(Closed) I am Jazz- Transgender 14 yr old on TLC

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  • poll: Do you believe Jazz is a girl born in a boy's body?
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    No : (54 votes)
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    I'm not sure : (19 votes)
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    Curlycupcake:  then why do we fight so hard to have women equally represented in parliament, and male orientated workplaces?

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    MeandMyLouboutins:  I used to be a moderator on the religious subforum for a transgender board. I’m not trying to say anyone should be denied their right to their own opinion! or that religion is or should be unimportant. I am simply pointing out that the expression of some of these opinions does have an intimidating impact, all the way down through one that can cause depression and suicide.

    What harm does it do a religious person to walk down the street beside a transperson they may not even realize is transgender? What harm does it do a religious person to see an Adam’s apple at the sink next to them? What harm is it to a religious person when their kids’ English teacher, Mr. Brown, was formerly Ms. Maroon? Is their very existence intimidating? If so, should that be their problem?

    I’m totally fine with people feeling kind of uncomfortable with a type of person they really don’t know and haven’t quite sussed out. It is also totally fine to believe that transgender people (and gay people, and people who shrink wrap CDs for all I care) may end up going to hell or be judged by God. But really, their eternal soul is their own problem (and believe me, a whack of a lot of transgender people worry about going to hell). What I care about is just… Let them be. Don’t stand in their way, please. They would rather not stand in yours. Hopefully your comfort level may improve with time, because if you try to regulate out everyone’s perceived sins you are going to be spending an awful lot of time with your nose in other people’s yards. 


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    countingstars:  I watched it today! Well I caught it from the middle. It was where she was out with her mom, and the two boys walked by and said something hateful. I was so impressed with how maturely she handled the whole situation, when her mom was ready to go rage on them for being so immature and petty and just, awful! I was so mad for her!

    I was also shocked by the boldness of those two, saying something like that in front of her mother! What the hell is wrong with them saying something like that to begin with, but also in front of her parent? If it had been my kid saying something of that nature to someone, and I found out…They would be in so much trouble, and I would hope that the mother of the bullied child would tell me, so I could handle it! 

    All in all, from what I saw I liked all of the angles and viewpoints. I find her parents so honest, they’re doing their best but also have their own fears for her which is understandable. I found Jazz herself is quite mature in how she’s handling her transition, not rushing into anything (as per her visit to the doctor at the end) As far as surgeries. There’s so much more to transitioning I wouldn’t have known (especially for someone so young) and so many more factors to consider than I realized.

    I always worry with reality TV (especially with TLC) that reality shows of a sensitive nature will be overdone or overly dramatic and a bit tawdry or trashy, but so far I’m impressed with how TLC is handling this show and sharing Jazz’s life!

    I like TV that will enlighten me, and teach me about things I’m not familiar with. I can see Jazz’s story helping people grow and understand something that hasn’t been readily shared before. I took a Human Sexuality course in University but there is only so much you can learn from a book as opposed to the personal experiences of someone in the actual situation. Jazz and this show will shed a much needed light on helping people become more familiar with Transgendered individuals and the struggles they face, as well as their journey to become who they are. 

    Sorry about grammar/spelling it’s late and I’m on my phone and I don’t feel like editing right now 🙂 

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    babeba:  I wish every church in America could read your post. That is pretty much the stance I have with people(not always popular, even in my own house). The question I pose to them is, is it a betrayal of their faith to let people live in peace? The answer is no. The problem is many people of faith feel it is, not because of the bible, but because of the sanctimonious attitudes in their circles. Those attitudes inhibit Christ’s work more than a man in a dress ever will.Sorry, I got off topic. /rant.

    I hope you and your SO have a long and awesome marriage in your way, on your terms.

