(Closed) Hypothyriod Bees… what were your symptoms?

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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  When is your next blood draw?  Ask for a TSH test.  It’s cheap and usually covered by insurance anyway.

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Are you cold all the time? Tired (I mean really tired, like you can’t wake up) Can’t concentrate on things? Hungry all the time? These are all fairly common symptoms. 

I was diagnosed at 12 so I didnt really recognize the symptoms for what they were, but my mom (a nurse) noticed and took me to get tested. It also helped that my family has a history of it, so chances were good that I would too! 

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Gaining weight without much change in diet/exercise and have a hard time losing it. Cold all the time, especially in extremities. Hair loss. Exhaustion. 

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Fo rme it’s: losing hair, the inability to gain/lose weight, extremely slow metabolism, always cold (with icy cold extremities), brain fog (slow thoughts and reaction times), and probably a few others. Oh, and of course my bloodwork.

Lately I’ve noticed that my eyebrows haven’t been growing back like they used to (but not thinning out), same with my arm hair (epilated and now isn’t really there… I’m OK with that)

You should make your doctor test your bloodwork for ALL thyroid hormones (a full thyroid panel) if he wants to make an off-handed comment like that. 🙁

If you’re trying to conceive and your doctor has reason to believe you have low thyroid symptoms, you should realy be double-checking with a endocrinologist. Low thyroid can lead to many serious complications during pregnancy (in fact, can also cause difficulty conceiving) which needs to be addressed.

I am sub-clinical, but my endocrinologist has said if I want to cenceive in the future it’s just safer to be on a very low dose thyroid medication (which I am ok with as thyroid meds carry a low rate of side effects in the proper dose).

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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  Ask.  It’s a simple blood test and I am sure your OB/GYN would have no problem ordering it since thyroid problems can potentially affect fertility and pregnancy.

I get one each year because I have a history of thyroid cancer on both sides of my family (my mom and my paternal grandmother.)

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I had my thyroid removed in December and obviously went quickly hypothyroid afterwards.  It took a while for my medication to get to the right dosage.  My symptoms were:

Hair falling out.  Like, a lot. 

So, so cold all the time. 

Dry skin.  Flaky, painful, ashy skin when I have never had dry skin before.

SO SO SO tired.  So tired that I had to take quick naps in the bathroom at work multiple times a day.  So tired that I could barely keep my eyes open.

Quick weight gain.  30 lbs in 4 months with no change in my diet or exercise.

Brain fog / forgetfullness/ inability to focus.  My husband called me a zombie.



Mind you, I had just had my thyroid removed because of Graves disease so I was super hyPERthyroid before.  I feel like I felt many of my symptoms so extremely because of how it compared to how I was before, which was the exact opposite. 

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I have my thyroid largely under control now (just with dietary and lifestyle stuff – found a system that words for me) but before I knew it was thyroid my symptoms were: super tired, unexplained weight gain, depression, heavy and too frequent menstruation, hair loss, cold all the time.  Fun times.

You can support your thyroid by: avoiding soy, avoiding uncooked broccoli & other cruciferous (sp?) veggies, avoiding cooked spinach, supplementing iodine (kelp) and other minerals (selenium, etc.).  Hope it helps. 

Also, if you have hashimotos disease rather than just straightup hypothyroidism, it doesn’t always show on blood tests. Consider seeing a specialist (endocrinologist) for a more nuanced and less “by the book” diagnosis. 

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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  Some doctors will only test for a few hormones, or just TSH which doesn’t give the whole picture. My TSH is fairly normal, but my other thyroid hormones are a bit off which was the impetus to see an endocrinologist.
The only way we would have seen that is with a full thyroid hormone panel.

Yeah, I know; eyebrows. If the last 1/3 of your eyebrows is thinning out or gone, it’s a symptom. Weird, I know… but that’s what it is.

And your hair texture changing may also be a symptom – hair can become dried out and frizzy at the ends (or all over) when thyroid levels are wonky. I know mine has become like that the last two years or so, but I’ve started using argan oil in my hair to counter it a bit (it may just be a low production of the oils that keep your hair slick and shiny, or for me that I seem to hate getting haircuts)

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I was really tired and felt lethargic all the time. Like others, I would get cold constantly, yet I weighed a lot and was gaining weight. My mom and grandma, who are also bigger, would be hot, and I’d be sitting beside them freezing. Also, sometimes it felt like my heart was beating slower than usual, but I guess that part might have been my imagination. Sometimes my throat still gets swollen if I gain or lose weight too quickly.

From others I’ve heard there is sometimes swelling in the lower face and memory problems.

Hopefully you don’t have it, but if you do I hope they get your levels straightened out soon.

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