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Sugar bee

I haven’t owned a husky, but I did also find a stray husky a couple of years ago.  We had to take him to the shelter but he got adopted out a few days later.  The shelter told us that the breed is known for having wanderlust.  We found this stray in an apartment complex, so their guess was that he was too cooped up in a small apartment and ran away.  Huskies are really high energy and love large outdoor areas like your farm.  Everyone at the shelter told us that if a husky can’t find an outlet for their high energy, they find ways to wreak havoc around the house or get wanderlust.

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@Emma20130601:  A farm would be a great environment for a husky. They love to be outside and get hot easily; they are known to howl; but they are also great pets. My mom grew up with 2 of them and they are her favourite breed. My Fiance wanted one, but I was afraid of the extreme shedding. If you have a ton of space, none of the “bad” elements of the breed will impact you, and you will just get the benefits. Like any dog, if they have structure and exercise, they will behave.

Also, I love the idea of you saving a dog from going to the pound where she may be put down πŸ™ I really hope you guys take her in!

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@MrsPanda99:  +1, especially the last part (I swear I’m not cutting and pasting this response lol)

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My best friend has a husky, and yes.. she wanders off alot! she is fairly active, but such a chill temperment. Also, hope you like to vacuum.. like everyday.. Wink

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@Emma20130601:  Huskies are amazing dogs! We’ve had two and didn’t regret it one bit. A farm is the perfect environment for them as they usually escape from yards because they need more room to run. Yes, they are escape artists, but as long as you give them daily exercise then she should be fine! They’re VERY intelligent dogs and love learning. They’re a bit hard-headed, but sweet dogs none the less. One of the best breeds we’ve ever owned. Yes, they do require constant grooming and once a year you have a snow storm in your house, but if you get an undercoat thinner brush you will be fine. We have a thing called the Furminator. it’s a bit on the expensive side as far as brushes go, but it’s SO worth it!

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me. πŸ™‚


Good for you for saving another dog from death row! Thank you!


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@Emma20130601:  Huskies are great if you have the sapce which you do. I work with fostering dogs and it seems to be that they dont get enough space and they just run off. They are a very bouncy breed and goofy. They do like challenges so treat puzzles and hide and seek games make them really happy. They also really like to climb as high as they can whether its hills or a fence so dont be shocked if you have a barn or hay bails around that the pup will be on top of them. Personally I would love to see you take the dog before going to a shelter since many get anxious and you seem to have the place and love for an animal.

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@Emma20130601:  I have taken care of a family member’s husky while they were deployed. I had him for about a year and he’s 1 as well. I’m a hude dog lover and have three smaller breed dogs myself. I love this husky but I do have to say that you most likely you will need to be prepared for a lot of work, but if you love the dog it will be well worth it.

1. They are super smart. Said husky makes 2 of my guys look like complete idiots.

2. They are not guard dogs by nature. They LOVE every human.

3. They can climb fences and are very agile.

4. They counter surf. My dog trainer told me it’s hard to break this because they’re such an agile breed and counters fall within their natural range of motion.

5. My brother’s dog can walk through the woods once and know how to get back to the same spot FOREVER.

6. I’ve heard they LOVE to kill livestock, like chickens etc.

7. May be TOO playful with smaller breeds. My brother’s husky LOVES to play with my 4 lb dog. While they play well together, they only play while supervised just because I could see the husky picking the little guy up and shaking him in a playful manner that could kill the other. Tis has never happened but I’m just cautious.

8. They need a TON of exercise and the breed will run and never return. The farm you have sounds like an awesome place for a husky but I do suugest a run for it.

9. They dig. So probably not the best breed if you have gorgeous gardens.

10. They’re a pack breed, they do love to have a friend.

11. They’re known to be able to turn door knobs etc, open lids on trash cans, they all problem solvers.

12. They make a great running partner in the the right climate.

13. A few times a year they shed, AWFUL. Just buy a Furminator and you’ll be find, the other 50 weeks of the year they don’t shed that badly.

As long as my brother’s husky is exercised properly he is a complete joy to have around. If he’s been cooped up for too many days due to rain or something, he gets a little mischevious. I would highly suggest a husky to love if you aren’t looking for a low maintenance dog. I think they’re one of the most loyal breeds and can be big huge cuddlers. Also the husky I’ve taken care of aced obedience class is no time and LOVES kids.

If you google polar bears and huskies you can see a great video of the two animals actually getting along playing together, it’s crazy.

If you’re ready for the responsibility I say adopt her!


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You said his parents have called shelters, but have they taken her to a vet to be scanned for a microchip?  Probably unlikely, because it doesn’t sound like anyone is looking for her.  But there is always the chance she was lost elsewhere and wandered into your town.

As others have mentioned, Huskies are loud.  They howl, a lot.  Many have anxiety issues.  Sounds like you have a lot of space, which is great.  There is a husky puppy in my apartment complex and I do not think that is an appropriate living situation for that breed at all.  Even though you have lots of open space, I don’t know if I would let your dog wander around the property without being on a leash or tether.

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I’ve never owned a Husky but I always wanted one and did my research (later decided I wanted a dog that doesn’t shed lol). However, they are very smart dogs which often leads to them getting bored easily. They are often known as K9 Houdinis haha. My dad had one a long time ago and he said that even at 5 years old, he was very hyper. I did hear that they take a little longer to out grow the puppy-like stage. They also “blow out” their coat which causes a lot of hair to be everywhere, so if you don’t mind cleaning up hair a lot, it’s fine. Now all this sounds bad but I think it’s important to know the supposidly “bad” things first. Now! They are very loving, loyal, and happy dogs. If you’re an active person, they are great companions as they also love the exercise. They also like to play, which is a great thing in my opinion. I love when dogs want to play and interact with their humans instead of just laying in the corner all day lol

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@Emma20130601:  Yep she always comes home..sometimes shell be gone literally ALL day, and they live in the middle of the woods.. and shell just prance on home at night… They started to train her with a shock collar to help with the running off, and it has helped alot. 

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@Emma20130601:  nope shes not fenced or anything… BUT in their old house when she was put in the fenced area she was fine.. They didnt have any issues with her getting out… It was more of when she had the opportunity to run she did. If you did decided to keep the dog, do you have ample space for it to run?

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We have a husky! Some things to consider – they need a lot of excercise and get into trouble when they don’t get it. They are extremely smart and sometimes really stubborn. They are very loving to people but can be hit or miss with getting along with other dogs – I’ve seen it both ways. They are runners. They are big talkers. They make this “woo” sound that is sometimes hilarious sometimes annoying. They are sassy. When Lola doesn’t get her way she gives us what we call the “sassy woo” where you can totally tell she’s just trying to get the last word in. They like to dig in the dirt. They are escape artists. They are really hairy. My house is COVERED in dog hair haha. Hmm I think that’s about it. They are happiest when with their “pack” (you and your family and any other dogs in the house). I love huskies but if you are looking for a low-maintenaince breed, this is not it!

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