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Hmmm…that’s a good question.  I’ve been on meds forever and I know initially they checked my levels a couple of times a year to make sure the dosage was correct.  Now that it’s pretty stable I just get it tested at my annual checkup.  I believe they monitor it pretty closely throughout pregnancy though, and you will probably be put on a different dose to accomodate the baby, so you may be ok to start TTC with the plan that they will be carefully monitoring you.  There’s no guarantee you’ll get KO right away anyway, so you will likely be on the meds for at least 2-3 months prior.  

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anonybee0810:  I was diagnosed with hypothyroid December 2013 when my TSH came back 5.5 and went on medication (levothyroxine). By February 2014, my level was down to 2.7 and at the time my first doc seemed to be “ok” with it. For various reasons, I switched my doc in June 2014 and he wanted me level to be below 2, so he encouraged me to take a bit higher dosage. Within a few months of getting the dosage right and level of 1.5, I’m now pregnant with my first. He’s monitoring my TSH level very closely and recommends that I come in for bloodwork every 3 wks. Unless your level is sky high, I don’t think it’s a MUST to be on medication certain number of months since the baby doesn’t leverage the mom’s thyroid until week 6+. That being said, I’m sure your doctor will give you recommendations that fit your health.

Initially I took 50mcg of levo Mon-Sun. In order to get my level below 2, my new doc has me taking 50mcg Mon-Sat and 100mcg on Sun. 

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I’d think it depends on where your levels are.  My doctor prefers my TSH to be low, 1 or under, for cancer suppression; however, since I told him we were TTC, he left it around 2 as that was better for conceiving.  Now that I’m pregnant, I get labs every six weeks and they up the dose as needed.

So, from what I understand, if your levels are fine to conceive, it shouldn’t be a problem.  However, if they’re too high (high tsh = hypothyroid), they may recommend you wait until they are stable because it can cause problems for both conceiving and the baby if you are hypo. 

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anonybee0810:  I got diagnosed last week and had 6 weeks left of birth control.  My doctor needed to know I was about to TTC because it meant I had to go on synthroid instead of a natural remedy, but I was cleared to start after my 6 week checkup/blood work. I am sure I could have started sooner, but had a non-negotiable reason to wait until November. 

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anonybee0810:  I have hypothroidism and my doctor told me that I need to come to her six months before I plan on TTC so that we can monitor my TSH levels. She wants me below a 2 before I even start trying to have a baby. Fiance and I want to try soon after the wedding, so I plan on going to her in April and then going each month up until the wedding. 

I think it depends on what your levels are like now. Your doctor will want to see your levels below a 2 before he/she will sign off on you conceiving. Carrying a baby with uncontrolled hypothyroidism is very dangerous (to the baby). 

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anonybee0810:  I think as long as your TSH stays below 2 you’re good to go.

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As PPs have stated, the level should be below 2 for optimal TTC. Mine was almost 4 when I got pregnant so they immediately started me on Levothyroxine and it dropped pretty quickly down to 1.4 and so far my pregnancy has been perfect (21 weeks tomorrow!). I have my levels checked every 8 weeks as they’ve been stable since normalizing. I have subclinical hypothyroidism, all of my levels accept for TSH are normal. It did take me 18 months with two miscarriages to get pregnant and I do believe the hypo was a factor in that so getting your levels under control is a good idea before TTC.

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anonybee0810:  Hi, I have had severe hashimotos disease for years before TTC. I have been on meds (synthroid) for years, they have me on a dose high enough to carry my full amount of thyroid hormonejust incase my thyroid stops working all together. There we’re no changes when we TTC because of this my my doctor stressed to importance of me being diligent with taking my meds because baby needs your thyroid hormone (especially in the first trimester) to grow. 

Low thyroid levels can cause stuff like preterm birth, develpmental delay and an increase in miscarrage and still birth. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with so far no complications, however they have been monitoring my levels and have once already had to increase my meds to a higher dose.

Please if you have any questions I would be happy to help. 🙂

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I have Hashimoto’s and have been on synthroid for years and years. I don’t know what your levels currently are but mine were terrible, the only thing that you should worry about it making sure your levels are in the correct range would could take some time to adjust. My Endocronologist told me a long time in advance that this would not effect me getting pregnant but I would need my levels changed when I got pregnant. That being said, I did get pregnant right away so my hypothyroidism had no affect on trying to conceive. As PP have said it is dangerous to be pregnant and not have your thyroid under control. As long as you get everything under control before you TTC I don’t see why there should be any issues. I honestly gave no thoughts about this when I thought about getting pregnant!

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