(Closed) Hypenate name if a teacher & how do people address you?

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i had a teacher once with a hyphenated name. i wasnt sure what to call her at first but she just told us to call her by one of them on the first day of class. if you teach the young kids you can tell them to call your mrs.  maiden name since its short. or just use mrs. initials of both. lots of options.

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My first grade teacher (so, 7 year olds) had a hyphenated last name, and it worked out fine. Each name was only two syllables (four syllables, 11 letters total). We called her by her full hyphenated last name and it wasn’t a problem. I think having kids call you Mrs. initials is a cute idea. But depending on what age you teach, they should be able to handle your full hyphenated name just fine if that is what you want. Maybe you can give kids the option to call you by your full hyphenated name or by your initials. 

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I made my “maiden” name my middle name and list it on all my syllabi, web pages, etc. I need the ability for my former students to be able to find me and all my degrees are in my maiden name. As for how my students address me. I tell them if they are  going for brownie points that they can call me Professor New Last Name. If they don’t give a flying frisbee, they can call me Mrs. New Last Name. I also tell them that none of them know me well enough to call me by my first name!

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Since we had our kids before we were married, we gave them both of our last names. 

Our kids:  Firstname Middlename MymaidennameHislastname. 

I am:  first name middle name maidenname-hislastname.

He is: Firstname Middlename Hislastname.

As a couple, we’re usually addressed as Mr. & Mrs. Hislastname. 

As an individual, and with clients, I’m usually addressed as First name MaidennameHislastname. 

When dealing with teachers and it’s just me, it’s usually Mrs. Hislastname although some call me Mrs. MymaidennameHislastname.   

Teachers address my kids as either Firstname Hislastname or Firstname Mymaidenname-Hislastname.  Their friends call me Mrs. Mymaidenname-Hislastname.  We all find it funny when the kids friends call Darling Husband Mr. Mymaidenname-Hislastname although very few do that anymore!  The kids usually tell their friends “You can call him Mr. Hislastname”. 

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I’m a teacher and have also been thinking about hyphenating. I teach special ed and most of my kids cannot say my current name (a short 3 letter last name), and have their own version, so if I hyphenate (or not…) they will just continue to make up their own version of my new name haha

There was another teacher at my school who hyphenated and went by Mrs. Initials. I liked that a lot. 

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I’m a teacher also, and I’ve always known I’d want to change my last name. But, people have said to me over the years ‘I love your name, it’s perfect for being a teacher”.

I can’t say I’m not tempted, but his name is easy too, and I’m a traditionalist at heart.

Funny thing is, at the private school I just started at the students call us by Miss Firstname, so when I get married this summer, my name won’t be changing for them!

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Back in high school one of my english teachers was hyphenated Mrs. L_______-H______.  Everyone (even other teachers and the principal) called her Mrs. L.H.  I honestly can’t even remember her full name anymore. 

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I’m a teacher with several hundred (!) elementary-age students. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have many, many teachers who’ve gotten married at my school (including me!), and from my experience

(a) it takes a long time for the students to realize you have a new name and call you that. I have students of multiple grades who’ve seen me for years, so it’s harder for them (it will probably take 2 years at least), but this seems to be true even for teachers who just teach one grade. It will be easier if you can get your name officially changed before the start of the year, so that the other staff also refer to you by your new name; that will help the kids remember.

(b) all the teachers in our school with hyphenated names are only called the first one, ie., their maiden name. For instance the teacher who was Ms. Jones (not a real name), is now Mrs. Jones-Smith, everyone just says Mrs. Jones. it’s like she never changed it. At first, the kids remember, but after a while, they just shorten it because it’s easier for them. Kids will do that! 

By The Way, you and I have the same wedding date! You’re getting married on our one-year anniversary. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m a teacher and I changed to my married name, no hyphen. 

The littlest kids caught on first, and the adults last.  

It was fun to change my name because I got to keep talking about getting married!  ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m a teacher and I also teach grad school, part time. 

At school I changed my name and everyone calls me Mrs. Hisname but people remember my former name and sometimes call me that. It’s ok – I sometimes forget and refer to myself as my old name.

I know other teachers who have hypenated and the kids use the entire name. 

For my college gig, I never changed my name except for payroll so there I am Prof. Oldlastname.  (I’m an encore so I was using exh name.)

This worked out well for me b/c I felt a little conflicted about changing my name – again!

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I am a special ed teacher, and got married in November. I gave up on the name change thing this year… and the students (along with faculty!) call me either by my maiden name or my married name… all depending on what they remember at the time. I figure I will wait until next school year before offically becoming “Mrs. Hislastname”. My work email also has my maiden name in it… and there is no way Im about to go changing that halfway through the year.

One of my teaching assistants recently got engaged, and is struggling with whether to change her name, or hyphenate. Her maiden name is long and difficult for my kids to pronounce, so they just call her Ms. B. Her fiances last name starts with S. One of my students quipped up with, “You cant hyphenate your last names… then we would have to call you Mrs. B-S!” Haha- only out of the mouths of children…

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@kimmylyn: LOL! If I hyphenated and went by the initials, I would also be Mrs. B-S! Still trying to figure this name thing out…

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