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    nessdawwg:  So that women are represented equally in male dominated workplaces or parliament or whatever. So women are paid the same wages as men for doing the same job. I mean what you said is exactly what fenanism is. Women and men should have equal rights. Usually in our society men have better advantages with jobs and getting paid so the point is that everyone should have this. The whole point of it is exactly what you said. But with that there’s also a flip side of things for men too like they should have the right to things like paternity leave, for example.

    Femanism at its core is not at all about men and women being the same biologically but to have the same social, political, and socioeconomic rights. Unfortunately in our world that usually means wanting these rights that men already have. 

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    countingstars:  A lot of the conversations stemming from this topic are conversations that need to happen. It’s your thread to do with as you wish, but unless there is out right mudslinging, I think you should let them happen.

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    babeba:  Personally I feel the same way you do. I feel like too many people occupy themselves with what they consider is the sin of other pepole. While I hold on to my beliefs I don’t judge or really care what grown adults do with their lives. If someone asks my opinion I will share but that’s about it. I just want to clarify that I have yet to give an opinion on this subject other than to say I wouldn’t stay with my husband if this happened to me. As the other PP said though people have automtically assumed I feel the same way as the other when I truly don’t. I just dislike the gang up mentality on people of faith and I won’t change my stance on that. Good luck to you in your situation and like I’ve already said it did provide some clarity for me

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    MeandMyLouboutins:  I don’t need the dictionary definition of “bullying.” In my book it’s bullying when your opinion goes out and hurts other people. Is being freaked out by trans people bad? Yes, because with this general opinion it’s hard for trans people to make friends, rent, get a job, date, come out to their friends and family, and even to go to a public restroom. When does an opinion becomes more than just a personal or religious thing? When it effects a person’s life so negatively that they commit suicide. Maybe trans-phobia is just an opinion to you, but if you believe that than what’s your opinion on racism? Is that just another form of a personal or religious opinion that we should just “let go?” If people let all this stuff go, nothing would ever change. We would still be in a world were interracial marriage would be illegal, and women had to wear the scarlet letter if they had an affair.

    I’m sorry it’s very hard to take you seriously because you’d said pages ago that you were done responding to posts from here, yet you still respond back. I made a reply to one of your posts just to get my point out, I didn’t expect you to respond back at all. I don’t understand how you expect to teach us that we should let trans-phobia go when you yourself can’t even let our opinions go.

    I’m sorry, but you just seem very wishy-washy and it’s hard to take you seriously. I’m not saying this to be mean, but I’m honestly trying to be truthful here.

    This thread is about whether or not we believe Jazz is really a girl, and issues of trans-phobia has spilled in. Maybe it’s off topic, but I do feel this conversation needs to be had.

    With me personally though, this will be my last post here as I’ve said all I have to say and I want to keep this thread open for people who have more to say.

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    PBeeWriter:  I said I wasn’t going to respond to that one person but yet you want to write an essay about what I’ve said and say I’m wishy washy for defending what I believe!? right!

    You can’t just call something bullying because you think so and it hurts someone’s feelings. You just proved my point what they’ve done isn’t bullying. It may be a harsh opinion but it’s not bullying, people use that word for effect and it really  takes away from cases where it really does happen. 

    Im not going to comment on your opinion of me because frankly I don’t care and I wish people on this board stop attacking those with different views and calling names “wishy washy” …. that’s not an adult way to discuss things and that’s what this topic should be, a discussion.

    Lastly, since you obviously read nothing I had to say I’m clarifying that I have nothing negative to say about transgendered individuals – I have yet to even give an opinion on the subject matter so what you are saying to me is irrelevant. my point was to respect where someone else is coming from and move on. Not agree, respect. Maybe that’s a concept that’s hard for some …

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    MeandMyLouboutins:, Bridey77:, and babeba:

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the fact that, as this thread has progressed, each of you has strived to elevate the tone and tenor of this conversation so that it is more cordial, explanatory, and kind. It truly is refreshing to see that we can have a thread that discusses various thoughts on an important and controversial topic without it going completely off the rails.

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