Husband lost wedding band – has this happened to you? What would you do?

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AnonBee2019 :  There are silicone rings that look a bit more like a more traditional metal ring he might be interested in:

I’d be devestated if I lost my ring, I’m so attached to it. So I completely understand how you’re feeling about the loss of your husband’s ring.

My husband never had a specific ring. He made himself one when we were first married and has probably made a dozen more in the same design out of other materials since then. So, in that way we’re not that attached to a specific ring, but I don’t think I’d like him to not wear one at all. He works with his hands, so he needs to take it off sometimes for safety etc so I get that. I do like seeing the way a ring looks on his finger though, and he wears a ring whenever is reasonable.

My dad lost his ring after something like 25 years of marriage. It was part of a matching set, custom engared with my mom’s name that matched her engagement and wedding bands. He was really bummed since he’s a sentimental guy and always wore it. My mom, a less sentimental person, didn’t seem bothered. He got himself a tunston one. 


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mary8915 :  

I have dozens of sterling silver rings and other jewellery some very old . Hardly ever see any tarnish ( maybe you are thinking candlesticks etc lol) . Hls ring is sterling silver, only worn on agccasion and no sign of tarnish. 
It’s a lovely metal l think 

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My husband (then fiance) also lost his ring during our engagement but soon he found it on the floor of a random store. He always fidgets with it, so he’s already lost and found it more than 10 times maybe.

I get the disappointment but you as you said what can you do?

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AnonBee2019 :  my husband lost his ring 3.5 weeks after our wedding! We have no clue when/where it could have went. I was so angry, but we just bought a new one. Guess what? He dropped it on tile and it broke in one spot! (It was white gold with diamonds and black ceramic along the edges, as we found out, not very durable lol) Guess what happened after that? He lost it about 6 months later. I just bought him a fake crappy ring to replace that and wouldn’t ya know, he hasn’t lost or broken that one and it’s been years! We actually found the 2nd one in our Christmas tree box last Christmas! I don’t know how it didn’t fall out after years of storage and taking tree in and out of the box. My Dad also lost his ring 1 month after my parents wedding, they were together 27 years until he passed away. 

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I’m not into the silicone rings but if my husband wanted it, who am I to say? Maybe I’m wrong but don’t they develop a bad smell after a while?  My husband has never lost either of his bands.  One is 4mm the other 5mm. I didn’t care he wanted a slimmer band soon after we married. It just gives me an excuse to buy more jewelry! 😂

I’d just buy another band if I were you for when you go out and let him lose the silicone ring in the glove next time. Or if you really want to see the metal band on him just make it a memorable point to tell him how  incredibly sexy you find him wearing it and how much it means to you to see him wearing it and “maybe” he will be more “aware” of it and it’s wereabouts? 🤷

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The poor fella needs to forgive himself  Shit happens but that shouldn’t stop you doing something you love. I’d replace the ring and tell him how much I love seeing it on his finger. It is after all the symbol of your marriage! A silicone ring just isn’t the same. You could get it in secret then get down on one knee and ask if he will take you as his wife. How could he refuse? I get the feeling he’d be much happier with a real ring – he just feels guilty.

Months ago I was cleaning the rings of DH and I. His antique wedding ring has four sapphires around a diamond and I rinsed it to find one of the sapphire had disappeared. No sound, no feeling, just gone. My heart sank and I apologised with tears in my eyes. Searched all around but concluded it went down the sink. I almost beat myself up because it’s such an important piece! But I chose not to as what good would that have done? I saved up, stole it out of his drawer, sent it off for a replacement sapphire and now I’m expecting it to arrive fully repaired tomorrow. I’m so excited to see it again! I think I’ll give it to him for Christmas but I may not be able to contain myself that long! I don’t know if he’s noticed its absence but he’s made no indication. He isn’t the most observant! Thankfully he has other bands to get him through. 

Good luck with your darling husband.

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I’ve lost count how many rings we’ve been through in our 7 years of marriage. He lost his origional wedding band so we replaced it. He lost the replacement but we did end up finding it later. Finally I bought him a QALO (rubber) ring. He goes through so many of those – between breaking them or just losing them – I finally bought him the 8-pack knockoffs on Amazon. Now whenever he loses one or it breaks we just pull another from the drawer. His “real” ring stays in the jewlery drawer with intentions of him wearing it on special occasions but realistically he never does, always the rubber ring.

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Never mind! Glad it worked out for you 

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