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Honey bee
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I would, only to avoid headaches in the event something bad happens. Easier to do the leg work now when there isn’t a problem.

I’d give a slight rant to the insurance company too.

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Honey Beekeeper

I don’t know a lot about the technicalities of this stuff. Because the “Face” name is on both, I’d think you’d be okay. But it’ll be less of a headache to change now than in the future if confusion occurs.

Can you submit the request in writing to make it more clear? Submit a copy of your DL?

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Sugar bee
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I’d probably fix your insurance, just to be on the safe side. I don’t think it actually matters though as long as everything else is in order (since you have both names).

I actually have the opposite problem – my apartment complex put me down on my lease as H W-B hyphenating my middle and last name, when actually W is just my middle name (previous last name) and B is my last. I know that doesn’t matter though, so I didn’t bother to correct her.

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Sugar bee
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Sing it sister! Man, I had no idea what a pain hyphenating my name would turn out to be. It regularly causes problems for things like online shopping. “Yes that IS my ‘valid name’ darnit!” The bank basically freaked out that their computer wouldn’t let them order my new credit card with a hyphen. The DMV just refused to figure it out and didn’t give him one (Totally incompetent because the same office put a hypen on my Driver’s license. He had to go back and make them change it so it didn’t cause a problem when travelling) Like seriously? it’s not THAT uncommon in the US anymore. 

You probably should change it on your insurance. I have not bothered with a fair amount of things, but you don’t want to give them a reason not to payout later if you needed it. 

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Busy bee
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I’m sure it was just a simple mistake. A name change on your insurance should be super easy and take all of 3 minutes to fix. I would call your agent and (nicely Smile) explain the situation and ask them to change it all to your hyphenated name. The person who did it might have accidentally put your maiden name in the middle name spot instead of putting monkey-hyphen-face in the last name spot. I’ve made that mistake once before. 


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Yep, and be prepared for everyone to only call you “Mrs.Face” too when you are introduced.  

One of my friends was married before me and she got so fed up of correcting people that she just gave up and was introduced as “Mrs. his last name.” So, after seeing what she went through and for the sake of not having to always correct people, I made my last name my middle name and just have my middle name on everything I do.  

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Busy bee
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Tell me about it.  Way back in another life I was married to a man with a hyphenated last name.  So not only did I have to explain to everyone what my name was, I had to explain that no, neither of them are my maiden name. 

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Gosh I have this same rant. I am Mrs. Current-Bee not Mrs. Bee or Mrs. Current (hehehe, Current is my birth surname (I am going to refuse from now on to call it a maiden name), to be honest, makes me sound like my mother, or my Nana).

I just ranted on my facebook page about this very thing (Facebook Page is private, so I’m good, I have two accounts so the one you do find is public, is about my business I really want to start, just haven’t figured out a good marketing plan for it yet). Anyway, this is the same thing.

I am going to be calling credit card people for my husbands credit card because he hyphenated his name, and I am sick and tired of seeing him as Mr. Bee rather then Mr. Current-Bee, like his legal married name is. I am then going to be backing up to every other place we signed our name, and asking for his to be changed. He isn’t proactive about it, and it bugs me, because he agreed to it. So I will do it, and just fix the mess, so he can finally have no more loophole to call himself by his birth surname. (Sometimes I wonder, if he is truly serious by going by it). I am evening having problems with Church records and what shows up. *sigh…feminist rant on patriarchy..grumble*

Anyway. Its good to know I am not the only one with this issue. You should go and fix it. I know I will. 


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