(Closed) Hypoglycemia??? Anyone have something similar to what happend to me?

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That happens to me when I eat too many sugary, carby things.  Water doesn’t seem to make a difference.  Eating protein does – peanut butter, cheese, etc makes things better

I once had to sit down in the line at the grocery store because of an attack like the one you described (shaking, sweating like crazy, rushing noise in my ears, heart beating out of my chest, white lights appearing in front of me).  They wanted to call an ambulance but I gradually got better.

I’ve done all the fasting/blood tests as well.  I’ve been diagnosed with hypoglycemia  

stress makes it worse

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Have you heard of the Glycemic Index?  A food with a high glycemic index (GI) will be more quickly digested, causing a spike in blood sugar, and subsequently, a fast drop in blood sugar.  Slow carbs (veggies, whole grains, fiber), protein, and fat are lower in GI than highly refined or processed sugars.  Maybe try to make sure you’re eating whole grains/slow carbs with protein and or fat with each snack and meal, so you don’t get big spikes and dips in your sugars.

Also, as always, seek the advice of an endocrinologist if these types of episodes continue.

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That happens to me occasionally, usually it’s when I haven’t eaten for many hours. I think you should consider switching out part of your breakfast and snacks for things much higher in protein, that might help.

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I agree with the PPs that you probably need to include more protein/fat (lower GI foods) in your breakfast to avoid these episodes. I disagree that you should sub out whole grain counterparts, though, as whole wheat bread has a GI close to that of table sugar. I would try eating some eggs for breakfast & see if you experience the same problems.

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It happened to me a lot when I was younger, and I had one incident where I passed dout in the hair salon last year. Meat and fruit picked me up a lot more than candy bars, but in a pinch everything helped. It seems like I’ve grown out of it except for spells here and there.

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My sister has hypoglycemia and she would get shaky after not eating for more then 4 hours. But as long as she has some protein she’s fine. The special k bar, the mini wheats and the crackerfuls all have enough protein in them to hold her over fine if she had them about 1030 id say she’d be fine until 230 so i highly doubt you have hypoglycemia.

I do get random similar symptoms too and its hard to pin it to anything. I think i just have a sensitive stomach. I’ve also had a sugar test which came out normal. Too much caffeine without food will do it to me too. Doctor thought i might have hypoglycemia like my sister but nope. I can’t eat a large amount of sweets really at all anymore without getting a sugar headache.

I would maybe make sure you aren’t having them all at different times. ive found its better to have full meals rather then constantly snacking over a 3 hour period.

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I’m hypoglycemic. I get really angry/dizzy/nauseous when my blood sugar gets low. You need to eat more, and you need to cut out all of that sugary crap you’re eating. Rather than that Vitamin Water (which is essentially just Koolaid), stick to water and milk (or a milk substitute). You ate a LOT of sugar that day–I understand snacking and stuff, but you need to eat something that’s going to fill you up, rather than a sugar-coated granola bar, fruit snacks, and crackers. You need more protein, definitely, but you also need to eat more frequently.

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Also, you might actualy be drinking TOO MUCH water. 1.5L is alot in such a short amount of time. I think you need only 2L a day including all the water in your food. It might be messing with your electrolytes, where the symptoms are very similar. 

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When a person eats too much sugar especially in a short period of time, the blood sugar rises rapidly causing the pancreas to secrete a large amount of insulin to bring the bloodsugar down. It seems like you are eating a lot of sugary/carb heavy foods in the morning. Try substituting some of your snacks with lower carb higher protein options. 

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@BellaDee:  I’ve been Diabetic for 23 years.  You’re ingesting way too many highly processed/high sugar foods!  As a PP said, you need more protein!  Protein and fat help keep the carbs you have in your body from being processed too quickly.  Eating that many carbs will make your Blood Sugar jump way up and then crash down.  I like to keep almonds, string cheese, yogurt etc on hand to help my sugars stay more stable.  Also eating more veggies will help you get the fiber you need, I would cut the Frosted Mini Wheats in favor of a cereal with less sugar and still lots of fiber!  Hope that helps a little!  Low (or high) blood sugar is no joke and you’ve got to be careful!

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