipped.

I will guarantee #3 is exactly what my husband will do… I’m actually willing to put money on this one.

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@Mrs. Spring: lmao, gotta love a father with a sense of humor!!!! 


I didn’t take any classes since I was living with my parents and figured my mom would be able to help.  As for my Fiance, he’s already got a 19 year old, so I’m thinking he knows what to do!

Although… I do admit to letting my daughter have a plastic skeleton to play with as a baby and now she loves Bones and all-things murder-mystery.  Go figure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Ok this question was asked (not by my husband) when I was going to classes for my first daughter years ago:

“So after you take the frozen breastmilk out of the freezer, do you have to let it thaw?”

Um, yeah.  All I could think of was “tit-sicle”!  The hospital should not have let that couple take their baby home!

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My dear, clueless husband is all about this pregnancy.  He’s read more books than I have and is always offering up his little tidbits of knowledge, he thinks that if it’s in a book, it’s gospel. 

1) He had Whole Foods cook a whole, fresh sardine for me because he read they are great for the baby.  I am a vegetarian that hates seafood, but somehow he thought I should take it for the team.  I tried it.  Ick. And who comes home with one little sardine?  Flowers or chocolate, please!

2) He bought me a heartrate monitor and absolutely freaks out if we are hiking and the alarm goes off.   Mind you, I’m in good shape, have the ok from the doctor to exercise and when the alarm goes off, I’m always FINE!  But he read that a heart rate of 140 is it and I will rest and drink water until it’s under that!  I fully expect him to whip out a chair and umbrella next time.

3) We have friends getting married in Mexico 7 weeks after the baby is due.  He asked if we could hire a “wet nurse” and leave the baby with her for the weekend.  And maybe I could just pump a lot to help out before we leave.  Wet nurse?  Is this 1592?  Do wet nurses even still exist?

I love this man and I’m happy he’s enthusiastic and involved, but he’s going to drive me nuts!  I can’t imagine how he will be when we take classes together!

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These are so funny!  Especially the wet nurse comment.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Lol!

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My husband was carving a watermelon into a baby carriage as decoration for our baby shower last weekend and I asked him if he was going to put the baby in it, meaning was he going to take an orange and draw a face to make it look like a baby. His answer was “well we’ll see how big she is when she gets here and if I can find a watermelon that will fit her I guess we can do that” He was totally serious and it took him a few minutes to figure out why my grandma and I were laughing hysterically at him.

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Haha these are great!! 

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These are hilarious!LOL Wet nurse? I would have died!

My SO knows the drill since he has a 12yr old, so nothing is new, but he is confused on the cloth diapers i got in the mail recently, a.k.a. robot diapers. LOL!

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Haha! These are great!

I can’t think of anything hubby has said off the top of my head, but there have definitely been some gems.

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