(Closed) Hypoglycemia and Weight Loss?

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@aliciapdx:  I have been reading up on hypoglycemia myself – I have been fainting once every 2-3 years or so, and this time it happened in the middle of a milk tea shop.  One of the ladies who worked there said that she is a nurse working part time there and that she thought I might have hypoglycemia. I have a doctor’s appt on friday myself to talk about it – so I’m definitely interested in following your thread! Hope you get the insight you need!

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Yeah, specific diets that lack carbs really don’t work for me.

I have problems with hypoglycemia and I get cold sweats and come near fainting many times. Normally I eat pretzels (some kind of complex carb) and drink water or a sports drink to get my sugars and electrolytes and everything balanced.

I used to have an issue a while back because I didn’t eat. I wouldn’t say I was anorexic, I was just so unbelievably stressed that I could not eat. This lasted for a period of time and after that my body just hasn’t been right. I have to make sure I bring some pretzels or something to make myself feel better! Fruits and other sugars are okay, but they won’t hold you over.

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I would recommend first trying to eat more fat. Complex carbs like brown rice and oats are good, but sugar is not. Conventional wisdom is to eat sugar frequently to balance blood sugar, but that is really stupid because it only makes the problem worse. Try cutting back on your carbs if you eat a lot, and increase fat and protein. 

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@aliciapdx:  GIRL!!!!! Why didn’t you tell me you had blood sugar issues?! Message me on MFP- I have a TON of tips but I’m on my phone right now. I have hecka bad blood sugar issues, but it doesn’t really affect me anymore. have u read about the glycemic index? 

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@aliciapdx:  Oh geez! You poor thing! =( I’m i l i v e i n t h e s h i r e on MFP but I’m on my computer now so I can just respond here =)

So, part of hypoglycemia is actually triggered by HYPERglycemia – do you get regular blood tests at the doctor? Next time you see your doctor, ask for something called a hemoglobin A1c. It’s an average of your blood sugars over the last three months. Mine was prediabetic at 5.7 (diabetic is >6.5). So every diet I used to do, I would get SO hypoglycemic that I would fail because I would get so shaky, bad headaches, confusion, disorientation, faint, etc. It was HORRIBLE!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!! lol.

Then I started eating generally low GI foods.


^This is like the book I read. It is sooo helpful to understanding the importance of stabilizing blood sugars!

Basically, the short run of it is, slow the release of blood sugar into you blood sugar by eating small, frequent meals (I sometimes snack hourly, literally. Like I’ll break a 200 calorie protein bar into three pieces and eat it every 30-60 minutes sometimes if I don’t have any other snacks) of complex carbohydrates, meals high in protein, and some fats. Healthy fats are important here too because fats actually slow the release of glucose into your blood stream so consider taking a fish oil supplements, nuts are good, and things like avocados and some low fat cheeses. That way, you aren’t confusing your body, you are constantly sending it messages of “I’m feeding you, don’t worry,” instead of “BLOOD SUGAR CRASH!!!!” lol.

The glycmic index saved my life. I haven’t checked my updated A1c in a long time but with diet and exercise BEFORE I lost the weight, it had come down to 5.0. I would NOT be able to diet without eating low GI!!!!

So to summarize:
-take fish oil supplements, possibly chromium, which helps regulate your insulin levels.
-ask for a hemoglobin A1c at your doctor’s office.
-match carbs to protin, so eat the same amount of protein that you eat with every carb, ie if you eat 30 g of carbs at a snack, eat 30 g of protein or more at the same snack.
-munch on something as frequently as you can.
-research complex carbohydrates.
-read up on the glycemic index.
-rest assured that with time, you body gets better, you adjust and it improves. I am now finally able to space out my meals =)

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What are the rules for food that you can have at work?

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@aliciapdx:  That is kinda crazy!  There are those dried fruit bars, but off the top of my head I’m not sure if they are much better than a granola bar for GI.

What about prepackaged cheese?  Things like string cheese, babybel cheese and the other individually wrapped ones you can get at Costco?

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@aliciapdx:  You and I are a lot alike as far as snacking goes. Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about snacks vs meals? I seriously HARDLY eat a meal >200-250 calories except for breakfast. I pig out on breakfast lol. But otherwise I’m just snacking throughout the day. I know that’s totally not the norm, but it doesn’t work for me otherwise. I tried switching. I TRIED SO HARD. but I just can’t do it….lol. There are a lot of protein bars that are low GI, just look for ones with the highest amount of protein and fiber. Do you have a low carb store in your area? They have specialty stores for these kinds of foods that are super low GI that you should check out.

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@aliciapdx:  I don’t have blood sugar issues that I know of (though I’ve suspected for a long time that I’m borderling hypoglycemic), but I just wanted to let you know that those KIND bars are delicious if you’ve never tried them 🙂

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