(Closed) I am GOING to lose weight. I need advice!

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I don’t have any fitness advice, but I just wanted to say that you look way thinner than 150.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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don’t have any diet tips either but you dont look like you need to be on one!!! look great!

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I have done some yoga, and while it is AWESOME, I dunno how effective it is if you really want to lose much weight.

I’ve done Pilates, and I felt like that was wonderful for toning. (Definitely felt the burn! Lol.)

If you’ve thoroughly researched your decision to be vegan that’s wonderful- just be careful. I actually know a few people who went the vegan route and ended up having more problems than they started out with.

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You should get yourself a copy of Veganomicon for the recipes. You can also find a lot of great recipes at Whole Foods’ website. Make sure you get a lot of protein or you won’t lose weight on a vegan diet. I suggest Field Roast products, nut butters, and soy milk (almond milk tastes better, IMO, but has hardly any protein).

Weight loss will mostly come from diet, but you won’t be able to maintain your weightloss if you don’t exercise and you will lsoe much faster by exercising since it will raise your metabolic rate.

Probably the most bang you can get for your buck is running. It’s total body and is great for your cardiovascular system. Yoga pairs really well with running. it will help you avoid injury and it will help you build strength (provided you do the types of yoga that involve strength–sun salutations, warrio poses, etc–not just the stretching stuff). Some strength training is important.

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Okay first of all, you look GREAT!!!

I gained 50 lbs with my last baby. 9 lbs was baby. ๐Ÿ™  I bf’d a TON for a solid year which helped a lot, but really what helped that succeed was drinking a ton of water and filling up on veggies and fiber.  I found that if you truly eat as much vegetables, fiber and drink as much water as you’re supposed to, it’s nearly impossible fail at losing weight.


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Well I’m not going to give you the specifics you asked for because I’ve never done a diet or measured inches, but I am going to say try not to focus too much on the details. There’s no right or wrong way to diet or exercise but the most important thing is to try to make lifestyle changes that you can maintain. A big mistake is making strict rules and doing too much too soon. Saying “ok on Monday I’m going to start losing weight” and then cutting out food groups and trying to exercise 7 days a week is probably not going to work. Make realistic changes… if you eat fast food or drink soda, maybe cut it down to a certain #/week and then keep cutting it down until it’s gone entirely. If you aren’t a vegetarian, I would start with that before going vegan as it would be very difficult to make such a huge change. Or maybe you will want to still eat fish, etc. Just try to make smart choices, buy brown rice instead of white rice, use olive oil instead of butter, drink water intead of juice, etc. As for exercise, again start with something reasonable. If you guys don’t exercise at all, maybe start with walking a few nights a week or joining a soccer team or something. If your schedules permit, you can go to the gym together and do some cardio (elliptical, treadmill, stairmaster, etc) and take a strength training class. Try to find ways to incorporate healthy food and exercise into your life so you can enjoy and maintain it!

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You already look great IMO! But if you want some advice, portion size is the main thing to be aware of. Concentrate on fruit and veggie intake (aim for 9-11 servings a day). I know you said you will be trying vegan which may be a hard transition if you are currently an anything eater. Going vegetarian first may be an easier transition. Lean protein and healthy fats to keep you satiated. Non-vegan but vegetarian choices: eggs (not just the white, the yolk is healthy!) and lowfat cottage cheese as well as skim milk. Vegan options: nuts, seeds, and legumes/beans. But remember – portion size, portion size, portion size.

Source: I’m a dietitian ๐Ÿ™‚



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Have you heard of the Body by Vi 90-day Challenge…it is awesome!!

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Congrats and welcome to veganism! I’ve been vegan for about two years, and vegetarian for about 17… It’s so much better for me health wise. When I first started- I signed up for this site- http://www.eatrightamerica.com/ and it helped guide me a lot.

Where do you live? I’ve lost almost 100lbs over the past two years, and work out wise, only one thing worked for me- Core Fusion from exhale spa.

Yoga was great for me as an add on but Core Fusion really did it for me- their barre, cardio, and strength classes are the best. Now that I don’t live near a studio, I do barre, pilates, and yoga for maintence.

As for other recipes- http://happyherbivore.com/ (shout out to happyface for the link),

Good luck!

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@rachelmichelle:  Just curious what kinds of problems these people ended up having

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You look like you carry your weight the same way I do–all over, so you always look porportional. I’m 5’1″ and at my heaviest, I weighed 163 lbs.  Since the beginning of June, I’ve lost 25 pounds (kind of stalled this month, but hoping it will pick up again). 

I have been using a site called fatsecret.com.  I log absolutely everything I eat and drink, except coffee, tea and water. It has an app that you can download to your phone too, and that has been a lifesaver for me, because I can enter things when I’m not at home. Entering things right away has made me rethink what I put in my mouth. 

I figured out what my ultimate goal, and then figured out how many calories I had to eat in order to maintain that weight. That’s how many calories I’ve been eating. I’ve gotten used to eating that amount, so when I reach my goal weight, I’ll automatically go into maintenance mode without having to change any of my new eating habits.

Have changed the things that I eat. I try to avoid anything thats processed or has ingredients that I can’t pronounce. If I don’t know what it is or what it’s made of, I don’t eat it. 

As far as exercising goes, I don’t like to exercise. It feels like a waste of time to me. I prefer to burn calories by doing things…cleaning the house, gardening, walking the dog, laundry, etc. When I do those things the right way, I can really work up a sweat and burn a lot of calories. PLUS, I feel like I’m accomplishing something at the same time. Fatsecret allows you to track your exercise, including doing the things I talked about.

It’s been completely doable for me, and I feel as though I’ve started a lifestyle I love and enjoy that I can continue for the rest of my life… 

Good luck!  You can totally do this!

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@maplemag:  One friend in particular got a vitamin B12 deficiency and had some problems with anemia.

I think it’s completely avoidable if you’re careful, I just think you have to research what you’re doing and make sure you take extra care to ensure that you’re getting a balance of everything that you need.

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FitnessPal is a great app! it tracks what you eat, calories, goals etc. I love it!

PS I think you already look great but good luck getting to where you want to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

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