(Closed) I am never finishing college. ;____;

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Go off of the option with the lowest income, and make sure your EFC is $0. Are you 24 or will you be within the school year? If so you should be able to go off of your own information, I was able to finally (I’ll be 24 in November) and it helped a LOT, like 100% covered. Also, look into financial aid options exclusive to your school, there are tons of scholarships and grants available for almost everyone!

ETA: I’ve been in this boat, if I wasn’t turning 24 this year I wouldn’t be able to afford school. With my parent’s income I was offered $800 and a $2,000 loan, for a $11,000/semester school. Thing is, they don’t make enough to help me pay that much in tuition. It’s definitely a system that can just eff you over.

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Sorry for all the stuff you’ve been going through! You’ve made it to your last semester, and that is awesome. There’s still about a month or so before school starts, so the first thing I would suggest is to talk with someone in your school’s financial aid office and talk to them about what your options are. Hopefully there is a reliable office at your school and they can point you in the right direction about private loan options in your state? Do you have an academic adviser you can turn to? 

Sitting down and crying in frustration actually sounds pretty reasonable after all you’ve been through! Sometimes it’s good to get that out of your system and then go consult with people at your school about what to do. That’s what they’re there for! 

Worst case scenario, have you considered taking a leave of absence from school? Usually you can file a formal leave of absence for a semester or however long you need, and maybe save up the $5000 you need and not have to worry about taking out a private loan. The drawback of this is that some students worry they may not return to school if they take a break, but I’ve definitely seen students take breaks because of money/family/personal issues, and they do come back when they are ready, if they really want it! 

Good luck! I really hope there is someone at your school who can give you sound, specific advice to your situation/school/location.

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DO NOT GIVE UP! They make scholarships/grants/loans for people in similar situations. Reseearch,  research, research. Also, ask your financial aid if your school offers emergency loans. Most financial aid advisors will work with you. Good luck! 

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Talk To Your Advisor.

Seriously. Talk to your academic advisor. If he/she isn’t helpful, talk to the Dean for Student Affairs (or whatever the version of that is at your school). Whoever advises you needs to know that A) you’re burning out and exhausted, and B) you’re struggling with a whole new financial situation. The Dean of Students needs to know your situation, too. 

And talk to your financial aid office. They have people whose whole entire job it is to find the money (and it’s there, believe me – it. is. there.) that is available to you. Federal money, through FAFSA, is not all that’s out there. 

Hang in there, kiddo. You can do this.

PM me if you need to. I love helping students. 

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@Vidya:  Could you borrow from your dad? That seems like the most logical thing. You need to finish your schooling… you only have one semester left!

Is there a guidance counsellor type person you could talk to about this? It’s pretty urgent.

I live in Canada and I got a student line of credit pretty easily through my bank… but that was a few years ago and I also had a good credit score. I don’t know.

I think that borrowing from someone you know (like your dad) is your best option here. It may not be ideal but if you explain the situation and sign a contract with repayment terms it should be ok.

Good luck!!

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Good Luck with everything!

Do you have to include your parent’s info, even if you are under 24? I mean you live on your own, have a job, etc. -just because you aren’t 24, that doesn’t count?? I hope that is what the woman told you (or will tell you tomorrow). 

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This sucks, but really, do whatever it takes to finish college. You only have one semester left! I took out a private loan through Sallie Mae? You could also open an account at a credit union as well. Do you have anyone who could co-sign the loan to lower the interest rate?

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@Vidya:  Wow that sucks. I am wondering why you need your parents info if you don’t live with them and obviously aren’t supported by them. 

Im glad you talked to your school. I’m sure they can work something out for you! Good luck!

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Whatever you do, don’t drop out of college! You’re *this* close to being done! Apply for as many scholarships as you can, look for as much financial aid as you can get, talk to your advisor…do whatever you can! Google options! Just don’t quit. Please. 🙁

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