(Closed) Hypothetical spin off – if you hadn't met your SO the way you did!

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Sugar bee
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1. Online.

2. Nope.

3. I don’t see how we would have met at all lol.


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Sugar Beekeeper
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1. We met on Match.com

2. We probably would not have met otherwise – he is 6.5 years older, so he wasn’t as tied into the grad school scene in Boston as I was at the time.

3. If we would have still met, it would have been random chance – Boston is a pretty small city and we did frequent a lot of the same museums, restaurants, etc. His last serious relationship before me was actually with a girl who was a post doc at MIT (my grad school) in a building next door to my lab/office. So, we were definitely running in similar circles, just ones that didn’t have direct overlap.

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Buzzing bee
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1. Online – he messaged me randomly on ICQ.

2. Probably not. We lived 3+ hours apart, had no mutual friends and no real reason we would have met otherwise…

3. #2 being said, his Dad taught at the college I attended (in my field of study–the reason why Darling Husband messaged me in the first place), so if he ever were to visit him there, we may have crossed paths…

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Busy bee
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1. How did you meet?

* We met on eHarmony. After years of being skeptical, I finally gave in one day out of sheer boredom and curiousity (and a free communication weekend)

2. If you hadn’t met like that, do you think you would have ever met at all?

* Not at all. We lived about 50 miles away, and there is absolutely no way our roads would have crossed.

3. Hypothetically, how else might you have met?

* We wouldn’t have.

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Busy bee
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1. How did you meet? At a gaming store I worked at. 

2. If you hadn’t met like that, do you think you would have ever met at all? No.

3. Hypothetically, how else might you have met? Not at all. He lives in a completely different state and I didn’t start playing the game until I started working there. 


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Sugar bee
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1) We met in high school. He was quarterback, I was a cheerleader and my dad was the football coach! It was a small Lutheran high school for 200 kids so everyone knew everyone. We tried so hard not to like each other for a long time, but eventually we gave it and started dating and have been great ever since!

2) I bet we would have seen each other, but probably not ever talked as we go to different universities. If our parents hadn’t sent us to private school we most likely never would have met and wouldn’t have found good, Lutheran partners and we are soooo grateful!

3) We may have met at county fairs or most likely if he played football/basketball for another school.

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Bumble bee

1. We met when one of our mutal best friends brought him to my house to drink at like 1 am.

2. Most likely

3. Well we grew up in the same town and I had recently moved back. Like I said we had a mutual best friend so it would have been weird if our paths didn’t cross. We’d already been at the same place at the same time in the past.

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Busy bee
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1. How did you meet? Peace Corps

2. If you hadn’t met like that, do you think you would have ever met at all? I’d like to think so…but it would be pretty crazy odds.

3. Hypothetically, how else might you have met? no idea


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Sugar bee

@polkadotgirl:  We met at a party of a guy I didn’t even know and not in the town where we both lived. Fiance knew the guy from his hometown, but he rarely went out. So it was insanely coincidental that we were both there. 

There is no way we ever would have met. We had no mutual friends. He worked two jobs (and still does), he rarely went out, I’ve never seen him at a bar or even the grocery store. Ironically we lived a block and a half apart and I had even been to another apartment in the same complex he lived in, still, never saw him before. We lived that close to each other for 5 years and never met.

I can’t think of any way that we could have met. As I said, he just worked and slept and that was about it. He told me the day of that party he was so tired and planned to blow it off, but his friend (who threw the party) texted him like 15 times prodding him to come, so he finally said “screw it” and reluctantly went. He did, in fact, not show up for work the next day because of it. The poor guy was working 70-80 hours/wk. Except for meeting me, it was a really bad idea to go to that party.


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Helper bee

1. We met when I auditioned for his a capella group the first week of freshman year. I didn’t make it, but I did get a call back. He remembered me when we met later as the cute girl from auditions. 🙂

2. Yeah, we would have. I joined an organization the next semester that he was a part of, not having to do with him at all. That’s how we got together, although I wouldn’t have hooked up with him if I hadn’t already met him haha.

3. See #2…we also ran into each other drunk one night between the two times we really met meetings, although if he hadn’t known me from #1 he wouldn’t have said anything to me.

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Bumble bee
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We met through FI’s best friend (who is my best friend’s boyfriend).

<p> If we hadn’t met that way, I’m not sure if we ever would have. There are MANY ways that we could have met though. My dad and his uncle were best friends (found that out after we started dating lol), we went to the same high school, he lived in a town 15 minutes from me where I did and I had a lot of friends there, he used to swim at a river I would go to sometimes. So there are tonnes of ways we could have met, but I was 15 when I met him. I don’t think it would have happened any other way.

<p>I didn’t get to see my dad much and he didn’t spend a tonne of time with his uncle, he was 3 years above me in high school, I used to go to his hometown all the time and I never ran into him and I really doubt I would have gone to the river while he was there and been like ‘Oh hey, call me, I feel like we’re meant to know each other’.

<p> I’ve often thought about what caused us to meet. If my best friend hadn’t moved here from another state and started dating her boyfriend, I never would have dated my ex (who I’d known since childhood, but was never friends with until my bff came to town) and if I hadn’t dated him I probably wouldn’t have stuck around long enough to be introduced to my Fiance.

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Bumble bee
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1. How did you meet? – Through my sister

2. If you hadn’t met like that, do you think you would have ever met at all? Probably not!

3. Hypothetically, how else might you have met? I really don’t think we could have met any other way, we both have very different hobbies and if FH wasn’t in this relationship he’d probably spend 99% of his time in the house. 

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Sugar bee
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1. We met at a friends house at a high school graduation party.

2. We went to different high schools and were starting college an hour away from each other, but we had so many mutual friends that we would have met regardless.

3. We would have met due to mutual friends, but the circumstances of the night would have been different. Something happened when we met that made me think he would be the boy (now man!) that I would marry. We may have dated otherwise, but perhaps not as immediately or seriously as we did!

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