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Hi @Regina Phalange:  gosh that would be traumatic for sure… I think I’d be SICK with worry

What you need hon is an organized plan…

Think of when, where, what situations you take it off for, and plan accordingly… so you are always putting it down / off in the same spot with a routine.

My ring box is in my bedroom… that is where the ring goes if I am in that part of the house and need to take it off

In the kitchen I have a ring keeper… and that is where she goes if I am in that part of the house etc.

Lol, now on the otherhand, when it comes to taking out my earrings, whole other story… they end up wherever… I seem to be always looking for a pair of those in the house and where I “set them down”


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No, but that’s only because I never take mine off.   And that’s probably WHY I don’t take mine off.   I’m suuuuuch a scatterbrain when it comes to stuff like that.   I lose my phone about 900 times a day.   I don’t even notice I put things down, and I put them down in the stupidest places too, like, telling myself, oh, I’ll just put this here out of the way so I don’t lose it an I will know where it is after.    Except, 30 seconds later I’m LOOKING for said item, having no recollection of putting it in x spot.


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I play with my rings, so I have left them on my desk and walked away multiple times. I really need to get better about it.

I’ve only been engaged 2 weeks so and I found my ring in the pantry cabinet the other day. I was talking to Fiance and took it off and put it on the shelf (who knows why).

this has pretty much confirmed to me that I need to get a blingy band and not even try to wear my engagement ring all the time. This is why I can’t have nice things.

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@Regina Phalange:  Oh gosh! I’m sure you’re fine, just a case of “bride brain” or something. I definitely recommend getting something to keep in the kitchen to keep your ring in/on, I have one and I use it all the time!

I’ve only had one time where I really freaked out because I couldn’t find my ring, and even then I hadn’t left the room since I misplaced it so I knew it couldn’t be far. It turned out it had just slid really far under the couch.

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@Regina Phalange:  I haven’t but because I am SUPER ANAL about ONLY taking it off and putting it in one place- I hve an ultrasonic cleaner that lives in the kitchen because I mosty frequently take my ring off there to wash dishes or clean.  If my ring is not on my hand, it is in that cleaner.  End of story. The ONLY time I have taken it off in 8 months that it has NOT been in that cleaner was at the jeweler for cleaning or before I got the cleaner (1 month into engagement.)  I HIGHLY recommend this- it’s a plastic, covered, kind of big thing so cats wont knock it over, it won’t get lost and it serves a purpose 🙂 

SO glad you found it! I’ve “lost” my phone in the apt more than once and have found it FOLDED INTO THE LAUNDRY. I get it 😉

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I am so nervous about loosing me ring! (I loose things all of the time)!  I ONLY take it off when I am at home and put it in the same dish on my nightstand.  I think it helps me to ALWAYS put it in the same place.  Otherwise, I am super paranoid about it.

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in the laundry?   Ok, well, that’s a new one, lol.

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I’ve never done that with my ring, but plenty of times with other things! I lose the remote almost daily and find it in the strangest places.

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Like others have mentioned, this is why I rarely take mine off. For example, there is no reason a well-fitted ring cannot be worn to wash dishes – soapy water won’t hurt it. My memory has never been particularly good, and it certainly isn’t getting any better. Darling Husband jokes that I need to lay in bed for 15 minutes after the alarm goes off just to remember my name, so I would amost surely lose my ring if I were to remove it often for everyday activities!

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Clearly you have a ghost problem.

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@Regina Phalange:  I’m so glad you found it!!  I know that feeling.  I lost mine almost 2 weeks ago, and never found them.  🙁

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I have definitely misplaced my ring. I set it down over on the other side of the loveseat in our living room behind a stack of xbox games (why would I even DO that???) and FREAKED OUT when I couldn’t find it! I *always* either put it in the ring box it came in at night, or on top of a jar in my kitchen a safe distance from both the sink and the gap between the counter and the fridge (for doing dishes). So when I put it down behind the xbox games and it wasn’t where I normally put it I almost had a heart attack. Luckily my Fiance found it and just scolded me for ‘losing’ it. Both of us would die if I actually lost it. O_O Now I make sure that I only take it off in one of those two places ONLY.

I also once left it in my coat pocket because I had taken it off and put it in my pocket to wash my hands on campus. I had my phone in that same pocket and when I pulled my phone out, out the ring came in the middle of the hallway. The only reason I knew that happened is that I heard it hit the floor. I almost cried at how close I had come to losing it, so now I hold it in my lips and wash my hands.

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