(Closed) I am going to kill my Pug…advice needed!

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If he started having accidents out of no where, have you had a vet look at him for a bladder infection (or something of that nature)?

It could also be a submissive reaction to your FI’s dog (or FI).

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He didn’t deal well with the change of routine. His “pack” is now different and he doesn’t know how to cope. He might also feel bored! Does he have a regular routine and exercise?

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Concure with FutureKMM.  Have him checked by a vet.

Is he neutered?

Is the other dog spayed/neutered?

Marking is a hard habit to break, especially in the house.

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My sister’s pug does the same thing!!

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How does he get along with your FI’s dog?  Him and your FI?  You and your Fiance (like, is there fighting now that you are living together that he was not witness to before?).  

Is he stressed/distressed in the new home? 

Have you had him examined by a vet to rule out a medical cause?  My friend’s dog had a tumor in her spine, and she couldn’t feel when she was “going” and so would just “go” in the house, wherever she happened to be.

Is he crate trained?  Is he going in the house when you are there, or only when you are gone?

Is he always going in the same spot(s)?

Has he ever used Wee-pads or a similiar product where he was allowed to toilet inside but now is not allowed to use?

Has his schedule changed so he is not taken out as often, or at the same times?

Is there a predicatable pattern to his accidents, (like every day around three in the afternoon, or every Tuesday right after lunch), or is it random?

Pets don’t usually start eliminating in the house “out of nowhere”…there is a cause, be it medical, emotional, or behavioral.  He is trying to tell you something.  You just haven’t figured out what it is yet.  Smile

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Did you change his food when you moved?

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Since it seems to be pretty much the same three spots, it sounds like there is something that is encouraging him to go in those particular spots.  Have they been throughly cleaned with a product specifically designed to elimate pet stains, (such as Nature’s Miracle)?  Some normal floor cleaners also have an amonia-y smell that can actually attract pets to eliminate there.  

What time do you feed him in relation to the times he is taken out?  Our dog is usually fed at the same time every day, (within an hour or so), and usually poops pretty close to the same time every day.  If you can pin down when he eats and then when it comes out the other end, it might help avoid accidents.

When you took him to the vet, did you specifically mention that he had started eliminating in the house, or was it just a basic physical?  It just seems odd that it was first pooping, but now had progressed to pooping AND peeing.  

Have you tried increasing the amount of times per day he is taken out?

Also, it’s never to late to crate train!  Might be worth considering, at least for at night so he’s not wandering the house pooping while you sleep.  Also, if he truly cannot hold it, if he were crated, he would be more likely to bark to signal that he needs to go out.

That’s all I can think of right now.  Just throwing out ideas.  lol…if you are sure he is otherwise healthy, and none of the above helps, I would either try a doggy litter box/one of those “grass” potty trays, or consult a behaviorist.  

Hopefully someone has a suggestion that helps you out!  Cleaning up accidents is no fun!

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I don’t know anything about pugs, but I have a similiar problem with my beagle. I finally figured out that it’s a seperation issue. When we leave her alone and she hasn’t gotten enough attention recently, she will poop on the floor. It sounds like your pug might be stressed out–a move like this takes a huge toll on animals, and if you aren’t paying as much attention to her as you used to, she could be attention seeking.

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sounds like he might be having some anxiety

our shih tzu started having accidents in the house again. We basically had to re house train her. Which meant, outside every 60 mins, in eye sight or in her create. treat and praise like crazy. we gradually increased the amount of time between taking her out again. when we caught her having an accident, she got a loud “ah-ah” (we use that instead of “no” since it’s very distinguishable as a “don’t do that” command), and then got an “outside”. When she pees or poos outside she gets a treat, a scratch and a “good pee outside”. We use outside alot to cue that she’s to go outside to pee

Block your pup off from the spots that he uses now, those 3 spots. he’s decided that those are ok. if you give him a small space he will no want to poo or pee there, cause it’s his “den”. You can gradually broaden his area.

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Male dogs will mark things when they are anxious. The act somehow boosts their confidence.

I would crate train him. It’s not too late. Or, make him up a bed in a bathroom and have that be his den.

I agree retraining him is a good approach, too.

My dog acts out like this when we move. He eventually gets over it, but it can take a little while. Good luck!

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