(Closed) I am not a perfect mom…Let me count the ways

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I am guilty of a couple of those, too, specifically numbers 3, 5, and 7.  πŸ™‚  I’ll add:

1)  Our dogs have licked Addie on the face… more than once.  (And she liked it!)

2)  We started trying out rice cereal once a week at 3 months because my husband is CONVINCED she “wants to eat real food.”  Also, she had some applesauce this weekend after we went apple picking.  And he gives her tastes of table foods several times a week.  Embarassed

3)  Addie is four months old and sometimes gets to watch tv.  She especially likes The Electric Company and Word Girl on PBS.

@ Derbybride – I just wanted to add that we started getting in the tub with Addie every time we give her a bath.  It is soooooooo much easier to hold on to her with both hands, and she loves having mommy or daddy in the tub with her!  I know not everyone’s comfortable with that, but it might be a solution to your bath-time troubles.

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Already lovin’ this thread. Laughing It actually encourages me and makes me less anxious about becoming a mom since I am highly aware of my already existing weaknesses.

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Hahaha, I did just about every single one of the ‘do not dos!” except giving the baby heroine, because drugs are bad mmkay (I really hope you can hear me joking over the internet).

I totally felt like I was a complete failure everytime I’d do something that you’re ‘not supposed to do’ (like nursing to sleep, or rinsing off the pacifier and giving it back rather than sterilizing every.damn.time he’d spit it out).

What really helped was meeting like minded parents that could admit that they weren’t perfect — it really irked me when someone would be like “well MY baby is a genius, because they can make SPIT BUBBLES, how awesome is that?” I’d rather hear about & comiserate with another parent about how much of a loveable P.I.T.A. kids can be, rather than being in constant, pointless competition with other parents.

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I don’t have kids but I’m very sure my parents did all those things to my and my siblings and we turned out fine!  don’t worry so much!

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No kids here, but none of these “transgressions” shocked me. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen some pretty bad parenting…anyway, no need to feel guilty, ladies!

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@Derbybride: Nobody is perfect, parents included. Even if you strive to be, you can’t be. OK, so now I think you should make a list that includes all the positive traits and things that make you a great mom. I bet that list will be 20x longer. πŸ™‚ I’m sure you are a wonderful mom!

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Oh goodness I work with kids and I would gladly have had their parents spend less time worrying about the stupid “rules” and instead have concentrated their time on instilling respect and good values!!

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I personally think it says a lot about you both as a person and as a mother that you recognize your faults and admit to them – even though I totally don’t see most of those things as faults at all!  I worry about the mom’s who are like “I’m the perfect mom.”  Nobody’s perfect πŸ™‚

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We nurse to sleep and man do we pay the price! (And probably will continue to).  Learn from my mistakes and just say no!

Dog hair is also our downfall…

And though we may not be “perfect parents”, I do think we are perfectly good ones πŸ™‚

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Damn dog.




We only sterilize things that may have picked up really nasty germs.  So bottles where the milk dried in them, or a pacifier that fell at the pede’s office (SERIOUSLY DG, TELL THEM HOW GROSS THE FLOORS ARE IN A DOC’S OFFICE!).  If it fell at home or in the car, meh.

I don’t usually point out my mistakes to others, but I definitely think them in my head.

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We have three dogs so I hear ya!

If I need a few minutes to myself I’ll let him watch tv.

If the paci falls on the floor I’ll stick it in my mouth or run it under some water to wash it off… hardly ever sterilize.

He sleeps with us in the bed… and probably will for a long time.

We have no set bedtime/naptime, he sleeps whenever and wherever he wants to.

I took him out of town to my friends wedding, had a few too many drinks and still bf him… didn’t have any milk pumped… oops, I feel kind of bad about that one.


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Goodness, I still feel overwhelming loads of guilt when I think back to cutting their nails too closely and seeing little beads of blood form.  And I hate myself because one morning I woke up to my older daughter crying in her bassinet (she was probably a month old), and she had somehow gotten some thread or string wrapped around one of her fingers.  It was so tight around that it cut into her skin.  I will always be horrified and blame myself for not catching it sooner.  πŸ™

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So I noticed the other day that whenever i call my mom, somewhere in our convo i usually say “omg mom listen what happened the other day with ava…” haha

@Derbybride: Yesterday I picked ava up from daycare and completely forgot to buckle her in too! Didnt even notice it until we got home. I just kept thinking what if i had got in a wreck !? its ok, it happens πŸ™‚


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