(Closed) Husbands brother and wife called their son the name we wanted

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  • poll: Is it for a brother to choose same baby name that other brother had already chose?

    Yes - fine whoever has the child first should have the name

    No- if the name had clearly been stated they should have picked another name

    Both brothers can call their children the same name regardless

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    @trueblue14:  Baaahaha! That’s nuts.

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    I say use the name James Edward if you have a boy anyway. The kids will just end up being addressed as James Edward and James Frank. No big deal.

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    I totally get why you’re upset. It’s so hard cos you don’t want to tell people ‘your’ name in case it makes them want it, but if you don’t then you haven’t staked a claim on it. And I disagree that you can’t reserve a name. My friend is having IVF. I know what names she likes. I wouldn’t dream of using one of them even though one is a name I love.

    My husband and I have agreed on one boy’s name, if anyone uses it e.g. my brother I will be devastated.


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    I agree that you can’t call dibs on a name when you haven’t conceived, but your in-laws are inconsiderate people knowing that you and your husband wanted the name. I’d be hurt and pissed off too.

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    I get that you’re hurt and upset and I have some medical issues that will make it hard to TTC when the time comes. 

    I have my heart set on the name Payton if we have a girl.  We are planning on TTC before we get married (maybe like a couple of months before).  I had a talk with Future Sister-In-Law a few months ago (FI’s brother is getting married next month) and they too want to have a baby soon after they are married.  We were discussing baby names and I told her my love of the name Payton.  She told me that she thought it was such a pretty name and at first I was kind of ticked off because I thought it was MY name.

    Then I came to my senses and thought, who cares what they name their child?  If they have a girl and want to name her Payton, it’s not going to stop me from using that name.  And Payton isn’t even that common of a name.  They have every right to name their child whatever they want to, just like I do.

    Some people don’t come up with names until they have the baby.  My parents couldn’t come up with a name for me, so they were super original and named me April, because I happened to be born in April! (It’s fine because I do like my name)  Just because they don’t spend months and years dreaming of baby names it does not make them bad people.

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    I would be upset too.

    I also have to add I think I would be less hurt if it’s a really common name. If it’s John Thomas, you can’t really be too mad becasue both are popular names that have been used for hundreds of years. If it’s Dick Butkus then yes, be mad, real mad.

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    I made a mistake and selected “No” (that it’s not ok) before reading the original post… I was under the impression that the OP was already pregnant and had the baby’s name picked out.  Unfortunately, I would have to go back on my vote and say that since the OP is not actually pregnant, she does not have a “claim” to the name she and her DH like.

    I do still think it was kinda a lame thing of them to do, if they knew how passionate the OP and her husband were about the name, but it’s not worth getting resentful over.  In my family, almost all the men have one of 3 names (Frank, Paul, Mike) and nobody seems to mind, so I’d say when the OP has a baby, the baby can have the same name or they can go with something else.

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    I would be upset seeing that they knew you loved that name. If they were think of using it they should have mentioned it before throwing this curve ball.

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    Another thing, even if you mentioned the name to them they might not even have remembered. If someone told me a name they liked, and they weren’t even pregnant yet, I wouldn’t find it very important to remember. I would say “oh that’s cute!” and then completely forget about it by the next day.

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    Is it possible they didn’t remember? I mean, pregnancy/giving birth is stressful, and I doubt you were at the forefront of their minds when they named their new baby. James is a very common name. If they chose the same middle name or you had dreamt a very unusual name, I’d find evidence on the face. But, this might just be very innocent.

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    That is so terrible of them, esp if you had been vocal about it! They should have approached you and asked permission (IMO) since they hadn’t specified that they also liked the name. I am so sorry. My family has a ton of people it the child bearing years TTC right now and we all talked about the names that everyone wants so we don’t overlap (we’re the only ones pregnant right now, so we especially wanted to make sure we weren’t “stealing” someones name!) 

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    That would erk me right off, but now that the LO is named that particular name, no use in crying over spilt milk! Pick another, BETTER name!  :o)

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    If it makes you feel any better, my husband and I both have first cousins who share our same first and last names (Or at least I did before I got married and changed my name).  My cousin (who is younger than me) has always gone by her middle name, but my husband and his cousin have just always been the same. You can also always change it up with different nicknames.

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    @Reedyd:  Personally, i think it was a jerk move on their part to take a name they knew you were planning to use, while TTC. 

    Next time, don’t share your name choice with a pregnant couple. 

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    I absolutely do believe that you have a right to be upset.  You told them how you felt about that name.  They should of at least talked to you guys before they named their child. 

    However, I do agree with your husband 100%.  If you like the name and that is in fact what you want to name your son if you have one some day then go ahead.  It is a name that not only your child has to live with but you have to live with it to. 

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