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kristin36890 :  To all the people saying “most teachers smoke pot”. Have you not heard about the horrible state our public education system is in?? It doesn’t make teachers who smoke pot look any better at all.

Yeah, I definitely “heard” about that.  Considering the utter dumpster fire that the US public education system is, I can’t blame people stuck in it for trying to self-medicate their way out of depression.

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kristin36890 :  Anyone who has responsibly familiarized themselves with the current state of our education system would know better than to blame it on the recreational activities of the educators.

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This got off on a tangent. OP did you talk to your husband? Did you boot his friend? I don’t know that I could continue like that.  

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kristin36890 :  “OUR public education system”?


Did I accidentally stumble into the American internet again? I hate when that happens. 

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I just made it through all 7 pages. I’m usually one to insist that of course men and women can continue to have friends of the opposite sex and maintain individual relationships with old friends, etc., etc., but this isn’t about that. This woman is in your house nearly every day disrupting your life and harming your relationship with your husband. If a guy was hanging out at your house like this every day it would be the same problem. Your husband needs to shut this shit down, yesterday. Just tell him–you aren’t interested in her being a regular part of your days, this isn’t working and if he really, really wants to hang out with her during the work day he needs to do it someplace else.

This is ridiculous, and as PPs have suggested, if she got high at your house and then got into an accident driving it could loop back to you. Does she leave your house and then go pick up her kids? Does your husband want to be a part of her driving her kids around while she’s high? 

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wolfeyes :  I find it incredibly rude and judgemental of you to say that someone is depressing and pathetic because they want to watch TV. If you’re going by that logic then maybe every single one of us here is depressing and pathetic for posting on these forms instead of having real friends to talk to. How about that? 

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happiekrappie :  well tbh… itssss illegal in her state. Law is law, -no matter how stupid you think it is, or how many other states let their citizens do it. You don’t like it? Move somewhere where it’s legal. 

I don’t smoke pot, & i personally don’t think people should go to jail for doing drugs, especially marijuana… BUT I also wouldn’t want a teacher doing something illegal every single day. That clearly shows she has no respect for rules. Sorry to be petty but i WOULD anonymously call the school lol.

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randomuser :  

Time to assert yourself and read everyone the riot act.

1. Tell PotGirl to leave and go look after her kids, and not come back.

2. Refuse to have pot smoking in the house.

3. How your husband is managing on such a small inheritance is anyone’s guess – tell him that he needs a job.

4. Take over the office – your need is greater than his.

5. If your house isn’t selling then get him to try and sell his house, then both of you move into your house until you are ready to sell that and move into a new place together. (The advantage of this approach is it’s your house and PotGirl can’t just waltz in and smoke pot without your permission.)

6. Move to the new house asap – preferably to a place at the other end of the town/city/state/country.

7. Plan to make your decisions together in future, and insist that he sticks to them.

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Supersleuth :  “3. How your husband is managing on such a small inheritance is anyone’s guess – tell him that he needs a job.”

Yes, maybe Pot Girl and the husband do more than just smoke it. 

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