Husband in business class while I'm in economy?

posted 8 months ago in Travel
  • poll: What would you do if hubby flies business but you can only afford economy?
    Sit in economy while he sits in business : (40 votes)
    17 %
    Ask him to sit in economy with you : (64 votes)
    27 %
    Ask him to pay for your upgrade : (78 votes)
    33 %
    Other : (58 votes)
    24 %
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    bougainvillea :  You haven’t answered the questions PP have asked several times.

    How. Tall. Is. Your. Husband.

    My husband is 6″1 and I’m 5″6(ish?) If he insisted on paying thousands more for a business class ticket to be more comfortable, I would not be cool with that.

    But if he was say 6″4 + a large man in general, I could understand how economy would be genuinely torturous. 

    I mean even at my height economy is cramped and uncomfortable.  

    Unless he’s genuinely a very large man or has a medical condition that makes it drastically difficult to sit in economy, I think he should be sitting there with you.  Go economy plus, or the emergency exit seats or something. 

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    sstephensid :  Alright. No need to get your panties in a bunch. OP’s hubby sits in economy, or they cut back on travel for leisure. Problem solved. 

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    Woah.  He’s planning to spend an extra EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS for a nicer seat?  Damn.  Now I can see how the second business class seat would be a budget buster, yet the vacation itself isn’t.  That is quite the luxury to treat himself to, yet not his wife.


    I’m now wondering about the rest of the trip.  He gorges on Kobe beef while she sits across the table nibbling on a side salad.  He takes a helicopter tour over a volcano while she hikes up it.  He buys himself designer clothing while she picks through a rack of keychains.

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    MollyCatherine :  exactly…. I had a great aunt who had her husband pass away 40 plus years ago. At the time of his passing they did not have a lot of money and as a result he was buried in the cheapest casket that was available. My great aunt lived to be a 100 and she on occasion said that her funeral was to be the same as that of her husbands by way of casket and flowers etc because she didn’t feel right that if she died she would have a better funeral than the one she gave her husband. Its a morbid story but one that reflects a true yours is mine philosophy in a relationship that endured a lifespan. My great aunt died and her funeral was very basic with few flowers and she indeed did have the same coffin as her husband.

    I don’t think I could ever get on board with a ‘yours is yours and mine is mine’ philosophy. I’m the bigger money earner in our relationship but I could not ever sit their eating lobster whilst my husband eats packet ramen or enjoy business class whilst he sits in economy. I’d rather suffer the crapshoot economy is together. Also if he couldn’t afford business class for his own ticket, would he avoid travel all together just to avoid economy? I highly doubt it so him sitting in business class probably isn’t a necessity…. 

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    My husband flies all the time, is tall w/ broad shoulders. There is no way in heck, that he would fly in business class, and fly me in coach. If anything, he would let me fly in business class, and squeeze into coach, if there were only two seats left on the plane. Of course, I would insist that he took the business seat, but we would never plan it that way. 

    As for finances, he has always earned more than me, and it’s always been “our” money, not his money, or my money. 

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    pocahontas28 :  This x100.

    yea WHAT??? Why on Earth do you expect him to work more hours to pay for YOUR upgrade?? That’s a luxury. You know what people do who can’t afford things? They don’t get them; that’s you. Why are you yourself unable to work to buy your own seat? Why do you need to sit next to him so badly for x hours? & why, if you guys can afford sooo many vacations, can you not afford a few hundred dollars of an upgrade? This makes no sense. I net if you went on ONE LESS trip, u could use that saved money to put on all your business class seats.

    Still sounds like a very first-word, “i should get what I want, even though i barely contribute to it, because i married a rich guy” mentality. 

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    I, for one, wouldn’t have an issue with it. But my husband, on the other hand, would DIE if he flew a different class than me. He would feel so guilty and like such an asshole knowing I was sitting back in coach. 

    We also share all finances though, so this entire post is beyond bizarre to me. 

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    Premium economy is one thing (if this is an option, or overwing exit seats with extra leg room) that would be the clear choice for both of you. Flying business without you, though? Unless he’s a giant, that wouldn’t fly for me. How long is this flight?

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    Sorry, one more thing. I just read how ridiculously expensive business seats were lmao. Unless he’s like, Shaq sized, i don’t understand the need to be suuuper luxurious & comfy for a fww hours, but whatever.

    I’m more surprised that OP thinks that she just deserves this upgrade because she married him & is his wife when she literally contributes almost nothing to their household & or finances. So you barely work, AND have a cleaner, AND he pays for everything, but somehow it’s unfair that he won’t pay for your multi-thousand dollar seat?? In what world?


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    beepboopbop :  To be fair, OP’s husband signed up for a wife who makes much less than him and he hired the house cleaner.  If that’s not the life he wanted, then he didn’t need to agree to it by marrying her.  Now that he has, they are in a marriage contract, which is in large part a financial contract.  In community property states, this means each spouse gets half the other’s income.  So, unless there’s some law or prenup saying that his income is not her property, she may be entitled to half of his money.  If that’s the case, it is indeed unfair for him to take the lion’s share of the money and splurge on himself while leaving her in the dust in economy.

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    This is so bizarre…


    i dont feel feel like we have got OPs full story here…

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    So, my husband is 6’5, and 350 pounds, so flying coach is pretty uncomfortable for him.  I’m 5’6, and normal weight, so coach is not terrible for me.  My husband can handle a 5 hour cross country flight, but anything more, and he really needs to fly business.  We were toying with the idea of going to Asia on our honeymoon, and he was going to fly business, while I flew coach, because 2 business tickets were too expensive.  I didn’t love the idea, but was willing to consider it.  For other reasons, we ended up doing a cruise, and we only had to fly to Florida from CA, so we both flew coach.

    When we fly international, we will have to pay for him to go business.  Sucks, but at his size, I understand.  

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    There are so many factors and unknowns in this, OP. You aren’t giving us a lot of data.

    For instance, if his girth/body overall was large along with his height, I can see this being a valid option. The same, if you both strongly wanted a specific vacation, but he had faced an injury in the past (back, or knees, for instance).

    Even if it were something along the lines of “my Darling Husband hates flying and is physically exhausted but takes me on vacations within a specified budget to make me happy, the condition being that he cannot fly economy because it is too taxing,” this would be OK in my book.

    If you two both were plus sized so that you had genuine trouble fitting in the seat, it might be different. Or, if he treated the entire trip or your entire relationship in an unequal-toward-his-favor manor. It doesn’t sound like either of those things are the case though. I’m not sure we have quite enough information to make a blanket statement that it would be ok for him to do this, or unfair.

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    sstephensid :  he suffers all the time! I didn’t put it in my first post because i thought no one would believe me but my husband is 201cm (about six foot seven)and I am 168 (5 foot 6ish), either we both go business or we both go economy. But you know what, he’s a gentleman, so he would never go in a higher class than me because he ‘earns more money’. Look, these people can do wha tthey want but doesn’t mean Im not going to be completely unenvious of their relationship – he comes across as a selfish prat and she seems ok with it so you know… 

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    bougainvillea :  My ex did this to me once and it bothered everyone who heard about it, a lot of people thought it was weird. But he could easily afford to help me upgrade and he was 5’11, so….

    I think it comes down to what you’re willing to do for him. I wouldn’t like sitting separately. I was in your husband’s position, I would appreciate your gesture but just suck it up and sit with you in economy or pay the extra upgrade fee.

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